RotMG Beginner’s Guide

RotMG Beginner’s Guide by XTractx

STAGE 1 New Player

You spawn in a castle- it will give you directions so follow them closely.
After you complete the tutorial, you are spawned in a realm.[You can press F5 to leave to the Nexus at any time.] Start out on the beach, killing easy things like Scorpion Queens and Bandit Leaders. Even with starter equipment, you will beat them. You may get some gear that is not high-tier, but can do for now. You can move into the nearby forest and beat the slightly more difficult enemies like Hobbit Mages, Undead Hobbit Mages, Elf Mage, Giant Crab, Sandsman King. You will get better (But not high-tier) equips than the ones from the beach.

NOTE: If a pirate cave drops, go in. Levels 2-8 recommended

Also at Nexus, you can choose your name.Benefits include letting you trade, be /T’ed to, and more.

STAGE 2 Slightly Better

You probly now have a full set of items, good or not. So progress farther into the forest, towards the middle. You will encounter more difficult enemies like the Coil Snake, the Horned Drake, Wasp Queen, and the Ent God. You will get beter loot from them also. But be careful, you can easily die. Watch out for mobs, you may get into trouble. Also if you stray a bit farther in (next stage) you may be attacked by Night Elves and Ogres. These will likely kill you. If you see large green slimes- MURDER THEM. They give fairly good EXP.

NOTE: Forbidden Jungle can drop from the Coil Snake- it is difficult and will likely kill you unless there is more than one of you, but you will be rewarded with good items – some can be sold for pots (will be later explained)


Now, you will progress and fight the mentioned Ogres and Night Elfs. They will still be quite difficult but you can now manage.

You will now find Ghost Kings, Liches, and Cyclops God.[ DEFINITELY go into the castle of Cyclops God, but look out, they’re hard but they have a chest full of items that will help you A LOT] Fight these for EXP, all you really need to do here :/


The black, burned ground of the godlands streaked with lava and coated with snow is a very dangerous place. You will probably die a lot but the rewards are worth it. You can get good items and POTS(will still be mentioned later =) ) You will fight Medusas-drops the Abyss of Demons, Ghost Gods- drops Undead Lair(UDL), FLYING BRAINS-they are annoying,Red Demons(they also have chests full of good, valuble loot). Gods DROP POTS. [Yes, I will now explain them :)]

The fabulous Pots- they increase your stats PERMANENLTY, when you max a stat you go up in base stats, helping you survive longer, making you faster, etc. Also pots can be used to trade for astoundingly good items.

Ghost God:spd
Ent God:def
White Demon:att
Slime God:def
Sprite God:att
Flying Brain:att
Snake Pit: spd
Tomb of Ancients:life
Ocean Trench:mana

You can also find crystals-you need many people to crack them, and more to kill the prisoner but you have a shot at Crystal Wand and Crystal Sword.


There will be a arrow pointing to them.

The towering Grand Sphinx is a challenge for all- it can drop Tomb of the Ancients- Good for items,Drops life pots. The Skull Shrine- kill it. The Cube God-HARD, Hermit God: HARD (Drops Ocean Trench,Mana Pot in OT.) Penatract, annoying. THESE ARE ALL PRACTICALLY IMPOSSIBLE TO SOLO UNLESS YOU ARE A MAXED ROGUE OR ARE SKILLED MAXED PLAYER AND HAVE AMAZING ITEMS. They do drop AMAZING loot sometimes though.

Stage 5 Take the Mad God down!

Once all the event bosses are killed, you will be teleported to Oryx’s Castle, where you must fight his warriors and the Stone Guardians-Can drop the amazing Aincent Stone Sword. When they die, you can go to Oryx’s Chamber where you fight him. HE DROPS GOOD STUFF , GET IT! When he dies Oryx announces that was a “sirmaculum” and it drops a Locked Wine Celler door- You need a Wine Cellar Incantation to get it.


  • In it, you fight Oryx the Mad God 2. He drops really high-tier items in the game but is so hard you will probably die more times than you would like but if you can make it you alive you will be rich! This is ENDGAME and HHHAARRDDD.

    NOTE: As you level you can unlock new classes that use different abilities.

NOTE: You can store items in the Vault, the Yellow Portal, near were you F5 to.

NOTE: Paying for another Character slot is RECOMMENDED in my opinion, but needed. So you can have one char with amazing items and Maxed Stats, for show or use, and another that you dont care about losing that you actually do stuff with.

Thanks for reading my guide guys. Tell me what you think. Hope it helps.


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