SMITE Terms Glossary

SMITE Terms Glossary by TheHotshot

AD – Attack Damage. See PP.
AD Carry – See carry
AFKStands for away from keyboard. But is often used to refer to someone who is not moving, whether he is away from keyboard or not.
Aggro – To have tower aggro means the tower is targeting (and so attacking) you. You can lose tower aggro by stepping out of range of the tower. You can gain tower aggro by being the first to step within tower range. Or if you enter within range of the tower, say after your minions, then you can still get tower aggro by attacking an enemy god while under the tower.
AK – Ao Kuang
AoE – Area of Effect. AoE spells are spells that do damage in an area as opposed to just on one target.
AP – Ability Power. See MP.
AP Mid – The mage that takes the mid lane. See laning arrangement at the bottom of this page for more info.
ArP – Armor Penentration. The more ArP you have, the more armor of you ignore of the enemy you are attacking, and so the more damage you do.
AS – Attack Speed. The number of times your god can autoattack per second.
Asap – As soon as possible
Assassin – The role of the assassin is to sneak or jump past the tanks (ignoring them completely) and go straight for the enemy squishies at the back (e.g. the carry). They do a lot of burst damage and usually do not stay in the fight for long.
Atm – At the moment.

B – Back; when someone is told to b that person is being told to retreat. If someone’s say that they will b, they intend to retreat or recall.
Bait – Someone who is used to lure enemy gods. Usually your team will be ready to jump on the enemy as soon as they attack the bait.
Baka – Bakasura
BD – Backdoor; to attack a tower without any minions.
Beads or PB – Purification Beads
BG – Bad game. This can be said by the winning team should the losing team have a disconnection or an afk as a means of good sportsmanship, in recognizing that they won because it was an uneven match and not because they are better. Similarly, it can be said by losing team to indicate that they didn’t think it was a good game because they had a dc, afk, troller, or whatever.
This can also be used by ragers to indicate that it wasn’t a good game because they played badly or because their team was bad.
Blue pilling – An old school phrase meaning recalling.
Brb – Be right back. This could refer to real life (as in someone is going to the toilet) or in game (as in someone is going to buy items).
Buff – Something that makes a god stronger in some way
Build – The set of items you buy for your god.
Burst – Dealing a large amount of damage in a short time, also called nuke.

Care – Asking someone to be careful.
Carry – The meaning of carry varies from player to player, and so it’s hard to pinpoint one exact definition that will encompass all meanings. A carry is a god who is very weak early game and so needs to be ‘carried’ by his team in order to survive. But is extremely strong late game and then does most of the continuous damage of the team and so can ‘carry’ the team. These gods are usually gods that rely on autoattacks for their main damage output (in which case they are called PP/AD carries – because the items they buy focus on their Physical Power/Attack Damage) , and autoattacks only really start to do a lot of damage when you have a lot of items to support them, hence why you’ll only be strong late game, when you have all your items. Even during mid and late game, though they have a high damage output, they will still be very squishy and so will need a tank or other gods to protect or ‘carry’ them.
Some gods are sometimes referred to as MP/AP carries, these would be gods that are able to put out a continuous large amount of magic damage in late game (but usually throughout the game).
Players often say ‘I carried this game’ or ‘I carried this team’ and this is not a reference to one of the specific definitions above but just a general way of boasting and saying they were the best on their team and they were the deciding factor in bringing their team to victory.
Cba – Can’t be arsed. Can’t be bothered.
CC – Crowd Control; a set of debuffs, such as silence, blind, slow, stun, snare, etc. that limit movement or prevent a certain ability or autoattack from being used.
CD – Cooldown. Refers to the number of seconds you have to wait before you can use an ability after you have just used it. When an ability is said to be on cooldown, this means you can’t cast it yet and have to wait until it is ‘off cooldown’ before you can cast it again.
CDR – Cooldown reduction.
Crit – Critical strike. When a god attacks with his autoattack, they have a chance of critical striking the enemy. If this happens the autoattack will do extra damage (200% of the normal damage – so an extra 100% – or twice the normal damage). By default, this chance of critically striking is 0%. You can increase this up to a maximum of 100% with items and certain abilities. You can buy items so that your crit chance goes above 100%, but you wont gain anything from this. You cannot critically strike on towers or phoenixes.

DC – Disconnected/disconnection/disconnect
Debuff – Something that makes a god weaker in some way. E.g. Slow.
Def – Defend
Deicide – When all gods on the enemy team are dead.
Deny – To deny the enemy something basically means to prevent them from having something.
DG – Devourer’s Gloves
Dive – To dive or tower dive someone is to fight them under their tower. This means that you will get attacked by the tower while you fight him and so receive a lot of damage.
DO – Doom Orb
DPS – Damage per Second
Duo lane – A lane with two players in it.
Durable – Having high health, armor and magic resistance and so being hard to kill.

Elo – Your rating in a ranked game.
Exchange – An exchange is when you exchange damage with your opponent. Usually, in lane, when you go to harass your opponent, they will face you and do some damage back. If you deal much more damage than you take then that was a good exchange. If you take much more damage (be it from minions or the enemy god) than you deal then it is a bad exchange. If you deal damage but receive none, then it is not an exchange, but just free harass.

Faceroll – Originally, to faceroll was to roll your face on the keyboard and so press all the keys. Some gods are said to be faceroll gods because in order to play them you just have press all your buttons.
Nowadays, however, facerolling is also used to describe getting so fed and killing so many gods that ‘faces[heads] are rolling’.
Farm – To kill minions and get gold.
FB – First blood; the first kill in the game.
FBH or Hammer – Frostbound Hammer
Feed – To feed someone is to give them a lot of kills. If someone is fed (or feeded if their English is not that good ) it means he/she has a lot of kills. If someone is a feeder, it means he/she is dying a lot.
Focus – To attack the same person in a teamfight/ E.g. ‘Focus Artemis first’ means that everyone should attack Artemis first, until she is dead or out of reach.
FotM – Flavour of the Month i.e. the gods,items,strategies, etc. that are popular at the time.
Freeze/Frozen – When a lane is frozen this means the outer tower has been destroyed and the minions now meet far beyond this tower. If the team that lost the tower now only last hits then the lane will stay frozen. Assuming the towers in other lanes are still there this means that it is now very dangerous for the team that killed the tower to stay in lane and attack minions as they could then easily be ganked. This means that the player that just destroyed the tower cant farm safely and so is forced to roam around the map. For this reason it is sometimes not advisable to take down a tower very early in the game. The team that just lost the tower can of course unfreeze the lane by pushing the lane back (not only last hitting).
FTWFor the Win. Can be used to describe that something was good/ lead to the victory of this game (e,g, Heal-bait ftw!) or ironically to say that something wasn’t good at all and did the total opposite of winning a game (e.g. yes, go in 1v5 ftw!)
FU = Stands for f*** you. More often than not this is meant in a friendly way to express frustration. Fuuuuuuu would be used at elevated levels of frustration and would be equivalent to f*** youuuuuuuuuuuu.

Gang – Misspelling of Gank
Gank – To gank someone is usually to sneak up to someone with the intention of killing him. The player being ganked usually does not expect this otherwise it would just be a ‘fight’.
GG – Good game. A polite phrase showing good sportsmanship said at the end of the game. However, it is also sometimes used to signal that the game is already over. E.g ‘Omg, they have a fed Bakasura, it’s gg!’ This means ‘because they have a fed Bakasura the game is probably already over’.
GG easy – Suggests it was an easy victory. Usually meant as an insult.
GJ – Good job. Often said to a teammate when he/she did something very good, or to the team as a whole after a successful fight. It is also often used sarcastically after someone does a terrible job.
GL – Good luck.
Glass Cannon – A god who deals tons of damage but is easily killed due to being squishy.
GoI – The item Gem of Isolation

Harass – To deal significant damage to someone frequently. This is different from a fight and is usually used in the laning phase where the enemy slowly gets lower and lower in health so that eventually he will need to recall to base or will be low enough for you to jump on him and kill him.
HF – Have fun
Hold– Hold can have one of two similar meanings.
– Asking someone to hold your lane is asking them (e.g. the jungler) to take over your lane while you are recalling so that the enemy doesnt push the lane to your tower.
– Asking your team to hold a certain to tower could be asking them to defend the tower. For example to keep the enemy busy while you push a different tower.
HP5 – Health regeneration per 5 seconds
HoTG – The ability Hands of the Gods
Huehuehuehue – An onomatopoeia for an exaggerated or troll laugh.

Idd – Indeed
Inc – Incoming
Imba – Imbalanced
Initiate – To be the first to engage in a fight.
Innate – A ‘5th ability’ that every god has and starts off with at lvl 1. This ability can be seen to the left of your 1 ability and is usually minor compared to your other abilities. Often called ‘unique passive’ or simply ‘passive’. Technically, your innate is a passive ability, but not every passive ability is innate.

Juke – To trick someone into going the wrong way when he/she is chasing you. This is often done by using the fog of war.
Jungle – Refers to almost everything that is not lane or base. It is where the jungle monsters reside.
Jungler – The player who mostly stays in the jungle and gains gold from killing the monsters there.

KS – Killsteal. To steal a kill from someone by getting the last hit on the god. See the section on stealing in the next post for more info.
Kite – To kite is when you stay at a distance (with your ranged god) from your opponent and attack them from that distance, so they cant attack you. The term comes from a kite, an airborne device that is always at equal distance from you because you hold it with a string.

L2P – Learn to play
Leash – See pull.
Lane – One of the ‘roads’ on the map.
Lifesteal – Allows you to regain part of the damage you dealt as health. For example: If you dealt 100 damage and had 10% lifesteal you would get 10 health back. Lifesteal only applies to autoattacks and a few abilities. Whereas spell vamp applies to most magic spells and some other things. Lifesteal percentage is divided by 3 for multi-target spells.
Line – Misspelling of lane

Magical Lifesteal: Allows you to regain some of the damage you dealt with spells as health. Similar to lifesteal. Whereas lifesteal applies to autoattacks, spell vamp applies to spells and other magic damage. Spell vamp percentage is divided by 3 for multi-target spells.
Mia – Missing in action – see SS
Mid – Refers to the middle lane.
Miss – See SS
MP – Magic Power
MP5 – Mana regeneration per five seconds
MrP – Magic resistance penetration or simply magic penetration. The higher your MrP, the more magic damage you do to enemies with magic resistance.
MS – Movement Speed
MVP – Most valuable player

N1 – Nice one.
Nerf – To weaken a certain a characteristic of the game, usually a god, in order to balance the game. E.g. making Bakasura’s ult deal less damage.
Noob/Newb/Newbie/Nub/Nab – Originally termed to be a beginner. But is now used more often to refer to someone who is a bad player.
Np – No problem
Nuke – Dealing a large amount of damage in a short time, also called burst. Sometimes people also use nuke to refer to dealing a large amount of area damage.
Nuke comes from nuclear bomb, which deals a large amount of damage over a large area in a short time.
Nuker – Someone who is capable of nuking.

OMG – Oh my God.
OMW – On my way.
OOM – Out of mana.
OP – Overpowered or original post.
Overextending – A god moving too far in lane/enemy territory, which can open them up to ganks. Sometimes it’s hard to tell whether someone is overextending or split pushing.

Passive – An ability that has a more permanent effect. This can be a 1, 2, 3, 4 or innate ability. But most often, when people say passive, they simply refer to your innate. See innate for more information.
Poke – A form of harass which uses long ranged attacks to cause small to moderate damage in order to weaken an enemy, while keeping a safe position. Used often before fights or when fighting for objectives like Gold Fury or Fire Giant.
Pot – Potion
PP – Physical Power
Proc – Activate/trigger.
Pull – A pull is the first hit on a jungle monster, done by someone other than the person going to kill the monster.
Push – To advance in lane towards the enemy Minotaur with the intention of destroying towers, Phoenixs or the Minotaur.
Push to win – Signals one final push in which you expect to destroy the nexus and end the game.

Qin or QB – Qin’s Blades
QQ – When used as capitals, these look like a set of crying eyes and so refer to someone who is crying/raging.

Ragequitter – Someone who leaves the game out of anger or frustration.
Re – see SS.
Red – Could refer to the red golem or to the Red buff.
Roam – A player/god is roaming when they are not staying in one place (or lane) but rather moving across the map constantly to gank other lanes, invade jungle, etc.

Sash – Warlock’s Sash
Shop – The in-game shop in your base where you can buy items for your god with gold.
Silence – Someone who is silenced cannot cast any abilities.
Skillshot – An ability which does not lock on to your target, and so you need to aim properly in order to hit an enemy. In other words, it is every skill in Smite.
Snowballing – Snowballing means getting stronger exponentially. Meaning that the more kills you get, the stronger you get and so the more kills you are able to get, etc. Snowballing is usually said when referring to items which get stronger the more kills you get.
Solo lane – Refers to a lane held by one god.
Spell vamp – See Magical Lifesteal.
Split push – Split pushing is when two parties are pushing in different lanes. I.e. If all five team members are pushing mid lane, then they are all pushing. But if a group of four is pushing bottom lane, and the other player is pushing top lane then both parties are split pushing. Sometimes the word split pushing is also used when one party is pushing one lane and the rest of the team is not necessarily pushing a lane, but just distracting the enemies by fighting over Fire Giant or something.
Squishy – A god is squishy if he/she is very easy to kill because of low max hp/armor or magic resisitance. The opposite of durable.
Sry/srry – Sorry.
SSStands for miss or missing. This is said when an opponent in a certain lane is missing and so could have left the lane to, for example, gank other players. Extra caution is advised when someone says SS. SS can be followed or preceded by more information. (E.g. left ss means whoever was in left lane is missing, ss Anubis means Anubis is missing from his lane, 2 ss right means two gods are missing from the bot lane, etc.). In North America, MIA (missing in action) is used instead of SS and in Asia MS (missing) is used. When this god returns to back lane, you say ‘re’ to let your teammates know.
Stack – This word can be used in many different ways but always involves multiplying the effect of something. A stack is originally a more or less orderly pile or heap: a precariously balanced stack of books. There are items that “stack” or “pile up” a certain value for each time you do a certain action like auto-attacking, using a skill or killing a god. There are items that stack values, but you can also stack items yourself (buying more than one).
Steal – Specific definitions of this vary but always at least refers to getting the last hit on a unit when an ally was already attacking it. can refer to stealing a god kill, a minion kill, or a jungle monster.This is usually meant in a negative fashion, as in: you ‘stole’ from your ally. But stealing is often used as a strategy and so can be used in a positive way.
Stun – A debuff that completely shuts down someone. They are unable to move, attack, or do abilities for the duration of the stun.
Sustain – Long-term regeneration. E.g. a god with a lot of sustain can stay in lane for a long time because they can keep regenerating their mana or hp so they never have to go back to base to heal.

Tank – Tanks are gods that are usually very durable and are supposed to initiate fights and take up most of the damage. Tanks often also have abilities that are useful to disable the enemy team such as stuns and silences or buffs that help your team. (e.g Ymir or Odin)
TLDR – Too long didnt read.
Tower dive – See dive.
Tower hug – To stay near your tower to deter enemy gods from attacking you.
Trade – see exchange
Troll – A troll on the internet is generally someone who doesn’t take something seriously and deliberately tries to ruin something for those who are taking it seriously (though this could occasionally be in a more humorous and rather non malicious manner). In Smite, a troll pick would be someone who purposely chooses a god that is clearly a bad pick for the team. For example picking a tank god when the team already has a tank and really needs something else, like an ad/pp carry. If someone is trolling, it means they are clearly not taking the game seriously, either by playing bad, feeding the enemy team, or trying out things that everyone knows wont work. This is a bannable offense (especially in ranked)

U2 – You too. Often said in response to ‘good luck and have fun’.
Ult – Ultimate. Refers to a gods 4th ability, which he/she can only pick starting at lvl 5.
Unique passive – An other word for innate. See innate for more information.
UP – Underpowered

Wave – Minion wave. A group of six or seven minions that spawn in every lane about every half a minute.
WP – Well played.

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