SimCity Social Getting More Simoleons and Materials Guide

SimCity Social Getting More Simoleons and Materials Guide by mervinumali

At this game you need simoleons and materials to finish upgrading your business or require for the quests so i really hope that this thread will help you to earn more simoleons and materials.

How to earn more simoleons

*Always collecting simoleons from business.

*Upgrade your business as you can. Remember the more you upgrade the business , the more chances you get more simoleons.

*Try putting your business into the many houses! because you will get a bonus payout if you put it on the houses.

*Try and visit to your neighbors and click their houses.

*If its your first visit on one of your NEW neighbor you will get 1,000 simoleons.

*Try to have more population! because remember your mayor house is upgrading and gave you more simoleons each 24 hours.

*Try to level up fast because it will gave you simoleons and so on until the rewards is going higher and higher.

*Ask your simcity friends to send you up 200 simoleons (its in free gift)

*Ask your simcity friends to visit your city and interact with your houses.

*Try to send all your simcity friends from a free gift and some of them maybe they are going to send back which means you will receive 25 simoleons.

*Try to plant crops in your farms

*Try to use your animal farm

How to get more materials

*Always collecting from factories

*Always sending up the train for 4 hours or 24 hours (you decide)

*Visit to your neighbors and interact with their factories or land mark buildings

*Always put the factories near the water because you will get more materials

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If you have more ideas of how to earn more simoleons and materials please feel free to post in here and i will update it thanks

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