Sevencore Free Tec Points Guide

Sevencore Free Tec Points Guide by Sarisataka

Here is how to get FREE TEC Points:

1. Go to and make sure you are logged into the account you want the TEC to be credited to.

2. Scroll down and select either “SuperRewards” or “SponsorPay”.

3. For SuperRewards choose “Free Offers”, and for SponsorPay choose “Free”.



4. Choose the offers which ask you to complete a survey or download and install a game or application. Some of these reward you 2,000+ TEC Points after completion and verification. (Not all of them have worked for me even though I did it correctly, so if this happens to you, you can report it under “Support” for SponsorPay, and “Get Help” for SuperRewards.)



5. Enjoy your free TEC Points!

P.S. After you get your points, run a program such as Malwarebytes to remove unnecessary adware, etc that come with some of the programs. They won’t harm your computer, they are just annoying.

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