Sevencore Crafting Materials Map Guide

Sevencore Crafting Materials Map Guide by Teirusu


I like a lot the craft/collecting system, so days ago I made my first craft map. This map was made just for me, so I must apologize about presentation…is completely made with paint. After thinking twice, I said myself…hey, and why not share?…So here is.

This is the first map : Plain Of Ida.

Like I said was made only for myself…is horrible about organization and presentation , but If you can understand it…nice, If not, you can always ask me to translate my trash to english xP.

I want add that drops are based on my experience. I killed a lot of times bosses and mobs after write the results…If I missed something, is because I’m very high lvl, or I had really bad luck…Also, the collecting resources I write is every resource I found on ch3 after walk the whole map, not mean they appear in the same spot, I just write all the resources I found

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    hey , can you say me how to get essence of pure nature

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