Ryzom Crafting Guide

Ryzom Crafting Guide by lyrah68

Ok this is NOT the end all be all guide, just my observations in beta and release. I never got to level 100, heck not even over 35, but the learning curve isn’t THAT high in this game. Once you get the gist of the stats, color and tools, and have learned to fiddle with stanzas, it is mostly higher versions of what you already have done.

Ok first off, if you want to craft, it PAYS to get the skill AT creation, you get “wondermat” a blob of becomes ANYTHING, goes ANYWHERE materials. This is NICE if you are totally newb, and have NO idea what a glue resin is or where to put it in the patterns. If you are going to go fighter ONLY (or even if you go Mage later, you can buy the spell with 50 points later on), I would go Harvest, Craft, Craft if you are going to gather your OWN mats, or Craft Craft Craft if you are ONLY crafting (but find the overseers and DO their MISSIONS for cash, and sit at the raw mats merchants to grind levels).

Ok first off you are Born with armor tool, and boots pattern at creation if you go Craft action pack at ALL. You get MORE wondermat, and more patterns if you put more than one Craft package. If you are going to be a HARDCORE crafter…put more than one, maybe ALL three into craft.

DO NOT WORRY about not being able to fight. You can gain enough levels and pick up weapon crafting BUY the tool and MAKE your OWN dagger (better than what comes in the fighter action packages) and fight the SAME night as creation WITHOUT even ONE fighter pack.

Fighter packages give you basic skills you can earn in an HOUR or two and a CRAPPY dagger, you can MAKE better with store bought or even wondermat.

Ok now you need to figure out which materials are lining, which are fiber and which are explosive (yep I figured some of you would be making bullets), which are shafts and which are magic foci (focuses). Open the trade window with the raw materials merchant, right click on the materials that they have for sale, you will see that all materials can be TWO different things.

On your patterns you have a list of WHAT you need, and beside it, How MANY you need. Remember or write this down, it will save you a FORTUNE in the long run. For leveling you do NOT have to worry about grade or stats of the materials, you are just going to cough it out on the vendor and NO ONE can buy it off of them. Plus you might notice that EVEN store bought mats make Q10 gear that is often better than the Newbie gear you were born with.

You have three choices on where to get your materials, Harvest it yourself (My choice, but does NOT have to be yours, this is NOT the fastest road by FAR, just the cheepest), Buy from another player(definately not either FAST nor cheep, but it IS an option if you need one or a FEW of a particular grade for a job), buy from the store and just deal with the lower stats and fact that in newb land the ONLY grade raw mats sells is BASIC(which is NOT the best by far).

I harvest my own for my own gear or for a few friends (or family), I buy from the store to grind.

it seems that at the moment, all SANE info that applies to ALL other crafted items does NOT seem to apply to ammo.

My Tryker made several tests of this…she hunted for about five levels to gather the dropped mats. She mixed and matched some batches shouldn’t have EVEN left the gun (0% range *boggle*) but made AMAZING range and damage ammo, then she leveled about five or six times gathering ALL the same ammount of mats for similar tests with foraged mats…The results were dissappointing to say the least.

Some Choice materials of Q20 were WORSE than dropped mats of Q15, even thought the stats said the choice should have been better than the dropped. I am rather certain that the pistols were roughly the same as the ammo. I made about ten guns, dropped mats only and foraged mats only, and the results almost seemed a random dice roll regardless of stats of mats or grade or…it would seem…even Qnumber.

I have heard that ranged crafting is officially “bugged” and is on the “slated to be fixed” list. Not sure if it is in the Patch one or Patch two, but soon was what I have heard.

SO…if you already HAVE ranged crafting and ammo, I would happily hunt, and just make your ammo in a safe part of the field from whatever you happen to pick up, foraged, dropped or both in the same batch. At this point…it does NOT seem to matter.


Ok, I have fiddled and faddled around with armor and weapons crafting a bit, Enough to know that there seems to be three categories for each type of material.

As you know by now, each material has TWO things it can be, for instance Clothing or grip. Now SOME are clearly better for armor, another is CLEARLY a better grip and two or three are ok for either, but NOT the BEST for any job.
As I see it, if you are crafting for sales…use the highest grade, highest Q number you can make items with (if you have for instance Armor crafting TWO, you can use Choice grade, Q20 matterials). If you are making items for xp ONLY, then use the basic OR fine grade (if you forage them).


Ok guys, so I finally went and did it, I left for the mainland.

Before I stop posting in the newbie section I wanted to finish out my “things I noticed while I grew” section of this thread.

First off every mat can fit into TWO different slots (fiber is grip or clothing), but normally is better at one than the other. Also there are a few types of materials for EACH type (Dzao, Anete and Buo fibers for example). BUT each of those is better at one slot or the other.

I found that there was ONE great material for the best product, then there were one or two that were OK, but not the best, and one clearly better suited to the other thing it could be.

SO if you mark all the “best suited” nodes of the TOP grade you can forage, at least in newbie lands, you come close to having enough map pins to use JUST the game map. It also saves you time.

In Fyros newbie land, you run from NW city to SW city for Choice Armor, and SW to SE for weapons. If you are making a Magic amp, I pity you. Took me over three HOURS to find and gather the materials (the fiber and shaft took about 30 minutes, the amber was harder. TONS of Basic, and only modes I got on Choice were two or three. I had to sit three times and got a depleted node WITHOUT the message and had to wait in Gingo infested area for the node to respawn).

Well folks, I am off to log on and start mapping the area around Pyr. If you are in town, drop me a line. SEE YA IN GAME *HUG*

I have heard that using the q10 dagger is best weapon crafting xp/dapper spent. BUT since I have been harvesting my own matterials…I haven’t had to worry about it.

I also found that if you right click on the suppliers, they will tell you what items they pay higher rates for under the “what will you buy” or something like that. If they say Jab daggers for instance, they will pay conciderably more than any other merchant in that city. Also MANY of the craft missions are WELL worth it in lines of what you are rewarded with. Even if you use ALL store bought you will pull a profit from a craft mission, if you forage even a small amount of the materials, you will maximize your profit.

It is EASY to make money in this game, provided you are NOT in a rush to top levels and are willing to do missions and to craft.


Ways to MAP without pins.
Screen shot it with the landmarks.
Triangulations, with the “distance from” various PRE map pinned locations OR towns (these pins were game created, and are EXACTLY the same from player to player…this means…*GASP* I can give out the EXACT location to a guildmate/friend or other player and they can get to within a meter or two of the EXACT location.

OR Triangulation, and a sketch of the location…with important notes like “this excellent node was found near sunset, and departed around sunrise. Test if this is a NIGHT only excellent node” and “gingos roam near here…bring a friend” as well as any OTHER nodes near by etc.

YES, there are ONLY enough pins on noob land to map ESSENTIAL choice nodes, and you MIGHT run short even then if you craft more than ONE type of item or like to use other than “optimal” materials.

BUT there is NOT NO way to map material nodes.


On newbie land with my Fyros I had the oppinion that Choice foraged where the end all BE all of materials..at least that you could gather/quarter there.

The night I left I found ONE mob material that proved me wrong…The Gingo Ligament. This was the HOLY grail that I had been hunting for. The item that upped the protection factor on armor JUST enough to push it over the MAGIC 10%.

I have since found a few others that are SLIGHTLY better for one use or the other.

SO…some mob dropped items are JUNK…only there to grind levels in crafting and use for craft missions, OR sell to the merchants and grind Craft levels.
And at least in Fyros noob land, the amber or cap eye/yubo eye amp is a FIREY debate. (I personally would rather have speed than power, better to not get interrupted as often, than to nuke them hard once or twice, then die to trying to cast, but spell never gets off the last time. BUT that is like the ALL harmful stanzas or Gentle Quality added in, OR the always go for MORE than ONE unit, no matter what and WHAT? one unit gives MORE xp per second than the two or three units at a time does.

BUT…check those quarted mats next time you are making gear for your self…you might just find that TINY bit more of damage…or speed…or protection factor. There MIGHT be gold in that dross after all.

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