The Lost Titans Quest System Guide

The Lost Titans Quest System Guide by Angela0920

1. Quest Introduction:
1) Quest status symbols:Orange “!” means there is quest available at current moment Orange “?” means the quest has been completed Gray “?” means the quest is incomplete
2) The task status will appear in multiple places, including in the task system, the dialog box with the NPC, above the NPC’s head and also in the small map and the current map.
3) If a player fails a quest or deletes a quest, the player can still pick up the quest again if he or she visits the original NPC quest-giver again.

2. Main Quest:
The main questline is essential to play for a player to get the most out of the game. It is also necessary to choose a faction in order to participate in PVP events and battlegrounds.  The main story affects the growth of players, awarding in-game currency and items, in addition to boosting a player’s experience and aptitude.  The main questline also allows the player to experience the full extent of the game content while being rewarded, so there is really no downside to experiencing the game’s main story.

3. Daily Quests:
Daily Quests include Quest Cycles, different Bounty Hunter quests including Vigilant Defense, and opportunities to gain rewards for eliminating vast amounts of enemies through the Tireless Watch.

Quest Cycles: Quest Cycles can be activated once players reach level 15. Players can receive no more than 10 quest cycles from NPC Gregorios located in the City of Light on a daily basis. That will help players gain tremendous experience. Experience gained from each quest cycle will increase as players level up and the quest cycles level up. Quest cycles are randomly generated. They take place in one of three ways: when a player visits a specified NPC, kills a specified monster, or goes to an NPC and purchases a specified potion. Players with a VIP level higher than the quest cycle level and characters 3 levels lower than the highest quest cycle level don’t need to use Gold to start Quest Cycles.

Vigilant Defense: When players reach level 15, the option to take place in Vigilant Defense will be unlocked. Upon completing main quests starting from the Arts Quarter, players can start to take on Vigilant Defense quests. On a daily basis, players can take the quests from NPC Dante located in the City of Light. The rewards are experience, silver, and Yellow Fragments with three additional attributes upon eliminating certain monsters in Nightmare-mode instances.

Tireless Watch: Daily quests are offered by Khafra in the City of Light that will provide players with a large amount of silver in exchange for a player killing 150 specified monsters. As the players level, the amount of silver rewarded also increases, though the players must kill monsters at the same level as them. Players are able to take Tireless Watch quests twice per day, and the targets for each quest are randomly generated.

Bounty Hunter: Unlocked on Tuesdays and Fridays, players can take the quests from Liborio located in the City of Light. Players can complete the Bounty Hunter event quests up to 15 times per day in order to receive silver and have a chance to get up to 10 times the rewards. After players accept the quests, they should look for a Wanted Order in their Backpacks, go to the designated location, and right-click the Wanted Order to summon the monster. Kill the monster, and then return to Liborio to turn in the quest.

4. Instance Quests:
New Instance Quests take place every 10 levels starting from level 5. Each instance has two difficulty options: “Easy” and “Nightmare.” To access the “Nightmare” mode, a player must have passed the “Easy” version. The number of times a player can get into an instance is limited to his or her hitpoints (HP). Without enough HP, a player cannot access instances. Players can gain experience and monetary rewards by going into instances, as well as materials, item fragments and rune scrolls.

5. Guild Quests:
To receive Guild Quests, a player must first reach level 5. Players can only receive Guild Quests when they belong to guilds, and will gain Guild Contribution points when they complete the quests. Players can only complete five Guild Quests per day, and the target monsters are most often inside of Guild Instances.

In addition to the Guild Quest Instance, Guild Quests can also be found in Guild Group Instances. Guild Quest Instances and Guild Group Instances may sound similar, but they are very different. While normal instances have a limit to how many players can enter at one time, Guild Group Instances don’t have a limit to the number of participants as they fight together to complete quests.

The Guild Group Instance can only be accessed for 20 minutes a day. The starting time is determined by the Guild Leader and/or Deputy Leader of a guild. During this period of time, the more Bosses killed, the more rewards gained by the players. Also, the more players there are playing as a team, the more powerful they will be in the guild group system.

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When a Guild Leader or Deputy Leader opens a Guild Instance, he or she can choose between a normal Guild Instance (free), a Guild Instance with a 200% reward bonus (for 1000 Gold) , and a Guild Instance with a 500% reward bonus (10000 Gold).
The level of the Artifact rewards from Guild Instances is determined by each player’s level.

6. Progression Exams:
When players reach level 15, they can receive Progression Exams from Danae in the City of Light every time they gain 5 levels, until they reach level 40. They will receive 4 Rune Scroll Fragments when they complete the quests. Same types of Rune Fragments can be synthesized as one Rune, to upgrade a player’s equipment.
With the exception of Progression Exams and the Magical Lamp Event, players can choose to spend Gold in order to fly directly to portals and/or locations of quests and instances.



Click the tlt5.png button to teleportto the relevant scene or entrance. This will cost 2 Gold. Click tlt4.png to finish thequest immediately, which will cost 10 Gold.

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