StormFall Getting More Resources Guide

StormFall Getting More Resources Guide by StormFall DB

If you’ve played Stormfall for even a day you’ve already realized how important resources are. Gold and Iron are the most valuable resources as they are used the most in constructing, upgrading and training units. Here are the following ways to obtain resources in Stormfall:

#1. Resource Buildings- The main way to earn resources is to construct buildings that provide them for you. You can build 6 Farms (Food), 5 Townhouses (Gold) and 4 Mines (Iron) each of which can be upgraded to a maximum level of 20. The higher the upgrades the greater amount of resources you will earn every hour. Hover your mouse over each resource in the top left corner of your screen to see the production per hour.

#2. Tributes- Tributes are quick and easy ways of obtaining resources. Look to the outside borders of your castle to find Skeletons (Iron), Animals (Food) and Goblins (Gold). Click on each one to receive +20 resources dependent on the type of tribute you click on. You can also find tributes at your friends’ castles as well. An image of each tribute can be found in the picture on the right.

#3. Raids- Raiding other players’ castles is great way to obtain more resources. Upon successfully raiding another player, you can steal resources and bring them back to your own castle. The amount of resources stolen will depend on the total carrying capacity of your attacking army. You should also Spy on your opponent first to see how large his/her defending army is and how many resources he/she has stored. A castle with a weak defending army and a large amount of stored resources is the ideal target.  

Warning: When raiding other players, they will be much more likely to attack you back. Make sure to have a strong defensive army to protect yourself.

#4. Battlegrounds- As you start leveling up you will be given quests to attack or defend battlegrounds. Red battlegrounds will require you to send Offensive units (Eg. Pikemen) to attack the battleground. Green battlegrounds will require you to send Defensive units (Eg. Archers) to defend the battleground. Successfully attacking/defending battlegrounds will sometimes award you with resources for your efforts. You may also gain extra units as well.

Note: The higher the level of the battleground the more difficult it will be. However, you will gain more experience points, more resources and a chance for better units as well.

#5. Market- You can send and receive caravans of resources among other Stormfall players. Caravan travel takes a decent amount of time and most resource trades are not very fair. You can check the current trade offers by going to your Market. Food is the least valuable resource when compared to that of Iron and Gold.

#6. Black Market- Although not the best way to obtain, you can purchase resources for Sapphire from the Black Market. If you have a large amount of Sapphire, I feel it would be best to purchase strong offensive/defensive units instead. Use these units to raid higher level players for their resources.

#7. Settlements- You can conquer Settlements and collect resources from them every hour. However, much like your own castle, conquered Settlements are vulnerable to enemy attack so you must have defensive units to protect both locations.

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