Serenia Fantasy Equipment Materials Hunting Guide

Serenia Fantasy Equipment Materials Hunting Guide by 青云剑

Having problem hunting mats for your weapon, armor, etc?
Looking for Grade B Mats but can’t find it in market or insanely high price
Well, you’ve come to the right place


many ppl have been asking me where they can get grade B mats, other than answering them 1 by 1 over and over again i thought i’d write this guide, so i’ll just send ppl here if they want to know


first of all, you need to click ‘w’ or click on craft on the bottom right corner


then select your weapon and click on the drops under your mats

theres 3 types of monsters normal, elite, chief, now hunt chief and elites, (mostly chiefs drops the most)


these are elites with white circle around them


chiefs are monsters with green circle around them


if you cant find any chiefs you can change your channel on your top right corner


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