Ragnarok Online 2 Professions and Guardians Introduction

Ragnarok Online 2 Professions and Guardians Introduction by Tringuri


If you hear loud sounds that makes your ears ring it might be the sound of a Blacksmith’s hammer working their trade.
Blacksmiths are specialized to craft many kinds of weapons and armors, they can also obtain and refine minerals. Blacksmiths can not only craft weapons and armors they can craft many items related to minerals, this is a very important job in the world.

Havesting & Manufacturing

Blacksmiths harvest field minerals to use in the creation of weapons and plate armors.

Guardian Vulcan


Vulcan increases the summoners melee defense and allows the usage of exclusive skills such as Hammerfall which decreases the enemies defense.


Early on in his life Vulcan established himself as the best blacksmith in the entire content of Midgard. His name was known by all.

It was said that Vulcan was the one to have created the holy sword of Jormungand that tore the curtain leading to Vanaheim and expelled Freya. Vulcan was unable to complete his lifetime wish to create the Gods weapon and met the Day of Despair whilst in his forge.


Once a young Artisan had extraordinary skills with his hands and after a great many hardships he was able to apprentice under a famous artisan.
However, he soon succumbed to the temptations of bad friends and started replicating bank safe keys, eventually ruining his business and reputation.
For a while he lived a life full of debauchery, but could not forget the joy of creating beautiful accessories with jewels, leather, metal, and cloth, or the production of exquisite arrows and other forms of ammunition.
Thus he left on a long journey to collect various materials so that he could master his unique skills.

Havesting & Manufacturing

Artisans harvest field minerals to use in the creation of clothes, leather armors, arrows, and ammunition.

Guardian Veriel / Balia


Veriel significantly increases the summoners flee and allows the usage of exclusive skills such as Shining Gimlet that afflicts quick continuous damage on far away enemies.


Veriel was the best artisan in the entire continent of Midgard. His future was an undoubtedly smooth road. However, Jibril, who could not surpass Veriel no matter how hard he tried , planned out a terrible scheme to one day destroy Veriel’s hands.

Jibril feigns an accident to bring his plan to life, and Veriel loses his hands. The hands are the most important part of the body to an artisan; Veriel, who was no longer able to be an artisan, spent his days in a drunken corrupted despair. Then one day Veriel discovers that the accident that had cost him his hands was in fact not an accident and caused by Jibril. Unable to control his anger Veriel murders Jibril with his favourtie knife, using his mouth to deal the blow.

In the same moment that Veriel killed Jibril the Day of Despair descended upon his city.


Chefs have the ability to make meals that enrich a person’s mind, their profession is known throughout the history of the continent of Midgard. Chefs meals are an essential source of life for people.
Thanks to chefs they can eat meals that help recharge their vitality and go forward into the future.
Chefs can provide many types of meals that help heal health and boost abilities. They are also specialized in gathering and processing ingredients. One meal can provide many special gifts.

Havesting & Manufacturing

Chefs harvest dead monsters to use in the creation of various food.

Guardian Demeter / Damateri


Demeter greatly increases the summoners HP auto-recovery and allows the usage of exclusive skills such as Lusty Smell which poisons enemies with a powerful poison.


Demeter was a brilliant palace Chef.

Her cooking skill was so incredible that the King of another continent was taken by her food and wished to scout her. Demeter believed that the ultimate goal of coking was to make the taster happy, and so she set out on her lifetime foal to create a meal that would make everyone happy. After many attempts and much research she finally completed her recipes.

Demeter met the Day of Despair before she could cook her completed recipe.


An orphan child wandering around aimlessly starving… it is because of memories like these that people can’t stop their obsession with gold.
The study of Alchemy began with a greedy desire to discover how to transmute gold to life a wealthy life.
However the truth is that handmade potions and spells are popular with other adventurers and sometimes even save lives.
Potion and spell crafting have become the strength of Alchemists and they continue their research in this after the realization that gold transmutation is an empty myth.

Havesting & Manufacturing

Alchemists harvest field herbs to use in the creation of different potions.

Guardian Hohenheim’s


Hohenheim increases the summoners magic defense and allows the usage of exclusive skills such as Acid Terror that delivers powerful melee and magic damage at the same time.


before the great disaster the City of Magic was Juno, Hohenheim was the third headmaster of the Magic Academy in Juno. He was the one who created the educational structure of the previously little-known alchemy and bought it up the regular class level of magic studies. One day he suddenly disappeared, leaving his great accomplishments behind. It was unexpected, not even by himself. The last alchemy theme he researched was the fusion of human and demon. The corpse of Baphomet, the demon that shook the entire continent of Midgard in fear, was obtained by Hohenheim who then attempted the fusion of human and demon with it. The human part of the experiment was none other than himself. He wanted to combine the great magical powers of the Baphomet into the human body to create a new human race.

The preparations of the experiment were done and the perfect alchemy formula were established, everything seemed to be going well but the result of the experiment was devastating. Hohenheim’s soul was instead fused into Baphomets body. Hohenheim, who lost his rationality at the unexpected result ran away into the Geffen forest to escape being destroyed by the Magic Academy’s researchers who though he was just another monster. Hohenheim was filled with endless frustration. “If I could revise the formula just a little but more, just a bit, the alchemy would have succeeded…”

Secluded in the forest Hohenheim continued his research, unbeknown to others, until he silently met the Day of Despair.

Alchemist Fact
– Potions that are brewed by Alchemist gives more approx 50% more HP/SP compared to NPC bought potions
Q: Where to learn Alchemist new crafting skill?
A: NPC Alchemist Expert (you can find it everywhere esp in Prontera City)

Q: How to summons a guardian?
A: Press “V” (in default shortcut)

Q: Where to learn to summons a guardian?A: In the east side of prontera

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