TERA Online Tips and Tricks

TERA Online Tips and Tricks by Vaelic

Hold down “E” to fire off pre-generated attack commands

Your inventory has an “auto sort” option. Open your inventory and look at the icon on the bottom right

You can scale down your quest tracker UI so you are able to see all 7 quests

When picking up multiple loot items: dont mash “F”, just hold it down. You’ll walk to and pick up each item

Shift + arrow keys pans your camera so your toon isn’t in the middle of the field of view. In general I leave it centered, but there are some times where it’s handy to be left- or right-shifted.

Fall damage will not kill you; jump off of any height drop offs with no problem

You can kite most BAMs without too much trouble and break combat to drop camp fires or use bandages, useful for soloing (the BAM will not reset as long as you do not run away too far)

When you have aggro on a BAM you will have a red circle effect underneath your character; purple indicates that the BAM is casting something at you

Places with merchants will have both a crystal vendor and a specialty vendor; higher quality/more expensive crystals are available at the latter, though there may be some discrepancies in available crystals (you cannot buy a higher quality in combat move speed crystal for example). The specialty store also has bandages which I would recommend stocking up on.

Move to a lesser populated channel to get more gather nodes, avoid getting killed in PvP, and in general just have an easier time doing non-PvP things

Change your chain skills hotkey to something else in the off chance you have to jump (such as here http://puu.sh/tlFi if you happen to move into the center somehow)

Typically you will lose crystals on death, it is useful to have spares ready

Most places have a “Cleric/Noble Cleric of Restoration” near where you resurrect. Use them to instantly restore your stamina for a relatively cheap price. They show up on your map

When your cursor is up, shift-click on someone to bring them to the center of your screen and look at them. This also works on NPCs and (maybe) mobs

You can drag quests in the quest tracker to change the order of them

If you control+left click a point on the map while zoomed in you’ll create a Point of Interest that your friends or party can check. It’ll mark a spot on the map

If you ever run out of teleport scroll, you can use the unstuck “function” to teleport to the nearest town. Or you can be a cheap [filtered] and use it on every cool down

Use all regen crystals on PVP servers while leveling. It is funny as hell well people complain that you use pots… especially when you do not

If you are questing and are tasked to gather quest objects, such as a certain flower, you can gather the object, switch channel, and the object will be there again as long as nobody in that channel gathered the object before you

Turn on show your own cooldowns in the UI menu. You won’t have to look at your skill bars ever again.

Turn on show player skill. This will show what other spells players are casting. Very useful for PvP

You can turn off Area chat under the general tab so you can actually see your guild chat message. Right click on the tab. I have my Area and LFG chat off in another window when I do need to PUG

I added guild chat the the bargain channel, renamed it to guild and moved it up next to general, for easy filtering.

If you received a horse as a preorder bonus, you can start using it at level 11. Find the item claim option in the menu. Makes the last few missions on Noob Island go a lot quicker

Also, when you get to Velika and get the mount from questing there, sell it to a vendor for 2 gold (a lot of money at level 11).

Press ‘Y’ to bring up the LFG tool. Almost no one uses it now, but hopefully as more players discover it, it’ll become more useful. Same goes for the LFD (dungeon) tool. More players use this one, but judging by the amount of LFG messages in area chat I think it could be used more.

If you’re crafting, sort mats by the ‘per item’ price at the broker. When you search for the item and click on the price column, I think the first time it sorts it by total purchase price high to low. Click again and it reverses. Click a third time and it sorts by the ‘per item’ price. That’s the most important number for the smart shopper.

This sounds obvious but I’ve talked to more than one player that didn’t realize you can rebind pretty much everything. As you progress there are more and more skills you’ll need to have easy access to. Putting them all at 1 through 9 (and F1 through F9) isn’t ideal.

Also seems obvious, but still missed by players: use the teleport masters in the larger cities to get where you need to go a bit faster. If you get killed, you can usually teleport back to very close to where you were.
Shift right-click to sell a specific number of items from a stack at the broker. Especially lower-end stuff, as selling huge stacks will make the total price too much for noobs to spend.

At higher levels go back an oneshot BAMs (eg basilisks) to farm 100% stamina potions

If you want to quickly get an item’s name in the AH search, you can put your cursor in the text field, and then control+leftclick the item in order to paste the item name directly in there. Saves you having to type some of these horrible names.

When you die and ressurect back in town, be sure to use the cleric of restoration to restore your mana. It’s only about 25s. Cheaper than potting for stamina and you can skip the wait time. Almost every pug group I’ve been in that have died and ressurected back in town does not use this

Gold weapons come with 3 random mods on them (the random mods have the green circles at the end of them) and are automatically identified. You can change them if you buy the 5g scroll from the merchant and re-identify it. 50+ golds drop as enigmatic and you have to identify them yourself them first time.

From my experience, use white color gear for +1 to +3, green color gear for +3 to +5, and blue/green gear to +6. I’ve made +6 with both but I have also failed 10+ to 6, its all luck.

Story quests give you all the gear you need. Dungeon drops are just a bonus. Next set of story armor is Lv42 gold weapon and armor set. After that you get a set of 44 blue that has better

you can “swap” your crystal under the equipment screen. The numbers 1-5 right below your armor saves the state of your equipment. I have been using it to swap out my crystals between attack and HP/MP regen. shift + 1-5 will toggle your crystal set up. just make sure you hit the save button whenever you equip a new armor/weapon.stats. And after that you get a set of 48 golds that has even better stats. My advice is: save all the gold you get and level up with story quest gear

in a group you can use page up to roll on loot, and page down to pass. Much more efficient than switching to ui mode if you don’t need to check the took tip.

Leveling all 3 gathering skills to 300 gives you a free inventory slot, and dinging Lv.50 gives another free slot :)

set loot to RARE to have it roll on blue items

type /location to allow others to click the link to find you in the world.

you can use Q to label targets in case you want to take them down in any order. “Q” label only works as the leader, if you want everyone else in the PT to see it

you can adjust the font size for the quest tracker alone, so all 7 maximum quests easily fit on your UI. I run the game in 1920×1080 mode and a scale of “90” works perfectly

Something that seems to get missed EVERY time people play through the Island of Dawn, and is also constantly complained about: The quest that asks you to climb the vines east of Tower base for the Flower provides you with a Safe Haven Teleport scroll when you accept the quest. You are supposed to USE the scroll to get back down once you have the flower instead of jumping.

You cannot die from falling. Even from very high falls (like from the top floor of Arachnaea), you will hit the ground with 1 HP.

You can mouse over the hp/mp of party members to see their current zone and province location, as well as their channel. This can help a lot when you’ve just invited a few new people in!

If you click on someone’s name in the chat box it will tell you their race / class / level. Useful when looking for group members.

you can also link items into chat just like you can into the AH window

Holding down the Q button does another thing in addition to letting you put a mark over a target. If you don’t choose any mark and instead leave the reticule centered and left click, it targets whoever is in front of the reticule, mob or PC. This makes it much easier to change targets to see different health bars, especially if your group is fighting two BAMs at once or if your a healer wanting to heal people on outside your group.

When doing the Skyreach flower quest:
You can get down without taking any damage or using the teleport scroll when you take an alternate route down: To the left (or right when you turn to face the vines when up) there is a rocky slope you can use to get down safely.

To rebind your Hot Keys Hit “O” or hit alt>system menu>options. Then to shortcuts to rebind.

You can also build different hot key set ups for different situations by quickly hitting Alt1, Alt 2, Alt 3 and so on and so forth.

at 60, to save inventory space, you can buy some cheap blue or gold weapons and chest, and store your extra crystals in them. (takes up a 3rd or 4th of the space it’d normally take up”

you can assign “/” commands to your E menu. example: you can put “/invite <username>” into the E menu if you frequently queue with a friend or something.

Learn how to create custom private chat channels: https://tera-support.enmasse.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/286/~/chat-commands

it’s possible to roll on loot while dead, by hitting page up.
I know page up works during combat, but didn’t know it could be rolled while dead

Clicking on a player’s HP/MP bars changes them from numbers to percentage

There’s a L-55 quest “Bolstering the Home Front” that rewards and extra inventory row.
You get the quest from the Inventory Popori guy in Kaiator. Bring 50 of each gatherable ;)

For what crystals to use with what mobs goes by the radar.
Small diamonds = minion crystals
Regular diamonds = normal crystals
Large diamonds = boss crystals

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