Ragnarok Online 2 Beastmaster DPS Offtank Build Guide

Ragnarok Online 2 Beastmaster DPS Offtank Build Guide by Gardosen

1. Stats

As most of you know, The Beastmaster is an Off Tank. So your primary Job is to make as much dmg as you can.
so your stats will be like this

50STR for the max possible dmg output.
26AGI for increasing the possibility of Crit Attack.
6Vit for some more HP.

you can also play abit with the STR and AGI values. like 44STR 35AGI and so on. but i would only recommend that if you have enough Cash for the IShop.

2. Skillz

This is my Skillbuild, its possible that some people think “ha i use another one and its better”. I don’t care, this build helped me allot since now, and everyone who already made Raids with me, knows that i rock

Cruel Bite 2
This skill got changed with the last patch and is now your ticket for farming.
You need 30Beastpoints to make Damage and you recover 10% of your max HP with each hit.
Must Have Skill. (MHS) but not that important that you skill it to lvl5.

Rage Smash 3
Nice for making Damage and increasing your Beastpoints. MHS but not important that you skill it to lvl5.

Fury Strike 5
Only use him when you have 50 or more Beastpoints.
If you are under 50, your hit ratio and the Damage will be lowered. MHS

Beast Roar 1
Skill which is one of the “you have to like it skillz”. Because of the face that i am only an Offtank/Kiter, only have him on lvl 1 (20Seconds Cooldown).
If the Tank dies, and the Boss wants to run into the range dps group, spot the Boss, transform into Tiger and run for your life till the tank is back up.

Bear Form 5
30% More dmg, do i have to say more? o.o MHS

Beast Tornado 3
Nice to make dmg on mini mobs and to help getting the adds down on the range group. MHS

Survival 5
Nice Protector Skill. You heal your self and 10m arround you everyone of your party or raid for 10% of max HP :-)

Tiger Form 5
50% more Speed, this skill is perfect for Kiting Bosses. MHS

Frenzy 1
Some people skilled that to 5 because of double Beastpoint gathering. i only need him on 1, its enough for me.
20% up to 100% more Beastpoints with each Skill who aquire them.

Feral Defense 1
Because of the fact that i am not a tank, i dont need this skill.

Wild Crush 5
Nice Dmg Skill and very nice DOT. MHS

Beast Charge 1
This Skill is hardly Bugged atm and so i dont wannt to use it. only pre skill.
(You role to the enemy and stun him for 3seconds.)

Grizzly Form 5
65% more HP and 300% Aggro, for big adds for nice, so you can act as the offTank and tank it if there is no other Knight or Monk. MHS

Brutal Strike 5
With Fury Strike awesome Ultimate Finisher Combo. MHS

Wild Impact 5
Nice for Stunning mini adds on raid bosses. MHS

3. Your Jobs
Pretty easy.

on most bosses you try to make with your baer form as much dmg as you can.
When mini adds are spawning, you target them to get them fast down.
When big adds are spawning, you go into grizzly and tank them if there is no other knight, warrior or monk who is second tank.
When the tank is down, spot the boss, go into tiger and run as hell!!!
most of these jobs have to be times and you need experience for not dieing so fast.

4. Equipment

Try to get fast epic equipment that you reach with buffs arround 8.8k+ with grizzly and 5.7k+ with baer.
Here is important that you use the “Dodge + Block” Equipment. The Dps+HP Equipment seems to not working. so its pretty useless for a offtank.

5. Cards

I am using 4 Scratraider cards and one Desert Goblin Card [General +]
The Scratch Raiders for much hp and the Goblin same but with 11AGI for more Crit.

if there will change something on my build, i will edit this guide :-)
Now have fun with your bear.

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