Serenia Fantasy Stronghold Attacking and Defending Guide

Serenia Fantasy Stronghold Attacking and Defending Guide by Kvothe21

This is a quick and simple guide on how to do the aggravating stronghold event. I’m the guild leader for Exalted, BOjangles, on s2- Cain Carnival. If anyone has any more questions send me a mail in game and ill respond the next time I can.

Allies are allowed to enter.

Steadfast Piers(cain)

I will start with attackers for both explanations.  For the Steadfast Piers stronghold which can be located in Cain city square by the quest givers. On Wednesday 21:00 server time, you will see a 5 minute until stronghold begins announcement appear in chat.  This gives the defenders time to move into the stronghold and set up their defenses.  Once those five minutes are over you will be able to enter the stronghold battle at the stronghold chief. The objective of the attackers is to destroy the authority crystal at the end of the map, once that is achieved you have control of the stronghold.

On Defense for Steadfast Piers your guild will want to meet up on the road of triumph before 21:00 server so you have time to get ready for the attackers.

After entering you will move to the top of the map and set up your defensive strategy before the match starts.  Make sure your guild buys repair stones to repair the crystal of authority as much as possible before the attackers make their way to it.  It spawns on the blue podium at the top of the map.

Desert Coastal Cliffs(Muradin)

The attackers will enter this map at Muradin Fair, by way of the stronghold chief.  This fight is exactly the same as the first one you just enter at a different location, but make sure you don’t get confused =p.

On the Defensive side you will meet on the same map but at the very bottom near the portal to Muradin Suburb.  It’s the same as before as well, you will want to meet before Saturday 21:00 server and enter to setup before the attackers are allowed to join.

Hopefully this guide will allow for the stronghold battle to progress and stop being seen as horribly lopsided, it is possible to successfully defend.


The victory chest which spawns next to the crystal of authority drops multiple items upon the ground which your guild quickly picks off in a few seconds.  But don’t worry guild leaders you get the 3 resource chests on each of the lanes which makes sure that no one in the guild will ever donate more resources than the guild leader.


-The strongholds don’t update on your guild page, it still shows me having 0 strongholds even when my guild holds them both.
-crystal doesn’t spawn until after the 5minute grace period for the defenders.  So you have a very short time in which to heal it.

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