RotMG Ranged Strategies Guide

RotMG Ranged Strategies Guide

This is a strategy guide based entirely on range. First, lets divide range into 3 types, these 3 types will be groups of RotMG classes.

Long Range:
8.55 – 10.4
Priest, Sorcerer, Wizard, Necromancer, and Mystic.

Pros: Long range allows user to hit enemies from afar, without putting the user in as much danger.
Cons: Damage output is considerably lower than melee, the users of these weapons have the frail Robe armor, which doesn’t give them much defense.

Medium Range:
5.6 – 7.5
Rogue, Assassin, Trickster, Archer, and Huntress.

Pros: Range is still enough to ensure reasonable safety, and deals good damage output, due to the high dexterity of dagger classes, and the high attack of bow classes.
Cons: The damage output ranges in the dagger classes, while the bow classes may have a longer range, getting closer is required in order to abuse triple shots.

Short Range:
3.5 – 4.5
Warrior, Knight, and Paladin.

Pros: Very high damage output, because of the sword’s large attack power.
Cons: Users have to stand close to the enemy, putting them at a larger risk of getting hit, and less time to react.


Their attack and defense is limited, however it doesn’t matter because you can be far from an enemy to hit it, especially if you are Priest or Sorcerer.

However, just because you are away the enemy it doesn’t mean you are not going to take any hits, take your time to determine a good position in which you can move whenever and wherever you are getting attacked, do not move constantly because it will make you lose shots, try to find a place that will give you both protection and easy shots. At proficency this should not take more than a second or two. It is like a reflex built up over time.

The strategy in a group is very different, as the melee classes are more likely to be risking a lot to get close the enemy, a long ranged class should help them by attacking and if possible, distracting an enemy to follow you while Knights, Warriors, and Paladins make their way through the shots. And if you can, take some shots for them. However, if the entire group consists of long ranged classes, just follow a regular strategy.


Medium ranged classes should always stay as close as they can from an enemy, they have good range and better damage than long ranged classes, that is why you do not want to miss any hits. Bow users that utilize triple shot bows should be treated like a medium ranged class because in order to maximize damage output, it is required that you get closer to the enemy in order to shotgun it.

As for dagger classes, they should also stay close to the enemies, however, the way they should move and strafe is different. Their high speed lets them stay closer while allowing them to dodge hits, while at the same time doing several hits due to their high dexterity. Rogues are especially skilled at this job, who do not have to dodge because of their cloaks.

Their strategy in a group is a mix of their strategy and the strategy of long ranged classes. Help the melee classes because they are the best at taking hits and giving damage, however, try not to depend on them, you can also do a lot of damage so you should stay in a single place where you can go for easy shots. However, you better move constantly, high speed lets you dodge as many hits as possible. Simply move constantly, dodge enemy bullets, and slowly destroy them.


Melee classes are not so good when they are alone. It is especially hard to solo bosses when your range is so limited, you will need to take a lot of hits. First, get close enough to the enemy, but not too close, only in a range were you can attack him and start moving to all sides. With such a small range, you cannot predict where the shots are going to go, so you better use random but efficient movements at all sides, even back and forward if you need to do it. You are not fast, but you need to save your health as well as your mana, so dodging is still essential.

Melee classes are essential in a group, always stay near a Priest and in the front. Try to act as a shield for the entire group and ask for heals. Even a Paladin will need the instant heal along with their healing ability. Warriors are able to boost the entire group to charge forward, while Knights are able to temporarily disable a boss to open up a weakness. With a melee class in a team, nothing can go wrong if you use the correct strategy.

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