Serenia Fantasy Glory and Gems Guide

Serenia Fantasy Glory and Gems Guide by Xii

Starting at level 30 you can embed your gear with gems.  It is an easy way to get a quick stat boost.  You can buy gems in the glory shop, which is a little difficult for some people to find.  There are 2 ways to get to it, but from the instance menu is the quickest.

As you can see there are different colored gems, and gems vary in price.  The more expensive gems add status effects and resistances.

You can level gems by buying four of one kind then fusing them to make a higher level gem.  Strength Level 1 gems add 2 atk, while Strength Level 2 gems add 3 atk.

You can embed by opening your bag, clicking Fort, then clicking embed gem.

Curtain gear can have curtain color gems.  Equipment that adds attack has 2 red slots and 1 yellow, while equipment that adds def has 2 blue slots and 1 yellow.  Red gems are more offensive, such as adding atk, crit acc, or status effects.  Blue gems are more defensive, such as adding def, crit rd, or status resistance.  Yellow slots can hold either a red gem or a blue gem.

As you level up you get higher level gear, to keep your gems you can simply remove them.  Later on it can get more costly, as the level of the gem goes up so does the price to remove gems.

Now on to Glory.  Glory is mostly obtained from events, and sometimes you can get some from card flips in instances.  Hegemony of the Strongest is the best way to earn glory.  Depending on what place you get in HotS, the more glory you get.  HotS only happens once a week though, while Battlefield happens multiple times daily and gives a small amount of glory.  Another event you can earn glory from is Cannon Site Crisis, if you survive until the end piles of gold and glory spawn.

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