Ragnarok Online 2 Priest DPS/Support Hybrid Guide

Ragnarok Online 2 Priest DPS/Support Hybrid Guide by Man of Few W

Priest are always known for being the support character. This guide however is leaning on the DPS side of the skill tree but without losing its potential to be a support in dungeons. DPS priest w.o healing skills is a very bad joke, Full Support priest are party friendly but tend to overheal and questing w/o a damager can be agonizingly long. Priest are always suppport, we can never take that role away from priest. But having level 1 Holy Light while doing solo quest is taking too long to kill and too boring. This guide will give you an option to deal damage and Support at the same time.


Str – dont need this
Agi – each point gives Critical+5 and Dodge+5
Int – each point gives Magic Power+2 and Parry+2
Wis – each point gives Max MP+10
Vit – each point gives Max HP+5

Stat Builds

I.   40/40/8 agi/int/vit – conventional stat build that gives decent crit and has decent damage and heal value w/ a little HP.
II.  31/49 agi/int – high heal and damage value with som crits.
III. 49/31 int/vit – heal and damage with HP. wont crit as much.
IV. 41/41 int/agi or vit – balance between two stats.
V. 36/36/25 int/agi/vit – more HP stat build w/ enuf healing value.(saw this in the FS guide of ggnoobnore, might as well add it here.)


I will categorize all of the skills of Acolyte and Priest into 3. Offensive, Utility and Support
I will only talk about the skills Ive taken.

Offensive Skills (Left Side of the skill tree)

Posted ImageHoly Light
1st damage skill. you will spam this skill until you become a priest. applying aspersio will make it crit. max this skill

Posted ImageLex Divina
a very good finisher skill. at level 2 it will always crit provided that the target’s HP is below 20% and at level 3 will replenish 3 holy water instantly.
level 2 is to bring out its max potential. level 3 this if your lazy to do aqua benedicta to replenish your holy waters. has a 10 secs cooldown.

Posted ImageOratio
your 1st Dot(damage over time) skill. good animation thus it can be cast while moving. every levelup on this skill adds 1% in its dot. level 1 is enough here.

Posted ImageJudex
an aoe skill. applying aspersio will stun the target/s for 3 secs. just 1 point is enough here.

Posted ImageCredo
another DoT skill that has a 30 secs duration. unlike oratio this has a skill animation you cannot move while your casting this skill. level 1 is enough for this.
has a longer range than any of the 3 DoTs thus I cast this first to lure monsters to me.

Posted Image Adoramus
the last of the 3 DoT skills of the priest. has casting time and skill animation. level 1 is enough.

Posted ImageMagnus Exorcismus
another aoe spell of priest. applying aspersio will make this skill apply oratio to all target it hits. level 1 is enough

Posted ImageRay of Genesis
an amazing skill for DPS. it crits on some of its hits. deals a very good damage especially at level 5. applying aspersio will make this skill instant cast.

Utility Skills (Middle of the skill tree)

Posted ImageBlessing
Buff that adds HP. Max this skill

Posted ImageIncrease Agility
Use to run faster. Not a buff that adds agi anymore. long cooldown and short duration. just put 1 point here.

Posted ImageResurrection
Revives fallen comrades. applying aspersio will make this instant cast. adding skill points will reduce its cooldown 10mins per skill point added.

Posted ImageAqua Benedicta
Creats 3 Holy Waters and replenishes 15% of SP.

Posted ImageAspersio
A buff that gives additional effects to certain skills. leveling this skill will reduce its cooldown which is great. Max this skill.

Posted ImageGloria
A passive that when triggered will give a 10 secs buff that will make a Heal or a Holy Light instant cast. adding points will increase its chance to proc.

Posted ImageRecovery
an aoe skill that removes debuffs. leveling this skill will add a number of people it will have effect on max of 5.

Posted ImageSuffragium
a 30mins buff to self only that reduces casting time a.k.a. Haste. leveling this skill will add the % haste added to the maximum of 10% at level 5.

Posted ImageAngelus
a 10 secs buff that adds 9% defense at max level. it has a 2min cooldown though.

Posted ImageArchAngel
a 30secs buff that increases damage or heal for 25% at max level. it has a 1min 30secs cooldown.

Support Skills (Right Side of the skill tree)

Posted ImageHeal
healing skill w/ a cast time. applying aspersio will make it crit. yes, healing skills in RO2 crits. level this atleast level 4.

Posted ImageRenovatio
a Hot or Heal over time skill that ticks every 2 secs. has a skill animation but can be casted while moving. max this skill.

Posted ImageMeditatio
havent figured out how this skill works. sorry guys..

Posted ImageHighness Heal
an instant cast heal that has a aoe effect. applying aspersio adds 50% more healing and will give this heal a healing over time effect. this also crits. has a cd but you will never regret maxing this.

Posted ImageSacrament
a toggle buff that adds healing value but decreasing offensive magic damage value.

Posted ImageColuceo Heal
an instant cast skill that fully recovers HP of the target. has 5min cd or 3mins at level 5. this skill is put on your panic button.

Posted ImageAssumptio
this gives the target a big damage reducing buff at level 5. great support skill.

Posted ImageSanctuary
a channeling heal that heals an area around the priest. your heal when everyone is taking damage at the same time. level 1 is ok. level 3 is already plenty.


I. Hybrid Build 1

my build complete w/ Genesis Ray 5. Assumptio is maxed since it saves people and personally much better that using Sanctuary. Sanc heals every 2 secs (they would have died already if they are being focused on) while this reduces damage instantly giving more time to use potions and be healed.

II Hybrid Build 2

more healing on sanctuary because some people arent at ease when they see sanctuary healing poorly. too bad..

III. Archangel Hybrid

my another prospect build. but will have a hard time in leveling because of level 1 Holy Light and level 1 Heal. 2 points can be put in either Sanctuary or Lex Divina.

Skill Rotation

Note: Always cast Posted ImageRenovatio to yourself whenever it wears out just to be safe.

Long Range Kiting – the usual skill rotation

Posted ImageCredo+ Posted ImageOratio + Posted ImageAdoramus + Posted ImageRay of Genesis then finish off with Posted Image Aspersio + Posted ImageHoly Light
Skill Rotation(Single Target Only)
Posted ImageCredo+ Posted ImageOratio + Posted ImageAdoramus + Posted Image Aspersio + Posted Image3x Holy Light + Posted ImageRay of Genesis to finish off

AOE Rotation

apply Posted ImageCredo+ Posted ImageOratio + Posted ImageAdoramus to atleast 3 enemies then Posted Image Aspersio + Posted Image Magnus E + Posted ImageJudex.
Heal yourself and use Posted ImageHoly Light to targets that are still alive.

Support Skill Notes – there is no rotation when support as you only react based on whats going on.

1. Always apply Posted ImageRenovatio to everyone
2. Posted Image Highness Heal is your main healing skill for those who are taking damage. Posted ImageHeal is just secondary heal if the target is taking too much damage.
3. Posted ImageAssumptio is usually used on tanks but can be used to the dpser or yourself. experience will teach you the right decisions to make in these times.
4. Posted ImageSanctuary is usually used whenthe boss summons mobs or skills an aoe that damages everyone down to 20% HP.
5. Posted ImageColuceo Heal no need to explain. Instantly fully heals the target in expense of long cooldown.
6. Always use the Posted ImageAspersio + Posted Image Resurrection in reviving a friend. Its more time consuming when using the Resurrection alone.
And please bring extra Posted Image Ygg Leaf as this also revives and has no long cooldown. Can be bought on Kafra.
7. Never buff Posted ImageSacrament as it decreases magic attack power by 10% at any levels. It looks good to have its aura but it decreases the DoTs.

Leveling Guide

Do the quest and Khara quest at the same time. you will level trust me. no RO1 grinding needed. Do quest solo as much as possible since having party gives only half exp by killing monsters. Dungeon quest are meant to be party quest except for the culvert quest at level 11-12 which can be done solo.

Skill allocation (for build with Ray of Genesis only)

Level 1-10 = you will rush the aspersio as it will make your level 1 holy light crit and hits twice as hard

1 – no skill points yet
2 – Increase Agility
3 – Resurrection
4 – Aqua Benedicta
5 – Aspersio
6 – Aspersio
7 – Aspersio
8 – Renovatio
9 – Lex Divina
10- Oratio
Level 11-25 = you will have Highness Healing by the time you reach the wolf cave dungeon. it is needed to heal your party in sync with Renovatio
11- Meditatio
12 – Highness Heal
13 – Highness Heal
14 – Highness Heal
15 – Highness Heal
16 – Highness Heal
17 – Judex
18-25 -Save your points from here until job change
Level 25-onwards = here on you decide what to prioritize. but if i may suggest to max Ray of Genesis Early after maxing Blessing for fast solo questing.
25 – Sacrament, Coluceo Heal, Assumptio, Sanctuary
Credo, Adoramus, Magnus Exorcismus, Ray of Genesis
26 – Blessing
27 – Blessing
28 – Blessing
29 – Blessing
30 – Ray of Genesis
31 – Ray of Genesis
32 – Ray of Genesis
33 – Ray of Genesis
34 – Gloria
35-onwards – continue completing your build

Cards & Runes

Use Scratch Thief first since its provides most Vit and it doesnt cost much zeny.
Change to Poisona Card accordingly.

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