Ragnarok Online 2 Ranger PvP Guide

Ragnarok Online 2 Ranger PvP Guide by BK2013

I’m making this as a dedicated guide to win PvP vs other classes as a Ranger.

My build
Notice I maxed WW, Falcon, and Poison Arrow and leave True Sight, Vulcan and Fear Breeze at 1 each.

Why? The extra 10% damage from mastering Falcon Assault (level 5) will outweigh the benefits from Vulcan Arrow and other skills (10%x 15 attacks x 2 falcons = 300% attack in 30 seconds). In comparison a level 5 Vulcan will give 93% attack which is only 29% more attack than a level 1 Vulcan. Falcon will out DPS the Vulcan most of the time (except the occasion where you luckily trigger Main Ranger consecutively, allowing more than usual Vulcans). Also, Vulcans will almost never be used on PvP as the target will either die (which should happen most of the time) or you die (lag or other reasons).

This build is definitely not a build dedicated solely for PvP as its main purpose is to do the most DPS possible. If you are going for a full PvP build, skills that are normally not so useful to level up in Dungeons/Raids such as Arrow Impact (movement speed slow doesn’t affect bosses), Ankle Snare (doesn’t affect bosses, leveling up only reduce cooldown), and Acrobatic (leveling up only reduce cooldown) can prove to be useful when fighting melee classes.

PvP vs Range: Countdown: Windwalk, Camouflage- Charge Arrow x2 — Poison Arrow –Falcon — True — Falcon — DS — and spam Poison/F.Arrow Strike to get Main Ranger and go for the kill.
If he have a higher DPS than you do the same except you kite with arrow impact and acrobatic after your 2 Falcons. Also you might want to move to the opposite direction your opponent is facing (while hiding) before starting your onslaught.
Note: This strategy might might not work vs Sorcerers which will burst damage you to death (especially when they land a critical hit which often result in an instant kill) using the Foresight (instant cast for next 3 spells) –> Frost Diver (6s immobilize, next lightning attack do x2 damage) –> Jupitel Thunder (64% Lightning Damage x 2 (from Frost Diver)= 128% MATK) –> Varetyr Spear (80% Lightning Damage x 2 (from Frost Diver) = 160% MATK, 3 seconds stun). You don’t need to be a math genius to realize these attacks are absolutely devastating and if they critical (x2 damage)… your dead. However, my strategy when fighting Sorcerers (or some Wizards with high DPS) is to Camouflage, get a good spot and then get your Double Falcon and Wind Walk out of his sight. When his hp is low come back shoot a Poison arrow a few Charge Arrows and he will be dead. Don’t use arrow attacks right after hiding (yes if your first attack is a Charge Arrow critical you might be able to kill him before his deadly combo but it won’t happen most of the time simply because his skills will have a much higher damage multiplier and he will kill you first) because it will reveal your location (he will turn around to the direction of your projectile and click you). Notice that the Tab button auto-targeting function does not function in PvP. Whether or not this is intentional or a bug, this strategy works well as of the time I’m posting this.

PvP vs Melee (non hiders): Countdown: Camouflage and set traps — move 2 steps away for you traps and start shooting 2x Charge + Poison — Falcon — True — Falcon — Trap again — spam Poison/F.Arrow Strike to get Main Ranger and go for the kill. This strategy is pretty useful against knights/warriors/bm/monk. You should always stand near your traps before breaking your invisibility (yes, setting traps does not put you out of invisibility). You should preferably be at around 18-19m range when setting traps and move 1-2 step back and start shooting. So far, I win all the time against warriors/knights with this strategy. Of course, if he has a much higher level and way superior equips, this strategy might not be enough to guarantee a win.

PvP vs Melee (hiders): Countdown: Camouflage and get your fingers ready on either Multi Shot or Arrow Shower on his general location (it will break his invisibility) — set traps – Falcon — True — Falcon — Trap Again– Charge x2 — spam Poison/F.Arrow Strike to get Main Ranger and go for the kill. Make sure you put Arrow Shower and Multi Shot on a comfortable hot key especially when fighting Rogues who can go invisible again in the middle of a PvP battle.

General Tips:
You can always use Arrow Impact and Acrobatic in PvP vs melee if your not confident that your traps are enough. Be flexible, sometimes it’s better to finish off the opponent right away with your combos instead of setting more traps to guarantee a win. Remember you can always use Wind Walk, Acrobatic, and Arrow Impact to get to a comfortable distance. Also, remember that you can shoot Poison Arrow, Arrow Impact, Focused Arrow Strike, and Double Strafe while running around as long as you have your opponent as the target and you are facing your opponent. Dragging your mouse while you’re holding the right mouse button to adjust the direction you’re facing is also something that can make a difference between a win and a lost.

Feel free to discuss more PvP strategies here.

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