Sevencore Auction House Guide

Sevencore Auction House Guide by Demise

Warmest welcomes everybody,

The Auction House is the main sell and trade organ of the game and therefore I thought why not explaining to the guys how it works so maybe more people make use of it.

How to browse the Auction House?

First of lets look at the interface:

On the lefthand-side of the interface you can specify which type of item you seek, Weapons of course contains every type of weapon, armour all type of defense gear, accessory all type of elemental defense gear (Earrings, Necklaces and Rings), consumables all types of 1-time use items and others contain for example mount eggs and more.

On the top bar of the interface you can specify your search by chosing the following options:

– Auction Item: Let’s you specify items you look for directly by their name.
– Min Level: Discloses any items lower than the specified minimum level.
– Max Level: Discloses any items higher than the speficied maximum level.
– Item Type: Let’s you select between Normal, Elite, Rare and Epic items.
– Able to Equip Checkbox: Sets Min Level automatically to 1 and Max Level to your current level

Item types:
For now I can only specify Normal and Elite since I havent saw any rare or epic items yet. Normal items are basically every regular item with a white font whilst Elite includes both blue-font gears as well as setgears such as Bloody Fogs or Agles Guardian equipment. I suspect rare to be the purple-font items but I cant give you a guarantee for that yet.

How to put an item on sale?

Again lets look at the interface first:

First of all select an item you want to register.

Then define its Auction Period, basically the time you want the auction to keep on going. Short Term is around half a day, middle term I suspect to be a day, long term estimated 2-3 days and longest team somewhere between 4 days and a week. I will specify the deadlines more clearly once I figured them out.

Then you can define your starting price as Initial Bid Price, I suggest to enter the value you AT LEAST want to get to avoid selling items far below your expectations.

Buy now price is not mandatory I believe but if there is a sum of money you would definately want to sell it straight away feel free to enter it there.

The commission fee is calculated by the system directly and can not be changed.

Have fun using the auction house and good luck in your searchings and sellings!

With regards,

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