Serenia Fantasy FAQ

Serenia Fantasy Frequently Asked Questions by SarahSF

Training Camp

1. Can’t log in game, my loading screen stucks.
1). clear cache of your browser
2). Update pluggins or flash player
3). Try to change a browser
If none of the above works, that might be a lag because your IP location is far away from our servers. Close your page and try to log in after a while.

2. Why I cant type in the game even can’t set up a name to start playing.
Please change another brower to try,and for the problem that Mac+Chrome won’t let you type a word.

3. How to get purity potion? I dont have enough potion to purify the Zombies.
Press P open the fair and you will see the gold shop. Purity Potion only costs 10 golds each there.

4. I cant take attachments from mail, what should I do?

Open your system panel and press “quite game” button. After 5 minutes later relog in game then you can take them out.


1. How to create a character? How to delete a character?
When players enter the game first time, you will get the default page of “Create Character”. Then you can choose the gender and class to make your own character. When you has already had a character, you can delete it by the “Delete” button.

2. There are too many players to play fluently. What shall I do?
You can press “H” to hide the other players around, and cancel it with press “H” again. Moreover, you can shift a line.

3. How to complete quests?
If you see a red exclamation mark on the mini-map, you can take a quest there. Clicking on “Quest” in the game interface displays your current quest status, including progression, acceptable and completed ones. Click on the NPC name displayed in the quest to automatically move there.

4. How to attack monsters of quests objectives automatically?
There is a quests track board on your interface. You can attack the objectives automatically by just clicking the name on the board.

5. How can I pick the material shelter from somebody standing on it?
You can press the “H” to hide the players, or use the spacebar to pick up the items directly.

6. How can I get faster while it’s too tired to walk up and down?
You could click the little flying boot button on the quests board to get the map where NPC is by using Mini Teleport Crystal or Tokens.

7. How can I get potions? How to cure myself automatically?
Potions can be bought in the Gold Shop, and also make by you. Besides, the Life Source and Magic Source which are sold in Market can replenish stock of HP or MP. When you have auto-potion points, you can cure yourselves automatically.

8. What will be lost while dead?
No loss now. You can choose the revive way to get revive.

9. How to make money?
There are 4 kinds of currency in Serenia:
1. Tokens. Token is added by recharging which can be used in Market. You can check the balance both in the Market and your bag.
2. Coupons. Coupon is presented through some specific activities in the game which can be spent in the coupon shop.
3. Gold. Gold is gotten by killing monsters, completing quests and using the item in market.  Gold is the unique kind of currency in circulation which can be spent in the fair.
4. Energy. Energy is gotten by killing monsters, completing quests and using the item in market. Energy is closely bound up with gear upgrade.

10. What is Stamina?
Stamina can bring players high experience of killing monsters, equivalent to 10 times of non-stamina status. Stamina enabled by default, can not be shut down manually.

11. What is the flash circle under the monster? What is elite monster?
It’s elite monster. The elite monster is much stronger than the ordinary ones with much better drops.

12. Can I reset the hotkeys?

13. How can I know what other players equipped?
You have to get close to the target player first, and click on his/her name then choose the “Check Gear”.

14. How can I take part in a party?
Click on the name of the other players or friends, and then click the “Invite” to let him join your party. In addition, you can click on “party” button which is next to the map then you can create your own party to invite all players from same screen of same line.

15. What is the “God’s creations” in the game?
Parts of the “God’s creation” in the use of a slight increase in HP. We recommend you selling to the system shop.

16. How can I split the stacked items?
There is a “Split” button in your bag.

17. Why cannot I complete the quest while I have the required equipment?
The quest can be completed unless the equipment is in your bag but not equipped.

18. Why the online reward disappeared?
Each character can receive seven times reward a day in three days at most.

19. Where is the King Bee? Where can I get the Bee stinger?
Try the Bee Nest in the Sacred Wilderness.

20. What shall I do when the game crashes?
Please do not worry. You just need to clear your browser’s cache, then re-open a browser and log into the game. General problem can be solved.


1. How to get my spirits?
Following the main quest, you can get a primary spirits. There is a probability to get advanced spirits by open the spirits eggs which drop from the corresponding elite by chance.

2. How to get my mount?
Following the main quest until the instance at Lv. 20, you can get a fantastic Floating Rock. You can also purchase another one through the market directly.

3. How to get my wings?
Following the main quest until the challenge at Lv. 35, you can get an amazing Dragon Wings. You can also purchase another one through the market directly.

4. How to level up faster?
Completing the main quest when it is available! In addition, there are high-benefit game events in the “Recommend” button.

5. How to do with the difficulties in attacking monsters?
There are a great many ways to improve your strength. You can get experience quickly in the events; enhance your talent and skills; nurture your spirits, wings and mount; wear costumes… to become more powerful.

6. How to receive the daily quests?
Following the main quest until Lv. 15, you can receive the daily quest from the quest commissioner or clicking the “Recommend” button. You can refresh the quests list if you are not satisfied with them.

7. How to participate in the events? Why cannot I participate in all events?
You can participate in events by just clicking the “Event” button next to the map. You cannot participate in those events which required for players’ level or opened at specific time unless you achieve the condition.

8. How to craft gears?
Click the “Craft” button and choose the gears you want before clicking the “craft” button to craft your gears. Please take note of checking your craft level first.

9. Can I get experience form crafting potions?
No. Crafting potions makes crafting experience.

10. How to make a party to Lv. 20 instance?
The Lv. 20 instance can only be soloed. But do not be worry because there will be two powerful NPC accompanying with you.

11. What is the wish pond?
Wish pond is a magic pond which has a certain probability of eruption gold for the players to pick up. Through the accumulation of all players wishing to donate wealth, it will be touched off by the lucky player.

12. How to know where the items drop from?
Clicking the “Auto-pilot” before you can find the “Monster” page. All the information about monsters and the drops is listed on this page. Besides, you can also search the information you need.

13. How to get the state of soul blessing? What is the Soul Crystal? What is the Soul Box?
There will be a Soul Box dropped by the elite on the Vanderbot while a Soul Crystal in your bag on the other islands. You can get the state of soul blessing from clicking the box or crystal to get a certain rewards of energy and experience depending on your level. This state can be stacked to 3 times and lasting for 3minutes.

14. Why didn’t I get the soul blessing through using the Soul Box?
The state of soul blessing can be stacked to 3 and 10 times a day at most.

15. How to change the PK model?
There is a button of Peace/PK neared by the character’s HP bar. You can change the model by clicking this button. Please note that you cannot turn off the PK model before you opening it for 8 hours.


1. How to change my hairstyle?
The Changing Hairstyle Card is on sale!

2. What does the tip of “silence” mean?
It means you cannot release the skills of human form, but only the common attack when you have transformed to spirits.

3. How to learn the spirits’ skill?
The spirits learns skills by the skill card which dropped from the instance greater than or equal to level 40. Insert the skill card in the spirits interface before the spirits getting the skill. There are 3 spaces can be inserted skill card with one opened originally and the other two opened by specific items.

4. Why does other player’s mount look better?
Different types of mounts will not only have a different appearance, but also a different stat. Besides, the same types of mounts will be different in appearance. Mount color can be changed through using Mount Dye sold in Market. The other way is an entirely major change through using Mount EVO Potion to upgrade before changing the appearance and stats of the mount. The basic stats will be improved every time, and the mount changed in appearance every ten times to become more and more gorgeous.

5. Why do other player’s wings look better?
Different types of wings will not only have a different appearance, but also a different stat. Besides, the same types of mounts will be different in appearance. You can change the appearance and stats of the wings through using Wings Fortify Feather. The basic stats will be improved every time, and the mount changed in appearance every ten times to become more and more gorgeous.

6. How to get Bur’s Blessing?
Purchased in the Market.

7. How to view my Talent?
When you get Lv. 30, click the “Skill” button then you can find the talent page.

8. What talent shall I learn?
Your character class determines what abilities your character can use, but learning talent is another way to customize your abilities to create a character with unique strengths.

9. Why cannot I learn the talent?
You cannot learn new talent unless you meat both conditions of pre-talent and required talent experience.

10. Why cannot I level up my talent with enough experience?
Your talent level cannot exceed your character level.

11. How to get more talent points?
Talent experience is rewarded from the talent quests. Talent Gem can increase the experience rewarded of the task.

12. How to remember so many events every day?
Click the “Event” button next to the map. All the information about the events is listed clearly in this page.

13. How to moderate gears?
Click the “Craft” button, then choose the “+” on the gear you need to moderate.

14. How to upgrade gears?
Open your bag and click the “Fortify” button through the consumption of Upgrade Gem.

15. How many days can be Online EXP Reward accumulated?
3 days.

16. What are the gold monsters? Where are they?
The gold monster is a special kind of monsters in game with scattered light shining around. There will be a large number of gold dropped when the monster down. They are appeared on line 1 at random time, random location.

17. How to the block other players?
Click the player you want to block off before you finding the option on menu.

18. How to create a guild?
If the applicant’s level ≥ 20, and currently not a member of any guild, you can click on the “Guild” button to find the “Create a Guild”. Creating guild needs 300,000 gold.

19. How to consign or bid items?
You can find the entrance from the “Fair” button next to map.


1. Can I change my in-game name?
No. Please decide your IGN carefully.

2. Can I give the items in Market to other players?
No. It’s not available currently.

3. Can I renew the expiration of costumes?
No. The costumes will disappear after expiration.

4. Why cannot I join a new guild after quitting the old one?
You cannot join a new guild before quitting the old 24 hours at least.

5. How to do when the other player delay to pay my consignment items through the mail?
The system will automatically return the mail with an attachment after a certain time.

6. Will the rating of mount disappear by meld?
The main mount will get the upgrade rate and the meld mount will be disappeared.

7. Will my gear disappear or lose rating without a 100% success in fortify process?
No, it will not happened but the fortify gem will be still consumed.

8. What about the different types of skills in Serenia?
Skills are divided into attack skills, complementary skills and passive skills.

9. Are there some restrictions of learning skills?
You have to achieve the required level before learning the new skill or level up the skill which is not max level.

10. What is the regulation of Auto-pilot?
Once the Auto-pilot started, any option that lead player moving or attacking will interrupt the auto-pilot until you re-start it.

11. Why cannot I drag the skill into Auto-pilot skill bar?
Only the single attack skill can be used in auto- pilot.

12. How to get the talent points of spirits?
The spirits get a talent point when the growth bar is full. The growth is filled with 10% of character experience. You can also feed spirits by spirit food sold in market.

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