SimCity Social Tips and Tricks Guide

SimCity Social Tips and Tricks Guide by niknah

1) Don’t bother upgrading until you run out of space, it’s usually cheaper to buy new businesses. Materials are much harder to get than simoleons and all the materials to upgrade to 50% will be as much or more than the simoleons needed to build a new business.

2) Play often, once an hour. 26 energy x 3mins is 1:18 hour, any less and you’re wasting the energy.

3) Don’t work on population, work on earnings. Put all your houses in one area, preferrably inbetween two landmarks or near the water.
Leave an empty 2×2 in the middle of your houses.
Put decorations around that area to concentrate all your population here.
Now leave all your businesses outside of this area, they don’t need to be connected to roads, the timer will still tick if you leave them lying around.

Then move each business into the 2×2 in the middle and collect them one by one.
This will take 7 clicks: Redecorate, select business in 2×2, move business, select new business, move to 2×2, exit, collect.
You’ll get 2-3 times the amount of simoleons. That’s 2.3 to 3.5 times more ‘clicks per simoleon’ for earning simoleons 2-3 times quicker.

Do the same for factories with the nice spots near the water as pictured above.

There was another trick I’ve seen where you surround the business with one block houses, but I haven’t tried that.

4) Go to the ‘become a fan’ page, pick two letters. Add friends with first or last names that ‘start’ with these two letters. When sending gifts or asking for items, simply type in these two letters and you’ve got all your simcity friends in front of you.

Send gifts and ask for gifts daily, don’t waste them. Visit friends daily, you will get free energy to use in their city every day.

5) The farm is only going to earn you a few thousand for 24hrs of waiting, only buy this if you have a lot of space.

6) Remove useless roads. The road needs to be in front of house when you first build it but you can remove the closest road square after building the house, nice spot for a decoration.

7) Work towards a landmark, the Oasis tower is the best one early on, 375 pop per square. Getting to all the wreckage for the acrology may leave you owning land in strange places that you don’ t need.

8) Avoid quests, they reward you with very little, and they will never end no matter how many you do.

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