Ragnarok Online 2 Rogue PvE Guide

Ragnarok Online 2 Rogue PvE Guide by 7BlackRoses

This guide will focus manily on the game’s pve aspects as a rogue.

So you want to be a rogue?


Fastest base attack speed from all classes
Good survivability and soloing capabilities, with Gangster Paradise
Party DPS support, via Mark of Death
High critical rate, especially when Unstable Doping procs

Note: You can test their attack speed by using a single hit skill, and you’ll notice, most of the time, that 2 (3 if Poisoning Weapon procs) figures will be show up, one being the skill’s damage, the other one being the quick slash almost after the skill is used.


AoE skills sucks
Mediocre defense

Stats 1 STR: +2 Damage
1 AGI: +4 Critical, +2 Evasion
1 INT: Doesn’t affect rogues.
1 WILL: +10 Max SP
1 VIT: +6 Max HP

Stat Build

– STR 35/ AGI30 / VIT 30

You can try a STR40/AGI40/VIT8 build, but i don’t recommend it because you’ll be right next to the boss during raids, and HP bonuses from gears are currently not working, so you need more hp. Yeah it only adds a little more hp, but more vit means more hp from pots too. Also, more hp is always sweet in pvp ;)

Skill Build

*There are 4 spare points that I left for the player to use. This can be used to either max Poisoning weapon/Combo Training/Dirty Plan or Crescent Moon/Hide/Dark Illusion for
pvp purposes.

Lv 1 Hide

-40% movement speed, decreases move speed penalty by 20% per level.

I use hide to initiate battle for that double damage with Dagger Throwing only if Combo Mastery didn’t proc since hiding removes all combo points.

No Dark Illusion

This is mainly a pvp skill, imo. You can benefit from hide’s double damage bonus with Dagger Throwing to lure mobs to you rather than teleporting into it (that might lure more mobs near it to attack you).

No Meteor Assault
Sad to say, but all aoe skills of thieves and both of it’s subclasses are terribad. I won’t ever dare add a point into this skill unless you want to get Smoke bomb.

Lv 5 Double Attack
This skill will be your bread and butter, together with Duel Stab, for generating combo points. Max it.

Lv 2 Combo Training
Chance to gain 1 more combo point when combo points are acquired.

I’ve been debating for so long about how many points i should put into this. And after resetting twice, I’ve decided that Combo Mastery procs often enough.

Lv 5 Genocide Mark

I used to have this at Lv1, and was still doing lots of crits because of Unstable Doping, and that skill procs enough that you won’t notice having this buff at level 1. But my friends and raid members kept on complaining why I only have it at that level, so I said what the heck and upped it to 5. Lol

You can leave this at level 1 if you’re geared enough, since you’ll mostly be relying on Unstable Doping for a higher crit rate. Just be prepared for those Y UR BUFF LV1 WTF NOOB comments if you’re not playing with friends.

Lv 5 Deadly Blow

This skill
will be a part of your main skill rotation especially when Dancing of Moonlight is on cd. Does pretty good single hit damage. Max it.

Lv1 Dagger Throwing

I only got this in order to get Poisoning Weapon/Dirty Plan. You can use this while hiding for double damage if you don’t have combo points or Combo Mastery isn’t active.

Lv 1 Poisoning Weapon
30% chance to deal 10/11/12/13/15% damage over time for 20 seconds.

I left this at 1 because I think the 4 points that will be used to max this skill for another 5% damage can be used somewhere else and 5% isn’t that much since, for example you have 1000 damage, it’ll only be 50 more damage every 2s for a total of 500 damage per duration. Thing is, when fighting bosses, the proc’d DOT doesn’t have a cd and you can trigger the DOT again that resets the duration.
Lv 1 Cross Impact

Leave it at prereq to open the main Rogue skills. It’s useless btw, same damage as double attack, only with an 8 sec cd.

No Smoke Bomb

This skill is either badly coded, bugged, or is crap. Yes it will put you in state of Hide even while in combat mode, but if you use it while standing still near mobs, they will still see and hit you, removing you from your hidden state. I’ve only seen this skill work properly once, and that’s me running with a speed buff potion so I don’t know if the skill worked or I just outran the mobs. Pvp is a different story though ;]

Lv 3 Combo Mastery

Chance to not use combo points when using a skill. Actually, this skill will give you a 10s buff that the next skill used won’t require any combo points, and the
effect will be as if you had 5 combo points. Even at 9% chance, i can say that it procs often enough to be max-level worthy.

Lv 2 Dirty Plan

Acquires 5 combo points and resets all skill cooldowns, 2 minutes cooldown at max level. I intentionally got this to Lv2 and not because I had an extra point and didn’t know where else to put it. Explanation later.

Lv 1 Dual Stab

Only used for generating 2 combo points quickly, and you probably have gained 3-4 points with Double Attack before this skill is off cd.

No Rolling Cutter

Same reason with Meteor Assault. The animation looks gay too, imo. Lol

Lv 5 Gangster Paradise
12% HP per 2 seconds, every combo point adds 2 sec to it’s duration.
Max achievable effect , 60% HP in 20s. 40 seconds cd at max level.

This skill is the reason why Rogues has better survivabilty when soloing than sins. This skill will save your ass alot of times during tight situations. I have never used an hp potion except for bosses thanks to this skill. Helps alot in leveling too.

P.S It was so cool using this back in RO1 to show off. XD

Lv 1 Crescent Moon

Stuns for combo points gained x 1 sec. Mainly a pvp skill, higher level shortens it’s cooldown time. Leave it at Lv 1.

Lv 5 Dancing of Moonlight

The new Sonic Blow. Cool sounding skill name. ‘Nuff said.
The skill description says 110% damage but the real damage % it does is different since the first 7-8(?) hits has it’s own % modifier than the final hit. I’ve tested this skill to see what damage % each hit does but it goes way too fast and since each hit can crit on it’s own, I wasn’t able to fully calculate it’s modifiers. Well, that and I got bored. xD

Lv 5 Mark of Death
The best debuff in the game. Ever. Period.

This skill is the reason why people who knows what the skill carries at least 1 rogue in raids. It grants 10% more damage to ALL of the attacking players, not only for you, to the debuffed target for 30 seconds. 2 minute cooldown at max level.

Lv 5 Unstable Doping

This skill is what rogues are known for, and it’s their specialty. Because the skill description can be confusing and the buff it gives is still yet to be translated, many rogues doesn’t know everything about it. (No offense to the translators.)

This skill has a chance to give you either a 20% critical or increase or 20% physical damage for 30 seconds. Once you get the one of the two possible buffs, you will get a debuff that lasts for as long as the buff’s duration and will prevent you from triggering the other buff, hence there can only be one Unstable Doping buff active at any given time.

But that’s not the cool thing about this skill. While you have UD on, whenever you use pots, you’ll get a certain amount of the recovered HP added to your damage and is stackable up to 30% of your total base damage. This buff will show as a yellowish up arrow icon that lasts for 3 minutes and the duration will be reset everytime you use a hp potion.

For further explanation, let’s take this for an example:

Base damage = 1000
HP healed with Lv5 hp potion = 500
Additional damage acquired for every potion = 20% of recovered HP divided by 2

With the above given, you will get 50 more damage every time you use a potion, and can be stacked up to 300 more damage meaning the higher your base damage is, the higher maximum stackable doping damage can be obtained.

What I do is reach the max stackable with high level pots, then use Lv 1 pots to maintain the buff on. Too costly? Yeah. But you’ll only be using this in raids imo and 20 Lv1 pots will last you for an hour. Although, once you forget to use a hp pot, the buff will run out and then you’ll have to stack it up again.

Raids and Skill Rotations
Mark Of Death + Dirty Plan

When boss battles start, MAKE SURE YOU USE MARK OF DEATH FIRST. So all other dps classes will have their damage boosted. Also, as soon as you first use MoD, make sure you use Dirty Plan afterwards.

Always look for the MoD debuff icon and when it runs out, cast it again. If you followed my build and you have Dirty Plan at Lv 2, after the 2nd MoD runs out, the skill should be at 90s cooldown and Dirty Plan at 120s.

The reason why I have Dirty Plan at Lv 2 is so that MoD will go out of CD first before Dirty Plan does. After the 3rd MoD duration runs out, Dirty Plan should be at 10s left before it’s out of cd, and once it does, use it and cast MoD again. Rinse and repeat. My raid party always kills the boss after the 3rd-4th MoD when I follow this cycle.

If you max Dirty Plan, it will be out of cd 30s earlier than MoD cd after the 2nd MoD runs out, but I feel that the30s that has elapsed from MoD’s cd by this time will go to waste if you use Dirty Plan first.


A rogue’s dps rotation is pretty straight forward. What I do is:
Duel Stab (2 combo points) > Double Attack until you have 5 combo points > Dancing Of Moonlight or Deadly Blow if Dancing of Moonlight is on cd.

I won’t cover any aspects of gearing your rogue. Just remember, aim for at least 5k HP once you hit cap level and you’ll be fine. Also, don’t bother for equips that gives HP bonus stats since they aren’t working at the moment so get the ones that gives evasion/block.

And there you have it folks! Any suggestions and/or criticisms are welcome. Hope you guys have fun with the class cz we rogues r dope ‘yo! XD

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