Ragnarok Online 2 Ranger Quick Guide

Ragnarok Online 2 Ranger Quick Guide by UdonKing

Hi I am ExKillua mainly known for my ranger in Jormugand, I was also the one that post about how its possible for Rangers to reach 2.3k DPS with 40% crit rate (with self-buff).

Why play a Ranger??

Ranger have the best kiting mechanism in this game and yes I mean the best. Rangers skill are mainly all instant cast except for CS and they got one of the best DoT in game. Depending on how much you are willing to spend on your ranger, you can become a top tier ranger and medium tier ranger, its impossible to become a low tier ranger, cause our skill itself is already OP. Ohh and one more thing, I found that Rangers are unbeatable in PvP unless fighting other rangers =D.

Rangers Skill

Well I have been reading to the forum and find that some rangers are still confuse in how AV and FA works, whether Poison Arrow Should be Max and how camo is a must to take. I will post and guide some of the build that I have tried out personally and how it works for me.

Yes truth be told I have tried out 7 build for rangers and in the end comes up with my own. For those of you that are wondering how I managed to get 7 tries in reseting, yes I bought skill reset scroll. Well in summary for rangers this are some things that I come up with and the 3 builds that I found the best for each class.


– AV is a must Max
– Poison Arrow 3 – 5
– Fear Breeze 3 – 5 (Depending on how much skill point you are willing to spend on your PA)
– WW Max
– Camo 1



– Why I max SS? SS is a Raw Instant cast Damage. Maxing it will give you 25% Damage while when it is stuck at level 1 its only 18%. Considering my high Crit rate, I found that yes it is worth it to max it to level 3. This skill have been under rated for quiet some time and yes this thing crit quiet a lot dishing out lots of damage when in PvP.

Hybrid (PvP Base)

For those players that are not willing to spend on skill resets I think that Hybrid Build will suit you nice. You can still own in pvp and dish out ok amount of damage during dungeons and raids run.

– SS Level 1 !!
– Fear Breeze 1!!
– AV level 1!!

Some Tips

You dish out more damage in PvP with 1 Falcon compare to 2 and this have been proven. 2 Falcon can only be applied when fighting a priest!!! Fighting Top Class Player with your 2 Falcon, will lead you to your dead!!


I always find that Agi > Str > Vit
Why is that??

Agi = Crit % + Dodge
Str = Raw Dmg
Vit = HP

You can dodge spell in this game and that is the best thing about having dodge. Sorc instant burst can miss, Priest 5 hit flying thing can miss 1-3 hit, which can probably be your only chance in winning in that fight.

My current stat: 27 Str 51 Agi 3 Vit.
I wont really recommend this stat since my dmg itself already reach 2.2k+ with only eqp and no stats.

Stats that I would really recommend is: 40 Str 40 Agi 8 Vit
Yes, this stats works wonders and it is really one of the best stat that our class could have. Why not 41 41? Cause those 2 precious point can get you 8 more vit.


Scratch Thief!!
Solomian La Christ!!
Juliana Russil!!!
Lapparman Von Cherva!!!
Executor Meister!!!
COA (H) Aromine Set!!!
COA (H) Rat Master set!!!

These are the card that I know its good!! I list them from lowest to highest price and yes I know this card is expensive, but it is worth getting!!


I have been tuning my build and find certain formula that can help me dish maximum amount of damage and I will probably show you guys some of the things that I found through personal experience and not from the forum.


Agi > Str When your damage reaches 2.2k+ yes this is correct in its own respective way, however I found that after reaching 40%+ Critical chance its back to Str > Agi, this is due to the amount of more raw damage that you can deal overtime. My new stats is tuned once again and converted to 51 Str 27 Agi and 3 Vit. With my own self buff I still have 43.14% Crit chance (no food buff, no pot).


Ranger Main > Sharp Shooting, I have not really try ranger main at 5 in PVP before, however I start my calculation on Rangers Main and yes it is better to place 5 in rangers main compared to 3. My reasoning behind this was based on the percentage chance that it is going to come out. If you calculate all your concentration generating skills, there are 3 (CS, PA, SS). Which gives u an instant 3×15% chance that a 2 free double strafe will comes out. Which Double Strafe is an equal level with Charge Shot, which is your highest damage skill overall. My build was turned to:

– 1 Sharp Shooting
– 5 Rangers Main

Yes, 5 in Rangers Main it will come out alot of times either it is PVP, Collo and even in Dungeon Raids Run.

Well its done!! I hope that you guys can learn something new and please give me some feedback. If you guys have any question just post it here and please dont whisper me in game if you got any question!!…
If you want to try your damage against a priest, warrior, wiz and even myself please come to Alberta ch 8 Jormugand. I have some of the best opponent that you can try ur damage out :D.. Gimme some feedback and post your build and I can look through if you guys have any question!!

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