SMITE Beginner’s Guide

SMITE Beginner’s Guide by Seubas

Since I’m not a pro MOBA player this is a guide from noob to noobs and I will try to explain every detail of what can be managed easily if you are new to MOBA concept even.

First of all – play a practice match, this will allow you to get used to controls (as after playing LoL and only MMO being EVE it was quite frustrating to use WASD and 1234 for skills) also you will learn casting times and speeds of your selected god, if you want to play Ra for example this is crucial. I know practice match is boring and unengaging, but at least you will learn your god a little. This however won’t teach you for the next step.


Step 1:

1. Before heading to lane, always check who you are playing against. That will allow you to prepare your build and see where is the potential danger.

2. Check what enemies bought, if one of the gods got himself Hand of the Gods ability, expect a jungler, no mias will be called for this player, so be careful. Also prepare yourself to damage you will get and type of it, if you see Kali for example taking level 1 Warrior Tabi and level 1 Heartseeker, expect relatively slow movement (without skills used) but high damage output.

It will also be useful if you read tooltips of items you are not familiar with

Step 2:

1. At the beginning you want to be in your lane for as long as possible, for a new player it’s good to buy level 2 boots so you can move quickly and avoid potential danger, also harrass. Look what you lane against, if you know the enemy god, you will know what you have to expect, if they have jungle (step 1.2) be careful and always check minimap, junglers come ganking from behind, usually after blue+green after level 2, then after red +-lvl3.

2. Save mana. You will need it. If you spam skills, without mana you will be in great danger to get ganked, or attack will be initiated, always assume that your enemy knows your god and by that he knows what skills you can cast, calculating the success of the attack. Also mana is crucial element like health, if you have none – you will escape only with luck.

3. If you feel you can, don’t wait. If you know enemy just wasted their ultimates in your lane or another, have low mana or health, minions are scarce, don’t waste a chance to catch them, but only if you know you will succeed.

always, always look how many enemy minions there are around, in early game minion aggro is very very painful and you should never engage when there are two waves of enemy minions around and you have only a ranged minion left

Step 3:

1.Don’t be afraid to clear the jungle, you can learn to safely clear it in practice match as you will see how much damage buff minions do and when you can clear them quickly enough. Leaving your lane partner alone will give him gold/exp advantage, also enemies might assume it is a good chance to engage which can lead to successful counter attack

never leave your lane partner in danger also, if he has low health/mana, don’t go away, also chack minimap, position yourself to see heath bars of enemies, so you are ready. Leave the buff if your lane partner is in danger, alive friend is always better than buff

Additional rules:

a) always call mias, it is very easy to do it so in this game just press VF and select your lane

b) if you died once, try to play as defensive as you can, don’t try to last hit if this will cause you to be in a potential danger. Don’t end up on a feeding spree, better just be patient

c) be extra careful if someone just called mia

d) check minimap often, your teammates maybe are coming to gank your lane, or are in danger, it is hard to ping when you have to run away.

e) try not to leave your lane for as long as possible as you will only give level/gold advantage to enemies. Leave lane only when you see teammate in danger, want to gank or it’s a good time to clear some jungle

Mid Game

After you destroyed/lost a tower or both, enemies/friendlies are roaming/clearing jungle, laning phase is finally over. It is good to check how everyone is doing, and what to expect. Again check item builds, check scores of both teams, by that you won’t get cough against Artemis who somehow does insane amount of damage when you are going 3/0


If you are not fed, and if you are not very good at your god and you know you won’t escape 1v5 DON’T EVER CHASE! map looks huge, but it isn’t. Leave the prey if it puts you in danger, better to have you alive. Also by chasing you potentially put your teammates in danger who are kind enough to try to help you escape, which can lead to destruction of all and potential lose

Now it’s time for fast jungle clearing, teamfights and real chaos with fun. You know your team, you know at least two of the enemies well enough to know what to expect, you checked the scores, you know who to focus and who to ignore. First of all you want to fast clear all jungle, this will get you gold advantage and build advantage, again check map, look around, if 4 enemies are pushing some lane you are not close to, and your teammates are defending it – PUSH PUSH PUSH, try to get as much PUSH as you can, be careful, and push, look around you, check minimap, you are the pusher now, you are in danger, enemies will have to leave their push because you pushed it hard and got away with it. Go shop pushers are rewarded for their deeds.

Do not avoid team fights however… If your team is gathering for a fight be quick and go there, you will be a fine help even if you died twice or thrice, maybe you are god with heavy CC or high damage output, you will always be usefull. Teamfights are won because of good focus and only because of good focus, if you see a chance to get a kill, go for it, if you come late, come with might and fury and do whatever it takes to win the fight. Be smart and play it like a pro.

Pushing towers is main objective of Mid Game, if you have three/four full items in your hands, you must push, everyone should push, after winning a teamfight you all push, by this time it’s enough firepower to kill a firegiant solo/duo so pushers go push and carries go pick up that buff for the team.

If you however lost the teamfight, try to ward the jungle up, main places being Fire Giant and Gold Fury, maybe you can catch them off guard after respawning. Also you your numbers are scarce try to defend as many towers as possible, first rule of defending is : kill minions. Don’t roam without wards/knowledge of enemy location. Don’t risk it, just defend.

Late Game and the End

Late game is all about teamfights, if you play it right, you will win, if not you will lose. Can’t say much on this, it’s all a team effort. Check stats, check scores, check how much money teams have and where they are. Push if possible, defend if needed, don’t forget your minotaur also, minions do great damage, don’t leave it alone with a zerg of scorching minions. Minotaur can’t heal, and if it has low health, enemy carry can easily destroy it even when pheonixes are up. Try to kill enemy pheonixes, that will give you and your team precious gold, if you have full build, leave minions for those who doesn’t have full build yet, take Fire Giant buff if you are sure you won’t get ganked.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Also I would like to note that whatever happens, never let yourself into flame war, better ignore the ragekid and proceed to playing good, it doesn’t matter if you win or lose, what matters is fun

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


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