SMITE How to Stop Feeding Guide

SMITE How to Stop Feeding Guide by r3s1d3nt

I see this so often whenever I’m playing with my friends on unranked. One guy goes 0-7 at 5min mark, raging starts, people are starting to argue instead of playing and despite the fact that my lane did pretty good we are loosing the match cause people prefer to throw sh!t at each-other instead of playing.

So for the new players out there I decided to write this post and who knows, maybe even more experienced players may take something away from this topic.

First, why “feeding” is bad:
– it gives gold and level advantage to your enemy
– reduces your contribution to the team down to 0
– destroys the enjoyment of playing for you
– destroys the enjoyment of playing for your team
– and contrary to popular believe, it destroys the enjoyment of playing for your enemy too
Yes, going 20-2 out of a match may feel good at the beginning but after a while it’s just boring and proves more that the enemy team was weak than I’m a good player. Where’s the fun if there is no challenge?

Second, at which point “feeding” is actually feeding? That depends on the match, team set ups etc. But there are some universal “indicators”:
– at 5min mark you really shouldn’t have more than 2 deaths without any kills or assists, yes it’s natural to make mistakes, but 2 mistakes is more than enough for 5min.
– constantly dying from the same god
– dying alone in the jungle after 10th lvl
There’s more and bit over-simplified but those are most common. Again this hugely depends on the environment of the match so it changes from game to game, but those are closest to being constant.

Third, dealing with it. So sh!t happened. It’s 5th min of the game and you’re 0-4-0, hardly ideal BUT it is recoverable – you don’t have to F6 or alt+f4. Especially if your tower is still standing. You can:
– attempt to switch lanes. If by some chance the other lane have better situation try to switch and farm, hard.
– if switch is not possible but your laning partner is a tank or a good pusher, ask your team to save the jungle for you. Go buy HotG and farm every camp you can and come by your tower to help defend or if the enemy is too agressive, gank.
– does your god have lots of ways to escape? Buy wards and roam the jungle while setting them up and clearing those camps. Your team will love you for lightning up the map.
– if jungling is not possible due to lost tower or laning partner who can’t solo for a while, then check your item build. Even if you’re playing damage oriented god, don’t be afraid to buy two defense items. Especially voidstone/voidblade or even pure def like Hide or Bullwark. Those auras will help not only you but also your team. YES, your damage WILL be sub-par but at this point not dying is more important than getting even more squishy by going full-out damage built.

Fourth, the score’s meaning. Kills to deaths ratio is not always THE most important thing. I would gladly take player with 2-4-16 score over a guy with 7-0-0. Why? Because high amount of assists means you run with the team and actively participate in teamfights. Getting awesome K/D ratio is pretty easy, but playing with your team and helping them is much more hard and risky.

Fifth, meaning and objective of this game. At the beginning everyone thinks that raking up those kills is the most important thing. But longer you play, the more you realize that not-dying is even higher priority. Of course everything should be taken with consideration and you can’t run away from teamfights because of the “risk of dying”. Knowing when to stay or when to GTFO is the key though.

Also one of the key mistakes of many new players is going for damage items – whatever the cost. They keep on dying->they can’t kill anyone->so they try to buy expensive damage items->they die again->fall behind even further.

I’ve almost always have on my damage oriented gods things like voidstone or voidblade + bullwark or hideLion. Yes, it does costs you the damage potential, but surviving bursts of damage in teamfights enables you to deal more damage over time than a squishy god who dies before he can even start he’s combo.

Remember, when your score is getting pretty bad, the worst thing you can do is.. to do nothing about it. Change your approach, lanes, items w/e is needed to pull it off.

I think that’s it. Hope someone will find it useful. And yes, this is just a very subjective guide. Just an opinion, nothing more, nothing less. It might be outright wrong – but I also may be very right. Oh and EnGlIsH is not my native language, I’m expecting a grammar inquisition – unless they are Spanish – then I don’t expect them =].

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  1. acebuys says:

    thanks i could not understand what feeding ment this guide helped , mae a video 4 those who are lazy to read…

  2. Managical says:

    You should consider adding tips for dealing with the “fair game”/cowardly team mates. You know those ones whom drop their ult then run away leaving you to clean up their mess.

  3. Mav says:

    This was a great short read…. Opened my eyes to some of the dumb sh*t I’ve done at times! :)

  4. Gabriel says:

    Thank you for the guide man, it’s appreciated.And it’s very useful too :D

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