Terra Monsters General Tips

Terra Monsters General Tips by WhichGuyThatGuy

Thought I would make a post with a few tips I’ve picked up after playing for a while.

1) You can use the wiki for lot’s of info on everything in the game http://terramonstersworldgalaxy.wikia.c … alaxy_Wiki

2) There’s a railway line, it’s still under construction but is useable.

3) When you go to a railway station and go to your ranch it will take you to Havenwood, so it’s a fast way of getting there if your far away.

4) A quicker way to level up low leveled terras is to bring them out first against a high level opponent and then switch to one of your stronger guys

5) A better way is to buy some 15 min exp shares and battle a council or two with your low level guy and another terra who is able to beat the council by itself.

6) You can plant flowers in each town at the florist. You can use these instead of bait for feeding your terras everyday.

7) In the store at the bottom you can increase the quantity, every increase gives you more of a discount so it’s best to buy 10 things at a time.

8) If you want to know if a new move is worth learning you can check it on this site to see what it does http://wiki.terramonsters.com/MoveCreator.swf

9) If you want to know your terras stats and moves it’ll learn you can check it on this site http://wiki.terramonsters.com/MoveCreator.swf

10) if you press enter then type learnmovenpc and press enter again, you can relearn old moves for 100 honor points

Feel free to add to these

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