Ragnarok Online 2 Rogue Guide

Ragnarok Online 2 Rogue Guide by xkazehana

Okay lets get straight to the point. If you are poor or not willing to spend, or those type of player that “count dead grass”, dont bother playing Rogue and choose something else like Assassin / Ranger / Priest. The reason being Rogue is a pretty costly job to play. Well, your performance depends on your willingness to spend alot.

Stat point :-

Str – Increase damage
Agi – Increase hit rate, critical rate and dodge rate
Int – Useless
Wis – Increase max SP and mana potion healing but useless too
Vit – Increase max HP and potion healing rate

My stat build is 50 str 26 agi. Reason being to maximise damage output. You can get your critical rate from Unstable Doping and when the crit buff procs your damage will be what you would like to see as a rogue Some people suggested Vit build since they give u better survivability ( as Rogue is super squishy) and also for the potion healing 0.1% per Vit, but they still die in dungeon anyway… So I was thinking, why bother? Just maximise your damage and do your job.

You can try 40 str 40 agi, or 35 str 30 agi 30 vit. Both are good builds. By putting more points in Agi and Vit it increases your survivability from the dodge rate and additional hp, but lowering your damage. Well for assassins, some people may argue that 50str and 40str 40agi build gives almost same damage output but you get additional dodge rate. If you think so, you may go for it. But for me I think max Str gives rogue a huge different, especially when you get the crit rate buff from Unstable Doping. Poisoning weapon also based on your damage.

Here’s a stat calculator : http://www.roguard.n…hp?m=stats_calc

Skill build :-

You get additional 6 points by following my build, so you can do anything you like with it such as maxing Poison / buff / invi / smoke bomb / dirty plan (if you think you need it)

I will reveal where I placed my 6 points and why at the end of this.

Thief :

Double Attack, Deadly Blow and Combo Training – Your bread and butter, just max it as soon as possible.

Hiding – Level 1 is enough for the double damage proc unless you go for some sort of versatile PVP build (well, next patch is PVP arena)

Dark Illusion – Not compulsory, you can choose not to learn if you go for full dungeon PVE. I personally think this skill is very useful for leveling up in early stage, this is the skill that I learn on level 2. This skill will always crit, and combined with Hiding skill double damage proc, you are dealing 4x damage in a hit (Unless you miss). It makes killing in a second in 3 click – Tab->Hide->Dark Illusion. Also very good skill to grinding in later game because it transport your character up to 20m. But have to be careful, you might lure alot of mobs if use in aggro mobs area, or end up in a place you dont want to be.(My brother went Izlud dungeon and tab wrongly, jumped down the hill and lured bunch of mobs) Works perfectly well in white mobs. Just leave it at level 1 is good enough.

Meteor Assault – Useless, dont even bother learning… Rogue are 1 on 1.

Dagger Throwing – Level 1 is enough, this skill do not generate combo point. But its good for you to lure a monster to walk to you especially in aggro mob area where Dark Illusion is not suitable. Combo with Hiding as a initiator skill for double damage. In PVP quite useful to finish off someone trying to run away too.

Genocide Mark – I am a solo player, so I just put 1 point in it… 2% is not much anyway, you can put points into better damage. I just get this buff from some other people who max it. But if you learn level 1, you might run into situations like “OMG noob rogue no learn buff”. Well, its not a bad skill overall. Level 1 or Level 5, up to your own preference.

Cross Impact – I dont get whats the purpose of existence of this skill… everything is the same as Double Attack, except this one has a 8 sec cooldown and Double Attack has a 1 sec cooldown. Level 1 is enough.

Poison Weapon – For me I leave it at level 1, reason being with 1 skill point it grants you 10% poison damage but 5 skill point only for 15%. Probability and duration is the same. You can put the skill points into better skills. Level 1 or Level 5, up to your own preference.

Rogue :

Combo Mastery – Your core skill, max this as soon as possible. It gives you a buff for 10sec that for the next skill you use that requires Combo Points, act as 5 Combo Points is used without using your original supplied combo points, and the buff is gone after you use. You can do massive DPS if you are alert on your buff/debuff. I always use Moonlight/Deadly/Gangster whenever I see that buff on me.

Duel Stab – Level 1 is enough, main purpose of this skill is to generate 2 combo points (or 3 with Combo Training proc) Not worth putting more points as it has 10 sec cooldown but lower damage than Double Attack.

Rolling Cutter – Same as Meteor Assault, totally a useless skill… It doesnt even generate combo points like Assassin’s AOE.

Smoke Bomb – Saves your life sometimes, but rarely. Invi is revealed if you got hit by AOE. Works good on PVP thou. Putting more points in this skill only reduces the cooldown, so one point is enough if you really plan on learning this.

Dirty Planning – Level 2 to combo with Mark of Death, which gives a total of 1 minute Mark of Death every 3 minutes by using this skill immediately after you cast Mark of Death. Both skill will have their cooldown ready at the same time. Usable in solo leveling / PVP with Gangster Paradise or Moonlight Dance too. Level 5 has faster cooldown on this skill, but you will have about 30-40 sec wasted if you try the above combo (Unless you plan to use this before your MoD cooldown is ready)

Gangster Paradise – Your only defensive skill. Strongly suggest you to max it, gives you fast cooldown to heal yourself. I rarely use potions after I acquired this skill… in PVP situation this is a good skill too. Up to 60% of your HP will be regen… If you think you dont need regen as often, leave it around level 3 or 4. P.S. – to use this skill, dont always use it at last minute when you are at last hit…you will just die. After you use this skill it takes 2 sec for the first regen to proc and then subsequently. Use this as early as possible in the fight in PVP as you gonna take damage in the later of the fight. If you use this too late, you might either wont be able to cast it or just die from the damage > regen.

Crescent Moon – Pure pvp skill. Level 1 is enough. Saves you from normal mobs sometimes. You only need 1 combo point to use this skill, the damage of this skill is the same as one of your normal hit, regardless of the combo points and skill point you put into it. Maxing this skill only reduces the cooldown from 60sec to 20sec.

Moonlight Dance – Your core skill. Max this, it’s like the old Sonic Blow from RO1. You should use this skill on cooldown whenever its ready anyway.

Unstable Doping – Also your core skill, and the most unique skill in the whole game. Definitely must max it. How should I put this… Let me explain this in 2 part. On first part, the skill give you a chance to trigger a buff which either gives you 20% crit rate addition or 20% damage addition for 30sec, and then you receive a debuff that wont allow you to trigger the other buff for 30 sec. Part 2 is whenever you use a potion, you get a buff called Adrenaline Rush. It converts 10% of the HP recovered by using the potion into your damage, and it stacks up to 30% of your max damage. The stacked buff will last up for 3 minutes. To use this skill appropriately for crazy additional damage, simply use a few high rank potion to stack up to max damage, and then use a Health Potion lvl 1 every 3 minutes to maintain the max damage. However if you missed one and let the 3 minutes buff run out, you have to restack your damage… One of the reason why Rogue is an expensive job, other than being squishy and you need good equips.

DPS cycle :-

Solo grinding
Hiding>Dark Illusion>Duel Stab>(if not yet 5 combo points)Double Attack>Moonlight Dance/Deadly Blow

Boss killing
Duel Stab>Double Attack till 5 combo points>Moonlight Dance/Deadly Blow
Use Duel Stab and Moonlight Dance on cooldown. Use Deadly Blow and Moonlight Dance when you got 5 combo points / Combo Mastery buff. Other skills are situational.

How to use Mark of Death + Dirty Planning.
Level 5 Mark of Death and Level 2 Dirty Planning both has 120 sec and 180 sec cooldown. First you cast Mark of Death, and cast Dirty Planning right after that. When your first Mark of Death effect runs out, cast your second Mark of Death. When your second Mark of Death duration runs out, your Mark of Death will have a remaining cooldown of 90 sec while Dirty Planning has a remaining cooldown of 120 sec. 90 seconds later you can cast your Mark of Death for the third time, and meanwhile your Dirty Planning has 30 sec cooldown remaining. At the time when your Mark of Death duration runs out for the third time, you can recast Dirty Planning and use Mark of Death for the fourth time. You can now have Mark of Death for 2 minutes on a 3 minute 30 seconds fight. A normal boss will normally die after the fourth Mark of Death runs out but before your 5th Mark of Death is ready unless you are doing a dungeon/raid with less than 5/10 people.

Additional points :-

For stat points, any additional point goes into Vit.

For skill points, I personally put 1 point meteor assault, 1 point smoke bomb, 4 points on poison weapon since I love playing PVP and max dps. You can either max out the buff or poisoning weapon depending on your own prefence whether you want to be more party friendly or dps. Max out hiding is good too.
My own skill build (Versatile build – both PVP and PVE able) http://www.ro2skills…0dBrbeBqFrbeCbn

For pure dungeon, here is my build.
Give up 1 point of Gangster Paradise and Dark Illusion (since you dont really use this in dungeon and it requires a set up) and place all the 8 points into poison weapon and buff. You dont really need that much Gangster Paradise in dungeon, and most likely you only use Gangster Paradise in dungeon for emergency case.

May be switching from versatile build to pure dungeon skill build if I ever decided to go on a dungeon grindfest

Cards and Runes :-

There are a wide variety of cards to be used.I am still not very good with cards knowledge, but anything that gives STR,AGI and VIT is always good. End game cards are

Scratch Raider Card / Normal + – +6 str +6 agi +6 int +6 wis +17 vit /+8 str +8 agi +8 int +8 wis +21 vit
Garbong Card / Normal + – +9 str +9 agi +6 int +3 wis +9 vit / +11 str +11 agi +8 int +4 wis +12 vit

Well, to overcome the squishy problem of a rogue, scratch raider is your saviour and well recommended. For me I personally will go for Garbong Card as I am planning to get good equipments on my character. There is also a chance of obtaining a rare BLUE card which gives very good stats from synthesizing the card or very rare drops. Both cards are dropped from mobs in Road of Blessing.

as for runes, probably nothing much. Just use +5 str / +5 agi / +5 vit.

Tips on which stat/skill to add first :-

For stat, get str first at start… until later level then put a few agi. about 2 str 1 agi for me. then later on only decide what you what to focus… because agi dont do much at early point of game, str is doing so much more at lvl 1-20.

For skills, I recommend get lvl 1 Dark Illusion, and then max out Deadly Blow, then only Combo Training and Double Attack. And then 1 point on buff, Dagger Throwing and Poison Weapon. Keep the rest of the points until job change at level 25. At level 25, you should have 8 skill points with you. After you changed job, put 1 point each in Combo Mastery, Duel Stab, Moonlight Dance, Unstable Doping, Gangster Paradise, Dirty Planning and Crescent Moon. With your 1 remaining point, put in on Combo Mastery. After that, max out in sequence. Combo Mastery > Gangster Paradise lvl 3 > Moonlight Dance > Unstable Doping > Gangster Paradise lvl 5 > Mark of Death lvl 5 > Dirty Planning lvl 2 > utilise your remaining skill point in whatever you want. This is because Double Attack got 1 sec cooldown and not much you can benefit from combo points at early stage, and Deadly Blow is a 0sec cooldown skill. So u kill monster much more faster with spamming Deadly Blow. Mark of Death is probably useless till later stage of the game, so just leave it till later. Gangster Paradise helps you with leveling alot and Combo Mastery is such sorta sick skill. Getting them early enable you to level up fast enough. Well I guess others are self explanatory.

In the end, everything is still up to your own preference. I hope this guide helps you to become a rogue, as I see rogue is pretty mainstream in SEA unlike Korea.

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