Sevencore Tips and Advice Guide

Sevencore Tips and Advice Guide by Shinra

Making Ingot

Bronze = Tin + Copper
Steel = Iron + Silver

Iron ore drops Iron, Silver, Gold & Platinum(Rare)

Improvement Stone

Improvement stones can be used to upgrade your gear & mounts.
I believe till +4 you’re safe to upgrade unless you’re very unlucky.


Most of you will wonder when you will get your first mount.
I’m not sure of the actual level of the quest but the NPC that gives you a mount as a reward is at the outskirts of Delos City.
First option give = Carpy/Bug/Boar

Next mount you’ll get is at the waterfall near Lakeville.
You have to find a partner to join you in this quest, get the required items from killing those mini bosses & the reward is a mount which is a Rhino.

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