Rose Online Refining Basic Guide

Rose Online Refining Basic Guide by Feuer

Refines can be an alien thing to some new users as I’ve experienced over the last week. So here’s a guide for the new players.

Definition: Refining increases the stats of an item. It will not increase bolded bonus stats, set stat bonuses or gem stats.

For weapons. Refining increases the following.
– weapons attack power.
– weapons accuracy.

For armor it increases the following.
– defense
– magic defense
– dodge rate

How to refine:
The only 3 things needed to get started on refining are the following.
– Item you want to increase
– Bind/Talisman/Apotrope of the same grade number as the item.

  • Posted Image This is what you’re looking for, although each grade of “Bind”-“Tali”-“Apo” will have diff color, and image depending if its a Armor, Back or Weapon rune.

– Zuly to pay for the service

Where to refine:
Most major planet cities and some smaller ones offer this service at the Weapon Smith NPC

Simply request to upgrade your item. The refine User Interface will open.
– first drag and drop the item you wish to refine into the window.
– next drag the bind/talisman/apotrope corresponding to the item.

A % success rate will now show at the bottom of the window displaying your odds of successfully refining the item.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

“How do I increase the % to succeed?”
By adding catalyst to the window your chances of a successful refine will improve. The following is a list of catas.

  • pink powder
  • purple powder
  • lisent Hg
  • lisent U

“Is there any other way to increase % to succeed?”
Yes. By adding runes from the item mall your chances are even higher. Up to 20% even.

“Is any NPC better to refine with?”
That’s entirely based on speculation, some player emotionally feel that one NPC will provide better results then another, in the end the game is coded to have each Smith NPC be exactly the same as far as odds go for a successful refine.

“Will I break my item if I fail?”
No, recently it was changed so failures will never break an item. You can however degrade your item based on items Grade and Current refine. A notification window will appear displaying that “Upon failure the item will degrade 1 refine level.” and then give you the option to continue or cancel

Also a graph has been posted by ShadowFox displaying the “raw*” % to succeed on each grade of Armor, Back Armor and Weapon in the next post below~ Credits to him and the other volunteers of the ROSE Wiki {link to wiki posted in credits section}

Raw % means nothing but the Item and Required stone to refine. No Item Mall Runes or Catalyst have been added.

“Can I prevent the item from Degrading?”
Yes! If you possess a pluto rune, and use it as an item -during- the attempt that failed, the rune will prevent the item from losing a refine.

“Does the class, stat or skill affect your chances in refining?”
No. Class, Skills or Stats will never affect your refining chances.

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