SMITE Zeus Guide

SMITE Zeus Guide by Indredd13

Overcharge (Passive)

In hand lightning bolt attacks against enemies will apply a charge (max of 3).

 Chain Lightning [1]

Zeus fires a bolt of lightning that arcs between enemies, arcing 1/2/3/4/5 times, doing 70/100/130/160/190 (+50% of your magical power) magical damage and applying a charge.

Notes about this spell: This spell obviously is much stronger away from creep and when you have more than one god around. If you can only have one god around you want it near minimal amount of creep to make it bounce on the enemy god multiple times. To land an easy chain lightning cast the first attack at a stationary creep with very little enemies near it to make it bounce to a god.

 Aegis Shield [2]

Zeus harnesses his lightning defensively, granting himself 25/40/55/70/85 magical and physical protection, increasing his speed by 20% and making him immune to all slows. Basic attacks from enemy players against Zeus while the shield is active reflect 10% of the damage done as magical damage and apply a charge.

Notes about this spell: This spell is very strong for you late game. It provides you extra protection which is much needed on Zeus. Zeus takes a LOT of damage. Also, CC is VERY important in this game and it allows you to be immune to slows.

 Detonate Charge [3]

Zeus detonates any charges that have accumulated on enemies, doing 60/80/100/120/140 (+25% of your magical power) magical damage, multiplied by 1/2.5/4 depending on the number of charges. Does nothing if there are no charges on enemies.

Notes about this spell: This spell is obviously much stronger when you have 3 stacks. Try to hold off for 3 stacks if possible when fighting. Getting the 4x dmg is worth the wait. If you can’t get anymore attacks in use the spell and pray. When you get 3 stacks use the skill ASAP when fighting 1v1. You want the skill to come off CD again in the fight. While it is on CD you are building charges on the enemy. If you think using your 3 will not kill the god and they will run and get away. You might want to wait to use it to bait them into staying too long to get the killing blow. Managing this spell is what makes a good and a bad Zeus player.

 Lightning Storm [4] (Ultimate)

Zeus conjures a lightning storm in the area, with lightning striking enemies in the area for 100/120/140/160/180 (+70% of your magical power) every 1 second for 5 seconds. Apples a charge.

Notes about this spell: Zeus’ ultimate is very strong. It does a lot of damage itself and applies stacks on a large base. Try to hit as many gods as possible with it. Try coordinating your ult with other ults/skills of your teammates that minimize the opponents mobility. Try to wait until the most amount of enemy gods have 3 stacks. Try to use your Chain lighting in conjunction with your ult to get 3 stacks very fast and possible Detonate then still get more stacks from your Ult.

Skill Orders

3, 1, 3, 1, 4. Then Max your 3, next max your 1. I get shield only when it’s the only skill to level. This changes however if I am in a lane with slow and I am worried about my survival. The goal is to maximize damage. Living is more important though. If you are not confident you can survive without your 2 then make sure to get it within the first 3 levels. This ends up being the case more often than not.

This order will also change if I am against a strong pusher and am worried I might lose the tower too early. However, if I am in a side lane and my teammate and I can keep the lane off the tower I will stick to my original skill set.

Max Skills in this order: 3 → 1→ 2 → 4

Different Starting Items

(Adjust Guide Accordingly)

T 1  T 1  x 1 


T 1   x 5 


T 1(T 2)  x 5 (x 3 ) 

Recommended Items

(These are the items I want to end with. I get them in this order. Adjust end items accordingly based on your starting lane items.)


(substitute Meditation for Heavenly Agility if you took Meditation at start)

Early Game

Early game Zeus can ride cloud 9, or fall through it to painful defeat. You want to try to harass when you can to get charges on a god. If you get at least 2 I would detonate (if you have some mana regen). If you have no type of regen it is best to wait for 3 charges. I personally like to play Zeus in a lane with someone. Your lane partner’s disables will make it VERY easy to gain charges on someone. CS when you can and harass with your Detonate Charge. Wait for level 5 to solely focus on killing gods. If you get kills earlier, that just means you are ahead of the curve.

Mid Game 

Mid game Zeus should be soaring into the sky. Farm when you have down time. You want capitalize and Zeus’ amazing AOE damage by fighting with your team whenever you can. His burst damage should be amazing now. Your teams AOE will kill creep so your chain lighting will bounce between gods. Make sure to hit some auto attacks and use your chain lightning to maximize bounces on gods. Once you have a good amount of charges, detonate! This should swing the fight in your favor. Remember to use your Ult in conjunction with your team’s movement impairing spells to gain the most charges possible for major DPS. Try to not be in front if at all possible, however be close enough to be able to drop your Ult. If you are unsure what that distance is, hit 4 to see where you could cast your ult. Have the enemy gods be JUST out of range. That way when your team initiates you can either drop your ult quickly or use your 2 to get better position to drop it.

Late Game

Late game I play very similar to mid game. The only difference is I try to stay out of the lane more. If I am in the lane I am pushing it/ farming it as fast as I can. Zeus is VERY susceptible to ganks. For this reason I like to stay in the jungle and just follow my team. Refer to my mid game section to see how you should respond to team fights.

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