RotMG Zero to Hero Guide

RotMG Zero to Hero Guide by iblob

So you just died and now have nothing. Maybe it was some horrendous lag spike maybe your derped and ran into something your shouldnt have or maybe you dont know what your doing.
But never fear you can always recover! And this guide is here to help.

Step one-Starting out
First for both methods never start with dagger/sword classes they cannot farm well at all in the current stage your at save them for later.
So your just starting out with nothing and you need to get back into the top of the game.
Its a long climb however and if you don’t want to be the snacks at the next sandman convention you need some gear.

You can do this in 2 ways

1.Lowland farming-Reccomended wizard for this.
Really what your meant to do in the beginning. You need armour to start out so don’t bother with the beach.
Robe’s drop from the Big guys with minions they shouldn’t be hard to find Just go in just around the beach and use you ability or weapon (Hence wizards) make sure to clear the minions first before getting loot.
Once you have some def go in any pirate cave you see they rarely drop T4’s which are very useful in this early stage.
Then once you get decent gear press the wrench when your in the nexus and sort your hotkeys out. You need the autofire hotkey and nexus hotkey.
Then go in the realm test nexus a few times go in the godlands at around level 12 (Teleport to the big mass of level 20’s) and start killing gods.
To do this you need to dodge as many none player bullets as you can to survive check a god killing guide for help with that and get gear you need at least 14 def for this next step.

2.Go godland diving.
An alternative to the boring lowlands is the godlands where players literally drop free loot on the ground.
Bear in mind you need to click the wrench in the nexus and bind your nexus hotkey then go into a realm and press that key to test it.
Gods will 1 shot a level 1 so as soon as you find something press the key i just mentioned and go into your vault in the nexus.
Then go over the chest and drag it in.
Why? Even with good gear you still will get one shotted so rather than instantly lose your new found loot you keep it safe in your vault.
Then when you get a set put them on and go into the lowlands get to level 12+ and try to dodge the bullets.

Now you have 14 def or more your ready to go into those white portals you see dropping from those blue things around the pink sprite.
Once you enter you will see bulkets flying at you DONT PANIC only the purple bullets deal any serious damage so just run through the rooms as fast as possible. Dont even worry about the evil pink sprites they take a second to see you so you can just run around them and not take a single hit.

Once you reach the boss go until you see it flash green then run back.
Then wait until it fires these turret things if your a wand/staff class stand in the gap in the squares and shoot at the boss be sure to stand nearer the large square. If not find some white tiles to stand on north east south or west of the boss and side step its shots. Once the X goes away run from the boss and repeat until someone dies. If you kill it you get a dex pot drink then repeat sprites until you reach at least 50 then save up a few then sell 3 of them for a def through trading.

So your now what we call 1/8 congrats! But now your tired of your boooring T8’s that do measly damage and want something a little better.
Well now you can start killing those quest things dont go for shrines/cubes however but go for someone else.
They sometimes give you pots like vit and def drink the def and sell the vit for def them sell the def for gear based on the price guide or any lucky drops you get.
Or scince you must have seen him by now if you get lucky at oryx you can sell those for better gear or if you get a T10 and you feel confident wear them.
Then keep farming up to 3/8 thats dex/def/spd.

So now your back to some stability you can start preparing for other classes to take your place.
Either store gears and pots for said classes or you can make another account and farm that one up.
Godlands events and Oryx are your main source of pots.

After that there’s nothing left but the wine cellar for gear This guide should help

Then get an amulet and do trenches and tombs.
And that’s the end of the guide hope you enjoyed!

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