SMITE Good Etiquette Guide

SMITE Good Etiquette Guide by istwirkes

Hello Gods and Goddesses,

I am a bit experienced MOBA player who would like to see a more friendly, flame-proof community and I can’t think of a better time for “fixing” games community’s attitude that beta phase. Personally I’m a calm person who doesn’t rage at first fail of my team, but everyone gets frustrated once in a while so I decided to write a short guidelines how to avoid raging and flaming thus increasing whole team’s performance and teamwork.

1) God selection:

Don’t assume that you are the best player there is at start. If you god or lane have already been picked you should calmly ask to change god/lane stating your arguments (avoid statement like: you noob, you will feed, die in hell etc). Starting to rage in god selection is a really bad start for the match because even a moderately good player won’t be able to concentrate for the game if you start to rage at him and continue this after start of the match.

2) MIA’s:

You should try to do as good as possible in your own lane before accusing other for failing (use voice command VF1/2/3 and VT1/2/3 as needed) and don’t start to flame because others didn’t call MIA’s. Instead ask them politely to report misses and do VF1/2/3 to show them how it should be reported (most people don’t know there are such awesome thing as voice commands or don’t feel comfortable with them).

3) “Feeding”:

First of all, after you teammate dies for the first time remember that everyone has bad luck/gets outplayed more or less often. Don’t rage because that will only disrupt their focus and makes them feel bad. They already lost xp/gold and flaming them won’t fix it. If your teammates die again ask them politely to play more defensively and preferably come to their aid (it’s kind of mean to flame a person who’s soloing versus 2 players and not comming to help him). If the player is new try to explain not to tank turrets/minions and if he doesn’t know what items he should build then try to suggest correct item build (without calling him noob, tard et).

4) Team fights:

SMITE is insanely action packed game so keep in mind that it’s hard to focus main target for new players (personally I played LoL from beta and WoW for 3 years so I’m familiar with WASD controlls and focussing at the same time) not everyone have so much experience in games so try to explain politely what and when they should do.


I can’t count how many times I saw a teammate die because he was flaming over something trivial as stealing blue camp or farming a lane. DO NOT ENGAGE IN FLAMING. If a person is flaming at you try to be polite and calm, if he continues then just ignore him (that magic button when you press TAB I think it’s speaker icon or something like that near the name of the flaming person). By the way if you start flaming yourself you will lose focus and over team efficiency will drop dramatically.

Final words: I think that SMITE is a great game, really thrilling, potentially competitive and interesting, but it’s never satisfying to have a flamer on your team, personally I prefer to have a bad player who is trying that to have a so called “pro” who is thinking that everyone around him are retarded. SO PLEASE TRY TO BE POLITE AT ALL TIMES AND HELP YOUR TEAMMATES IF THEY ARE NOT SO EXPERIENCED AS YOU ARE.

I would appreciate feedback and suggestions. If there will be need I will Edit this with new ideas. Thank you for reading and have a great time playing SMITE

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  1. Roh says:

    One thing you didn’t cover that Ive always wanted to know about, even in other moba games, is farming etiquette. Example that is going on right now. Playing RA and as a newbie Im trying to conserve mana so Im using basic attacks to try and farm. This Kali keeps coming into the lane to intentionally steal every last hit it can. Waiting at targets Im obviously working on then running out to jungle. Am i supposed to be happy about this? I even went into a fight. Was winning… Then Kali storms out of the jungle to last hit the enemy player.. At this point it seems pretty certain that Kali is trying to make gameplay miserable for me. Am I wrong to feel that way?

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