Ragnarok Online 2 Monk DPS Cycle Guide

Ragnarok Online 2 Monk DPS Cycle Guide by gangtopian

monk skill tree and dps cycle and how to maintain aggro no.1?

1. skill


2. dps cycle.

what i see, not only from foreignors but also from Koreans, is that when the mob is far away from you,

you use shout to let mob come to you. which is totally wrong!

the first skill you must use is “throw SPT. Sphere”

let’s use garden of baphomet as an example .

when you enter, you see mob alone right? you can just run and attack.

then, left you see three mobs standing.

you use Throw Spt. Sphere and quadruple palm and Iron M. attack. and it will be done.


Throw Spt. Sphere – Lightning walk – Earth shaker- Red potion – quadruple – Ki explosion – guillotine fist – D. grand Collapse – quadruple – Iron attack3- quadruple – repeat until ki explosion is cooled down. and then do the same.

when we use flee, Protection Ki, Stone skin, sum spirit sphere?

stone skin : if you are monk. never turn stone skin off.

protection Ki, flee, sum spirit sphere : in emergency situation, use flee first. becuase cool time is less. normally, last boss of bapho, abyss, PVE boss no.4, use flee and when 10sec. passed, use protection Ki. by then your protection Ki, flee, guillotin fist, ki explosion in cool time. then use sum sprit sphere to reset cooldown. and repeat dps cycle.

3. maintain aggro.

save shout, since its cooldown is 17sec. according to my skill tree.

if you’re dealing with one monster with other dps, you can use shout.

however “i’ve mastered shout! that’s my style!” ok, that’s your style. however, still there are dealers like rangers rogues threatning tankers. to maintain aggro in first place, non stop usage of red potion is good.

if you are a tanker and you have aggro difference between dps( ranger, sorc, wiz, assa, rogue) is more than 10,000 then stop use red potion. if less than 10,000 then take red potion.

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