Serenia Fantasy Valor Guide

Serenia Fantasy Valor Guide by MarcTheGreat

First things first, valor unlocks at lvl 60.

It’s a passive increase in def or atk depending which part valor is put on. lvl 1 valor gives +6 atk on gloves, sword, neck and rings, while it gives +6 def on armor, helmet, belt, etc.. It also adds a hp bonus which become significant at higher lvls.
It costs 90 token per Valor lvl. You can increase Valor lvl every time you get one Character lvl.
There are also random stats added to your items. These stats only take effect if your gear grade has that stat bonus.

Lvl 70 Abadon sword
[Grade D] Skill Acc +15
[Grade C] Skill Crit Enhc + 14
[Grade B] Atk + 13
[Grade A] Skill Enhc + 19

If you want your valor bonus to work on your sword, you will have to refine (10 tokens per refine) the valor bonus so that it’ll have the same as Grade bonus. Example: Refine to change Skill Eva to Skill Acc, since your weapon has Skill Accuracy

When correctly used, you will see +Bonus in yellow beside the Grade bonus, Enhc Hp and Enhc ATK/Enhc DEF.

At lvl 69, you can put valor to lvl 10. Valor lvl 10 adds 67 ATK/Def depending on parts it’s equipped on.
If you look at it, it really increases a lot your attributes.

Raising Valor to lvl 10 on all 10 equipment parts will cost you 9000 tokens. I really think it is a wise investment, even though the token cost is really high.

After lvl 10 Valor, it requires 2 Valor crystals to increase the level. So basically 180 tokens per lvl.

I will give you feedback as I progress into the Valor system. I am already lvl 10, so more info coming soon.

Hope this guide can help you guys understand more about Valor.

Tyrien (S2 Cain Carnival, lvl 71 Warrior)

PS: If I missed out on any info, thank you to let me know

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  1. PototoyStory says:

    Hello Tyrien, i upgraded my weapon valor to LVL3 but it seems i get only 26 attck and 66hp for the non-bonus stats.

    On what level would i get good stats from this weapon valor? i have more valor crystals and i dont know if i should continue upgrading or just sell it, because i cant feel any improvement on my character, to think that valor crystal price is 90tokens.
    Thanks in advance :)

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