StarCraft II WoL Terran vs Protoss Build Guide

StarCraft II WoL Terran vs Protoss Build Guide by Hammer

It’s been a long time gentlemen, and I think it’s time to post an updated guide on the Hammer 111 build. I am a Master League Terran and I’ve played Starcraft since the original game; TvP is my strongest match. The Hammer 111 composition includes a Raven, Banshees, Thors, Marines and Ghosts, and effectively utilizes some of the HIGHEST DPS per cost units in the Terran arsenal. This build works from wood league to Masters, and is extremely effective for all types of players (low apm to high apm, novice to experienced). The build transitions into late-game play, as well as combats early and mid-game aggression with proper scouting. I will present “what if” scenarios and show you how to react based on certain situations. If you are having problems in the Protoss matchup look no further.

Build Order

10 Supply Depot
12 Barracks
Scout @ 12 SCV on 2v2 map
Scout @ 14 SCV on 1v1 map

17 Marine
17 Orbital Command
17 Command Center (#2 in-base)
17 Refinery
17 Refinery
18 Supply Depot
20 Marine (nonstop now)
20 Bunker
22 Factory (@ 100 vespene)
24 Orbital Command (@ CC completion)
5:15 Scout opponents natural for expansion
26 Armory (@ factory completion)
29 Starport
31 Techlab – Factory (@ armory 1/2 done)
42 Techlab – Starport (@ starport completion)
42 Thor (@ armory completion)
48 Raven (@ starport techlab completion)
50 Command Center (#3 in-base))


Following the initial build order, construct another barracks, two more starports, and a ghost academy, as money allows. For mid-game production you should have 3xStarport, 2xRax (1 tech lab, 1 reactored), and 1xFactory. Non-stop production of Marines, Banshees, Thors. Produce Ghosts as minerals and vespene allow. Research combat shields (when vespene available without hindering unit production).

Assuming there is no effective pressure from an opponent, you should be expanding into your third around 11-12 minutes; vespene is key at the third, so get your refineries up asap. Vespene dependant, start researching +1 armor mech. If you are low on vespene hold off, production of units takes priority.

Send 2-3 banshees to common places where ninja pylons may be found near base at the 13 minute mark, and push to the center or closest xel’naga around 14 minutes. On nearing max-supply build 4 additional rax, 2 addtional factories+tech labs, as well as another armory for researching mech armor/weapons. For late game production you should have 8-10 barracks, 3-4 factories, 3-4 starports. Build additional CC’s and bases as minerals allow.

The initial engagement major engagement will ideally happen around 15 minutes. Be sure to scan ahead, single marine ahead, initiate solid EMP’s, lay down PDD’s or turrets, and micro/organize your army appropriate to the enemy composition:

Colossus Heavy: Marines back, Thors front, Banshees targeting Colossus
Immortal Heavy: Marines front, Banshees front, Thors rear guard
HT Heavy: Marines back, Thors front, Banshees micro’d as necessary
Air Heavy: Marines front, Thors front, Banshees rear guard

Additionally you can pull SCV’s off the line to repair and tank.

If executed properly, you will most often win outright during this engagement. If you do not, pull back and repair. Try to limit the Protoss ability to expand, while you continue to expand, upgrade mech, and pin and harass the opponent with Banshees.


Initial Scout: High Nexus energy and a low pylon count is indicative of 1 base aggression. If this is scouted, I would recommend that you have an SCV scout areas around your base where proxy pylon, robotics facility, and stargate placements are common.

5:15 Scout: No Expansion: Temporarily cut worker production, and make sure to add 1-2 more bunkers (one at entrance, one at susceptible area; ie blink stalkers). Keep marine production steady, build Thor asap, and Raven asap. Addtionally, 4-6 SCV’s should be hotkeyed and placed on repair function, as well as a second rax built. SCV production and CC#3 take are not a priority in this situation, though SCV production should continue once the aforementioned actions have taken place. DO NOT BE AFRAID TO PULL AS MANY SCV’S AS NEEDED TO COMBAT EARLY AGGRESSION IN THIS SCENARIO.

Note: A Raven is only needed for a DT opener. If the 1 base pressure is blink stalker, 4gate, 3gate robo or void play, cancel the raven and get a Vikings (vs Voidrays), and Banshees for all other compositions. This is important as it allows you to maintain constant Thor production early on.

5:30 Scout: Standard Expansion: Relocate your 2nd CC into your natural when your first Thor finishes. Build a minimum of 1-2 bunkers at the natural ramp/choke, with supply depots in front of/beside the bunkers.

Replays – Great build order example vs air heavy – Good build order example vs immo heavy mixed – Good build order example vs coloss heavy mixed – Long game example, bad initial engagement (no emp) – Ninja CC vs 4gate pressure – Good build order example vs HT mixed comp

Q & A

Why did you make this build instead of just playing standard?

I was tired of redundancy and drawn out games. That along with the fact that I don’t have crazy high APM to compete at the highest levels of play with a standard composition.

Do you have some win rate statistics in general and on certain maps for this build?

I don’t track statistics, but I would estimate I win roughly 75% of my TvP matches utilizing the build.

Halby did a demo in masters league of the 3 rax all-in and had an astounding 60-70% win rate versus protoss with that build. My question is why wait for this 2 base all-in if you can just win with the 1 base?

I use some 1 base builds in TvP as well, however I prefer my build due to it’s ease of use, low APM requirement, and overall effectiveness.

How do you deal with upgraded Chargelot/Archon/HT/Stalker against a Protoss with good Templar control?

Lead with EMP’s, lay down PDD’s and keep the Banshees at the rear and away from the Archons. With the mentioned composition, it’s very rare Protoss has enough supply to appropriately counter the build at the 15 minute mark. Additionally you would be wise to keep the marines rear guard, and bring up repairing SCV’s.

When do you push out with your army?

13-15 minutes. Major engagement around 15 minutes. This is a very vulnerable timing for most Protoss, unless they are going for two base max supply. If this is the case however, the composition is usually quite vulnerable against the composition of the Hammer 111.

At 20 [supply] where do you put your bunker?

That’s a great question! If you scout an early expanding Toss in time, the bunker should be built at the entrance to the natural, as you can safely expand there in this scenario. Otherwise, build it behind the wall-in at the top of the main ramp.

How does Terran have a chance in late game, like 50 mins, when protoss gets like 8 Collossus with High Templar? Is this basically GG for Terran?

When playing a standard TvP composition it can be very difficult for Terran to deal with late-game Protoss armies; especially when Protoss can re-max quickly and tech-switch quickly, nullifying Vikings. I have never played to the late game using the Hammer 111. The combination of Ghosts (emp), upgraded Thors, cloaked Banshee’s and sheer DPS make for an effective answer to late-game Protoss.

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