The Secret World Pistol and Blades Penetration Build

The Secret World Pistol and Blades Penetration Build by TemplarOne

Hello everyone,

Thank you for reading this post.

I’d like to first start off by saying thank you Funcom for making such an innovative and addictive game! I have not played a game such as this since I used to FC in EVE Online for my own alliance (I owned 15 systems in Delve).

I have discovered a great combination for Pistols and Blade lovers.

My “theme” was to make a “Devil May Cry” type of character as a Templar loving the short range combo of Pistols and blade.

Give start giving my points:

1.) Pistols allow the dps player to have extreme amounts of mobility in PVE and PVP.
a. In most PVE dungeons (Polaris, Inferno and DW) the bosses are extremely mobile and you need to move a lot – Pistols will help allow to you keep applying your DPS

2.) Blades allow for much larger attacks and hits than pistols (For those that love seeing big numbers).

3.) Both pistols and Blades have “Focus” or Channeled attacks.
a. Most passives have synergies with this attack style

4.) Penetration is on par with Critical chance hits
a. You can have less penetration rating and hit more often scoring more damage then critical hits (Reliability)

For the gear stats focus:

1.) Penetration Rating
2.) Attack Rating
3.) Weapon Damage
4.) Health
5.) Hit Rating

Thats it – Anything else is meh at most.

In terms of the Actives and Passives:

1.) Hair Trigger (Primary Focus Builder) – On average with this build hits for 70-100 per hit

2.) Shootout (Primary Pistol Consumer) – Highest single target damage attack for Pistols that is channeled!!!

3.) Dancing Blade (Primary blade consumer) – Highest target single damage attack for blades that is CHANNELED!!

4.) Four Seasons – Penetrates EVERY attack for 5 ATTACKS increasing in damage at the end of the attack impairs the target (30 second cool down average attack is about 350-500 for me) DOESNT NEED RESOURCES

5.) Chop Shop – AoE Attack (Very good channeled attack!)

6.) Trial By Swords – No resources needed – Stuns target (Who doesnt love CC AND ITS RANGED!!)

7.) Martial Discipline – Defensive ability + heal

The passives are CRITICAL for this build to work:

1.) 7 1/2 Samurai – Increases all damage by channeled attacked (AWESOME)

2.) Increased focus (pistol passive) Increases channeled attacks chance of critical hits

3.) Incision – whenever you penetrate you set afflicted status (IMPORTANT SYNERGY!)*

4.) Fatal Flourish – Whenever you set AFFLICTED status you increase your penetration rating by 30!! STACKS 10 TIMES!!!!!!!! HUGE!!! (Four Seasons allows synergy giving you 5 instant stacks!)

5.) Regeneration – Provides a heal over time for 100 health per second for 10 seconds when you cast Martial Discipline (Good livability)

6.) Fluid Defense – lol whenever you penetrate increases your damage by 5% for 10 seconds – COME ON!! – Free increase in damage with this build ROFL)

7.) Immortal Spirit – every time you penetrate places a heal over time on you for 20 health per second. (Heals me atm for 50 per second)

Please let me know your thoughts.

Keep in mind that this build is STRICTLY for people who love pistols and blade – I know shotgun gives more penetration however to maximize for pistols and blade users this really shines for me.

I rape blue mountain easily with this.

With love and death,


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