Rose Online King Solo Farming Guide

Rose Online King Solo Farming Guide by Feuer

With the somewhat recent boost to mob difficulty, soloing kings and Giants have become nearly impossible to solo at level -100. So far I’ve found 1 Class to be effective enough to farm them, with the proper build of course.

As of currently the only class I can stand toe-to-toe with a king is a Soldier [Knight] class.

My build for this was rather simple.

At level 65 my skills were as follows.

Repose 9
Defensive Training 9
Weapon Mastery 9
Double/Triple strike 9
Soul Wreck 1
Battle Alertness 1 [for soul wreck requirement]
One Hand Mastery 9
Shield Mastery 5
Fatal Thrust 4

Gems and Gear
Full Set of refined 9 Reinforced Trunket Armor, with Lion Bakcshield 9 bonus stats STR
Jewelry & Gems: Lvl 20 HP recovery jewely with Zircon 7’s in all slots.
I total this gave me 300+180+reinforced bonuses throughout all levels + %’s from gems.
At minimum My HP regen was around 530HP recovery, with around 2.5-3k defense.

Taking down the king is nothing but a series of potting, and waiting, you’re strikes won’t kill it fast, but it WILL go down, and it won’t 3 shot you in the process.

-Note: this is only attacking slightly orange and yellow kings, not red-purple-

With this build I farmed a Dark Buster Axe, Falchion Gladius and Gatling Multilauncher. The hardest about this build to be honest, was finding the Zircon, they’re not a high demand gem, but they work AMAZING for almost all classes to use for leveling without a healer/party. -Muse’s should get MP recovery, as they can always learn the shared class healing skill.-

This is all for now, the weapon I used for this test was the IM lv 20-9x 1Hand Sword, so it has less AP than a Unique, but it didn’t require me to go banana sandwich with rubies and STR gear.

My next test will be a battle muse/cleric will summons and healing. I want to test the ability to use the sword for tanking mobs, and only healing them as a solo farmer, but this will require time for me to get the proper gears. more-so to find someone with endowed armors and MP% cost reduction weapon craft, or just make my own dealer for that. Happy Farming

Using Hawker and Raider by IchigoXitachi

personally I prefer using a Hawker/raider when farming, the whole farming cycle is as below:

Posted Image

I found that by using this cycle, the way I create a farming character is a lot better than what I used to.
When making my farmers I also decide against the use of any attack skills, I only choose to grab the passives, as at a lower level I have noticed that unless you have massive loads of either con or sen, skill DMG on a whole is not as good as just single hitting the mob/King.

My preferred build:

Lvl 50 Farmer ( Hawker, either katars for the ASPD for duals for the AP )
Combat Mastery: Max
Knuckle Mastery: Max
Focused Impact: Max ( but only as a prerequisite to use the passives below )
Katar Mastery: Lvl 5
or if going Duals
Dual weapon Mastery: Lvl 5

Lvl 100 Farmer ( Raider, either Katars for Aspd or Duals for AP )
As Above
Sprint: Lvl 5
Quick reflexes: Lvl 5
Combat Weapon Mastery: Max
Advanced Katar Mastery: Max
Precision Slash: Max

or for Duals:

Sprint: Lvl 5
Quick reflexes: Lvl 5
Combat Weapon Mastery: Max
Advanced Dual Weapon Mastery: Max
Precision Assault: Max

As for your gear, its totally up to you guys what you choose to use for farming, as feuer is using Rein gear, I’ll suggest using Dark ( for katars ) or Legendary ( for duals ), If your pro enough, then go farm some valor points and grab some brave or courage gear and ref it up a little


Katars: With a grade 3/4/5 Weap, you can refine this bad boy to about 10 if your patient, slot it and stick a P7 inside, or find a gem that complements your Gear, ofc if you have access to a unique, then use it.

Duals: Same as katars, ref those swords up as much as you can, Gem wise, I’d go with either a D7 or P7, same rule applies, gem is dependant on your chosen Gear. Same again, if you have access to a unique, then use it.


For both types of raider / hawker, Id suggest either a Gale set for Lvl 100’s or a Sharp Set ( NPC Bellia, Junon, Lvl 50 )

I prefer the AP Duals build if I’m going to farm Kings at higher levels as most of the time someone is there with a huge cannon ( max lvl 220 on a medal ) and me being closer to the king ensures I get at least a half decent chance of getting the drop ( depending on total DMG dealt/1st hit/and other *secret* factors )

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