Serenia Fantasy Spirit Guide

Serenia Fantasy Spirit Guide by Thimble

Why do I need a spirit? They raise your stats! The better your spirit, the stronger you will be.  You can go into spirit form and fight as your spirit (but this is not required to get the stat boost).

How do I get a spirit? You fight elite, chief and boss monsters. They will randomly drop eggs that will produce a spirit (double click to hatch).  Each egg is not always successful in hatching, so if you wish to have a better choice of spirits, you will need to gather quite a few eggs to hatch (or you can buy them at the fair).

Are all spirits the same? No, they each have a different aptitude.

What makes a good spirit? The higher the aptitude, the better. Each spirit has a specific amount of aptitude possible. In the example below this particular Molten Lord Geal has a max of 170 HP aptitude and a minimum of 139 (these aptitudes are random, each spirit will be different). If you look in the stats section you see that he has a BASE HP of 860, but the actual HP he gives my character is 1195. This is based on his aptitude. Example: Take 860 base x 1.39 HP aptitude and you come up with 1195. So, the higher the aptitude the better stats you end up with. (100 is average, so all numbers above that will be an improvement over the base. In this case, 139 HP aptitude is a nice improvement)

If you want more HP, then make sure your spirit has high numbers in HP aptitude. Same with mana, attack and defense aptitude.

Spirit Trans.JPG

Above is your spirit Transformation menu (click the egg on the bottom right or press D to open).

absorb spirit.JPG

ABSORB: This button is used to raise levels of your spirit. Each time you raise your spirit a level, their stats go up based on their aptitude. These stats apply to your character, so you want to raise your spirit as high as possible. In this example, we can raise him up to soul level 20.

In order to absorb, you will need hatched eggs (spirits). Each spirit offers a different amount of points towards your spirits soul level (it’s based on the level of spirit you are absorbing). For example, a level 40 spirit will give a base of 27 points (this number will be higher if you use a spirit that has already had it’s soul level raised).

Once you have some spirits, then just click the absorb button and place the spirit in the box. Click ok and you will see your soul raised by the points in the absorbed spirit.

These are points that can be spent on enhancing your spirit (which enhances your character). As you level, your growth will go up (the bar on the top right). Each time it passes 10,000 you will gain a spirit point that you can spend. The first one you spend will allow you to LEARN a talent. Choose a talent location and click the learn button to add a new talent.

Once you have a talent, then you can continue to add points to it and make it stronger. The first talent costs one point, the 2nd point you put into the same talent, will cost 2 points and progress up in cost from there.

VERY IMPORTANT! Once you have points in a talent, they can be moved to another spirit! You don’t have to start over collecting talent with a new spirit. Click on the talent you wish to take and then press the button called DRAW. This will put a book in your inventory. This book has the talent you extracted and you can then move it to another spirit. You can also decide what books to put into your spirit! To add a book, just click on the EMPTY talent bar and double click the book (from inventory). It will be added to your spirit at the level it was taken from the previous spirit.

combine spirit.JPG

COMBINE: The only spirits you can combine are chief and boss spirits. (more info coming soon)


REFINE: You can refine the aptitude of your spirits and improve them. This process will cost a spirit refining stone (Common or Chief) for each adjustment you wish to make.

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