SMITE Kali Jungling Guide

SMITE Kali Jungling Guide by Dezachu

Hey guys, I’m Dez and I’m here today with a small guide for those of you who are a bit unsure on jungling! Whilst it’s specific to Kali, I may write a more indepth one at some point.

I rarely see a jungler (except for myself) on this game.. Maybe I’m just getting into the few games where there aren’t any, but I was hoping to encourage some people to jungle. It’s great fun and there’s no better feeling than ganking someone who isn’t watching behind them/their mini-map.

On that note, I want to use Kali as an example. I’ve only played a few games with her as Ymir and Zeus are my 2 mains, but Kali is such good fun in my opinion that she warrants a guide!


AD – Attack damage/physical power

MD – Magic damage/magic power

PP – Physical protection

MP – Magical protection

LS – Lifesteal

MS – Movement Speed

AS – Attack speed

(#) – Indicates an ability depending on the number

TF – Team Fight

CD – Cooldown

I use AD and MD as for some silly reason Hi Rez used two names that have the same abbreviation – physical power and physical protection (PP). Same for magic power/magic protection. So magic damage or attack damage sounds much better IMO.


First off, her abilities:

ENRAGE (passive): Kali starts with 5% lifesteal. When she drops below 25% HP, she gains an ADDITIONAL 25% lifesteal for 5 seconds. Occurs once a minute.

WELL. If any passive in the game so far was made for jungling, is this not it? Added onto your first item (mentioned after this), your sustain in the jungle is pretty d*** high! Late game it’s also awesome for team fights/high level 1v1’s, especially the latter part of the passive.

KALI RAGE (1): Kali fuels herself with rage, giving her 15/25/35/45/55 additional PD and 15/20/25/30/35% movement speed for 6 seconds. Costs 55/60/65/70/75 mana, 15s cooldown.

Another pretty sweet deal for jungling, the extra AD comes in handy. And both the move speed and AD are PERFECT for ganking! Used in conjunction with your other abilities, you can empower them greatly.

BLOOD LASH (2): Kali strikes all enemies within a cone in front of her, dealing 85/155/225/295/365 (+150% of your AD) physical damage. Cost 60/70/80/90/100 mana, 15/14/13/12/11 cooldown.

Remember what I just said about (1)? That 55 extra AD at level 8-9 gives this ability a banner that says ‘Fear me’. Without any AD items it’ll deal an additional 82.5 damage just from (1) alone. Seriously, this ability smarts in a TF.

SIPHON BLOOD (3): Kali deals 50/70/90/110/130 (+30% MD) to all enemies around her and heals for 60/90/120/150/180 (+20% MD) PER ENEMY HIT (max 3 enemies). Costs 65 mana, CD 12 seconds.

Awesome for jungling!!! Note the ‘PER ENEMY HIT’. At level 1 you’re healing for 180 damage if all 3 enemies are alive within a camp. That’s a d*** lot! It’s pretty sweet in teamfights too when complimented by your awesome lifesteal, but not something I’d max first.

FRENZY (4): Kali spins around fervishly doing 60/75/90/105/120 (+15% MD) physical damage every 0.5s for 5s, IGNORING ALL MOVEMENT CONTROLLING ABILITIES ON HERSELF. Costs 60/70/80/90/100 mana and has 90/85/80/75/70s CD.

The first thing that stands out on this ability for me is how often the damage is dealt. You’re striking 10 times over 5 seconds. For at least 180 odd damage at its max level. So 1800 damage over 5 seconds. WHAT?! Taking the enemy’s PP into account, this’ll be reduced but it’s still a ridiculous figure. You also can’t be stunned or slowed – hot d***. Raise some hell!

Personally I choose to start with (3) for jungling due to the sustain and AoE damage, but I max (1) first due to the MS and AD – Compliments lifesteal a hell of a lot! I then choose to max (2) due to the awesome AD scaling and flat damage it does. Of course you want to upgrade (4) wherever possible. Finally, max (3) when you’ve done everything else.


BUY: Hand of God, Devourers Glove 1, 1 health pot. Upgrade Siphon Blood (3).


Start green buff. Use HoG (anyone else read that as heart of gold? xD Hand of God) to start so you eliminate the 2 lesser minions first. Pop your vampiric when you lose over 100 hp. You should finish with 3/4 health. Doesn’t matter regardless, 15 HPS gets you up to full before you’ve barely left for the next buff.

Once taken move onto blue buff. You’re without HoG for this so use vampiric once you lose 250 odd hp again. You MAY pop a pot if you feel more comfortable that way but I’ve honestly never needed to use one. Your health regen from the buff, Siphon Blood and the gloves’ lifesteal will keep you pretty much stable. Upgrade your Kali Rage (1) and spam it whenever it’s ready. The 15 dmg boost is awesome. You MAY gank here, although I don’t recommend it.

Onto red! BE WARY, if the left lane(rs) see you and are smart, you’ll struggle to take it without them diving on you. You should be without problems if you’re smart about it. You have HoG again so this one’s easy. Initiate with HoG to kill the lesser minions again. Use (1) and (3) whenever you can – you have unlimited mana, use it! You’ll take it easily. Won’t even need to use a pot. Upgrade your second ability, Blood Lash (2).

I’d advise ganking at this point as you’ll be level 3 with all of your abilities ready to attack. Siphon Blood will give you some nice sustain if they start attacking you, as well as your green buff. You’ll also have some nice extra AD from red and an unlimited supply of abilities from blue. You get 15% speed boost from (1) so you don’t really have any excuse to NOT gank! Left will need you by this point anyway. Could even give them a double kill and set your victory in motion!

Where you go next is up to you. Flit over to movement buff or yellow (protection) buff. I’d advise yellow, purely because Kali is squishy and may suffer ganking in future once they know you’re lurking about. Both buffs are medium buffs, so honestly it doesn’t matter. Regardless, you’ll be level 4 after taking. Pop points into your (1) or (2) as you won’t need the sustain off (3) now since you’ve got lifesteal. (1) compliments this lifesteal and also gives you a movement buff – I’d recommend that. (2) can hurt, so it’s entirely your choice. You could even go back and buy some boots/other items, it’s your call.

The map is now your oyster, gank mid, gank left, even wonder over to right and clear the buffs there if they don’t have a jungler. If they do, counter jungle!

This guide isn’t as lengthy as I’d like it to be but hey, it was just a short guide to jungle Kali. I know I don’t have an item build because I’m trying things out every game I play as her. At the minute attack speed, attack damage and move speed are working incredibly well. Need to keep digging however before I even consider a ‘proper’ build order!

I’ll probably make a YouTube video showing the route and also ganking at some stage.

Hope someone finds it useful!


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