Serenia Fantasy Auction House Guide

Serenia Fantasy Auction House Guide by snaggleflaps

What is the Auction House?

It is a place where you can buy items from the Market that would naturally cost you tokens to buy, with gold!
You can set a price manually or you can go by it slowly and have a 5% increase in cost.
If you can keep the bid for 5min then you win the item!

Its an Auction house. If you get outbidded.
You may have to rebid! But it’ll cost you more and more each time! The prices will increase with each bid.

Here is some picture guided details regarding the Auction house.

How to access; There are several ways to get to the auction house.
Press “P” and the page will be automatically brought up.
Look for the auction announcement in the game chat!

Auction House 5.png

Find the image on the map.


First, Lets find out how to bid for an item.
When there are items on the auction you can either “Raise” or “Increase

Raise – Increase the price by 5%, you’ll be bidding 5% more than the last person.
Increase – Manually put a price you are willing/able to bid for. No image shown. Pretty self explanitory. May be able to increase bid by even 1 Gold. Quick and easy. Without no additional cost to you. (Will have to be tested)

The money will automatically be taken out if you bid for an item.
Click OK to bid for an item.

Auction House 1.png

Once you have successfully bid for an item. Your 5% increase on the bid or whatever bid you have set. Will be the bid for the item. Your name will appear as the bidder for the item you chose. Also a notification will appear on the bottom of your screen if you have successfully bid for an item. You need to have the bid for < 5min.  to win the bid and get the item.

Auction House 2.png

If your bid gets outbid by somebody else. You can receive your money through the rebate! Its located on the bottom of the Auction House. Click Draw to receive your money. You will obtain it automatically. No need to check mail.

Auction House 3.png

If you successfully win the bid. Which is by having the bid for <5min.
“Time Left” will be changed to Deal!
Also nobody else can bid for the item. As you have won the bid. The item is yours.

The item will be sent via mail!
Auction House 4.png

I hope this helps!

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