RaiderZ Auction House Guide

RaiderZ Auction House Guide by qezcake

What this guide will teach you:

Where to find the auction house
How to use the auction house
Economic influences of items

Where to find the auction house:

The auction house is the largest building in Ingen, located here:

You can open the auction house menu by speaking with the NPC named “Trade Market Administrator Buffet”

How to use the auction house:

1: Select this option to sell an item

2: Use this to search for an item based on level. Say you’re looking for equipment, name not important, but only for lvl 20+. Then you would type in 20 in the first box and 25 in the second.

3: Search for an item by name. As it stands right now (3/26/12) The search is rather touchy and case sensitive.

1: This will show information on currently registered items that you are trying to sell, including amount left, current price, and days left. You may also retrieve your item if you no longer want to sell it, or you want to change the price.

2: Here you can collect money from sold items. You collect money by clicking “Calculate” at the bottom.

3: Select this button to bring up menu 4 to register an item.

4: Use this to register an item

5: Price per unit

6: How many you would like to sell

7: Total amount of money you will receive after selling this item

8: How much it costs to register this item to sell in the auction house (ALWAYS 5%)

A little note on marketing:

Economics can be very touchy. Prices are constantly fluctuating. If you do not wish for an item price to be dropped, a way to “inflate” prices is by registering a very large amount for a price a little higher than normal (ex: copper going for 75c each, registering 500 copper for 90c each). However this also works in reverse and is commonly used to deflate prices of items.

Inflation and deflation CAN occur in an online economy, so one must always be aware of ever changing prices.

While it is true that having ridiculously large amounts of gold is nice, remember to think of your fellow player.

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