Starlight Story Astro Introduction

Starlight Story Astro Introduction by GMAcademy

You can use the planets in your favor and boost your character, your Starbuck AND your Superstar! To access the Astro Interface, simply select the Planet in your basic UI bar.

First, you will have to summon new planets! You can do this by clicking either on the individual character, or you can mass summon planets. This is possible by clicking on the “Summon All” button.

Investigate the planets. The planets quality is as follows (lowest to highest):

  • White
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Legendary (orange)

The better the planet, the higher the basic stats of the planet. You can move the planets you wish to use to the Astro Storage by clicking on the planet of your choice. Once you have picked your planets, you can hit “One-Click Synth” in order to synthesizes the unwanted planets and convert them to Synthesis Energy.

Now that you have your planets, switch from [Draw] Tab to the [Gear] Tab.

Now, pick between your character, Starbuck or Superstar. You can drag and drop the planets from the Astro Storage to your character, Starbuck or your Superstar and back. The higher the Level of the Character, Starbuck or Superstar, the more planets you can dedicate to the character.

Note: Your character, Starbuck or Superstar can not have duplicates of the planets equipped in their slots. Every planet has to be unique.

You also have the ability to upgrade your planets with the Synthesis Energy created by the planet synthesis. In order to upgrade a planet, the planet has to be in the Astro Storage. Click on the planet and it will appear in the upper section of the Astro Storage.

Now you can Upgrade your planet and it will require Synthesis Energy Points. Hit “Upgrade” in the interface. The higher the level and quality of the planet, the more Energy is required. Here you also have the option to Synth the planet. Be careful! This will delete the planet and some Synthesis Energy Points!

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