Starlight Story Gardening Introduction

Starlight Story Gardening Introduction by GMtk421

The Garden mechanic in Starlight Story is a way for players to earn money while playing or offline. Players are allowed to garden at level 28. It is similar in style to other games in the Aeria Browser library

Lets get Gardening!!!

To get started click on the Garden icon above the bottom right tool bar.

This will pull up your character’s Sky Garden. Your character starts out with three spaces for plants but can be expanded by using coins.

You can pick between the two seed kinds: Money Seeds and EXP Seeds. You can only plant money seeds when you have “Money Fruit” as seen in the lower left corner. You may plant up to 8 money fruits a day for free (1 seed resets ever 3 hours), but if you wish to plant more, you can use Star Coins to unlock 4 additional Money Seeds.

You may plant as many EXP Seeds as you wish.

To plant a seed click on an empty space of land. This will bring up the seed selection screen. Pick between the Silver seeds and Experience seeds.

Once you select a seed (in this example a money flower) you will be presented with a window. By default you have a normal seed selected. If you hit the “Refresh” button you will get a chance to earn a better seed (Elite, Super, Epic, Legendary). You may only hit refresh once per day. The feature resets 1x a day at 12:00 server time. Bi-annual VIP members will get the Quick Refresh option to earn top level seeds for 30SC.

When you are happy with the seed quality you have earned click the grow button to plant your seed. Once the plant is shown you can click it to harvest the money or experience depending on the seed you planted. Different types of Plants have different harvest times. Some are instant, some will take a few hours to be harvest!

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