SMITE New Player’s Guide

SMITE New Player’s Guide by nightorb

Welcome new players. Here’s a guide to not be a horrible player of SMITE and an even worse person in the SMITE community.

General ingame and out of game morals.

The first and probably one of the most important parts of any game is to know that everyone messes up every once in a while. You didn’t die because of your teammates were stupid, or because a certian fart of a god was overpowered. You messed up. That’s natural. You can’t keep on a 100% consistant winning streak. Before you must beat the game, the game must beat you.


I can’t count how many times I saw a teammate die because he was flaming over something trivial as stealing blue camp or farming a lane. DO NOT ENGAGE IN FLAMING. If a person is flaming at you try to be polite and calm, if he continues then just ignore him (that magic button when you press TAB I think it’s speaker icon or something like that near the name of the flaming person). By the way if you start flaming yourself you will lose focus and over team efficiency will drop dramatically.

Final words: I think that SMITE is a great game, really thrilling, potentially competitive and interesting, but it’s never satisfying to have a flamer on your team, personally I prefer to have a bad player who is trying that to have a so called “pro” who is thinking that everyone around him are retarded. SO PLEASE TRY TO BE POLITE AT ALL TIMES AND HELP YOUR TEAMMATES IF THEY ARE NOT SO EXPERIENCED AS YOU ARE.”

“From istwirkes Smite Good Etiquette Guide”

Memorise it, and less people get butthurt and more butts are happier.

Selecting your god

Now after reaching level 6 or whatever, you’ll have enough favor to buy a new god.
Now let me interrupt myself here and say that it is a MUST that you learn at least 2 or more gods and know at least the abilities of all of them. Why? Two reasons. 1) There’s no certainity that you will always be the first one to pick that god. There are about 16 gods(I think), there’s bound to be someone else wanting that god. 2) Countering a god without knowing what abilities it has is downright impossible. Take it like this, if you know that say, anubis or archane rely on mummify or Cocoon pull, you’d be catious to not get hit by that. If you know ymir has a wall and a stun, you’d make sure you look out for those.

With that out of the way, if I’m looking for a new god, I tend to go through a few steps. It begins with how “fun” or “diffirent” that god is. For example, I find Agni’s skillset, while somewhat OP and hard to counter, somewhat genric and boring. Hel, zeus or odin’s(It’s my opinion, bugger off) I find new. Next is finding a build. Now currently my biggest problem as I haven’t obtained Odin is that since the only physical god I play is bastet and he is a tank, I’m a bit confused on what builds to do. So find yourself a multitude of guides, and experiment with each of their contents till you find your soft spot. Finally, Go to the a solo practice match, try out your god(they are all free in the solo practice match) and deviate as you like(Beware that the manticore is an idiot and is easily killed. Also some abilities such as Cocoon and the boar may not work on him). Another thing good to know is to look through all of the catagories. I never knew things such as gauntlet of thebes or silverfox girdle existed until I came across them by accident.

About the gods

Now before we being here, let me state this for good. Unless you magically restored Guan yu to his pre-nerf state(and even then I’m not sure), there is no chance, and I mean NO CHANCE at all that you are able to solo all 5 enemy gods without any help from minions/towers or allies. It doesn’t matter how good you think you are, it doesn’t matter how good you kill people in 1v1 or that you have an ability that heals you/gives you protection. Never go rambo, because while angi’s back looks welcoming, stuns and spells from his allies are not.

Also, beware of your mana and health at all times, if you are extremely hurt, recall(Be sure to tell your teammates with the command “be right back” (Pressing VVB) or just typing b). This is important in the health case with squishy gods such as Bakasura, Anubis, Hel or He-Bo and in the mana case with gods like Odin, Sobek and Ymir.(And assassins as well)

Now about the gods themselves:
Agni: He’s a fart.(The community is currently in debate whether or not he is OP or not)
Anubis: His snare is somewhat equivalent to tribe’s spinfusor disk. If you miss, you might as well retreat because your combo is basically done. Also upon testing on the Manticore, I think you might elongate your ult’s beam by not looking directly at the ground.
Ra: Your celestial beam can hit multiple times, this can be devestating. Also, whenever you are at the base, you can use 3>1>2 at the mana/health refill fountain and your passive will speed you up quite a bit.(Always know your passive)
All the leap/jump skills: They can jump through Ymir’s ice wall,odin’s leap and other walls assuming you can reach the other side. Also, never use them when your target is at the edge of the aoe and expecting to damage someone. Lead the circle a small bit then jump. Trust me, I used to miss bastet’s pounce horribly.
Sobek: Because your ultimate gives you reduced damage, doesn’t mean you are immune. Also, never be afraid to cancel(Press the button again) it to deal with extremely hurt enemies.
Ymir and Odin: Everyone messes up a bit with the blocking wall/ring of spears, don’t forget to bring down odin’s spear wall by pressing the button again when it’s not needed.
Zeus and Wukong: Zeus’ chain lighting and wukong’s furious monkey can be used to great effect when there are two gods against you with or without the presence of minions. With the presense of inions you can easily bounce your skill onto the gods.(This is also true with Hel’s decay, only that it deals splash damage). Without minions, it can chain back and forth between the two gods and can die or get damage served to them extremely hard.

One last thing to mention, use your lane partner to your advantage. Say you’re zeus, and you have odin with you. Time your ultimates correctly and you are an unstoppable team.

The VGS system

This VGS system is very important. It saves you the time typing missing enemies or informing people that you are ganking(Surprise flanking a lane) by just pressing V then the catagory letter( G for ganks, A for attacks, D for defends and so forth, be sure to know commands for missing and returns) and 1/2/3/Other for Left lane/Middle/Right/Annoying your teammates.
“Now what is the point of telling mates that an enemy is missing?”
It saves them from the possibility of a gank, people are too focused on their lanes to be always aware of a missing enemy.

Final notes
After a few games you get some sort of spidey sense were you can predict a gank and pull out quickly before the enemies come along.
NEVER, and I mean NEVER charge into a tower without minions tanking the damage for a kill. It’s a deathtrap and I racked up about 16+ kills that way because I kept taunting people inside my tower on low health. If you are afraid, keep in your tower. It’s not safe, but it really helps.
Be patient with your newbie friends. No one started the game as a professional.
If you are losing your lane while your partner isn’t, and the other lane is doing well, ask to switch momentairly with one of the other lane players to compensate.

Also be sure to read the rest of istwirkes Smite Good Etiquette Guide here
Thank you for reading this guide.

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