Ragnarok Online 2 Baphomet Hardmode Guide

Ragnarok Online 2 Baphomet Hardmode Guide by xKirai

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Baphomet Hardmode

First of all, Congratulations on clearing the other three bosses.
Now, It’s time for you to show what you’ve learn from the previous 3 fights.
– Blue Tornado from Blue Mino. Doesn’t move but deals 1k – 2k damage if you’re in it.
– Red Tornado from Red Mino. Moves slowly but quite irritating when it moves to raid.
– Bombers, Normally after Meteor(blue AoE) which spawns at the Off Tank aka GateKeeper for Blue Mino and Random spot for Red Mino.
– Breath, Red Ground AoE which Blue Mino performs Dance and Dragon Breath for Red Mino and Humba.
– Lots of moving, cordination and teamwork.

Baphomet Hardmode is all that you’ve experienced in the previous fights, However He does it a little differently.
Baphomet’s Skills.

Phrase 1.
– SSJ4 Kamehame-HA aka Dragon Breath targets random party member and deals 4k – 5k without warning.
Whoever that is in line with the targeted player will also receive damage.
Spread evenly around the Battle ground to avoid sharing the Damage.(Every man for himself.)
Open your Map and visualize the Battle ground as a Clock.
Tanks at 12 to 2 o clock
sorc at 3 and 9 o clock
Priest at 11 and 5 o clock
Rest the remaining timeslot.

– Earth Crack that explodes if you stand too long on it. (10k damage on tanks)
Baphomet will also run to the Crack to make sure it’s working perfectly fine.
Last 5sec, move out of it and get back to your original position.

– Curse Seal from Orochimaru which applies to the highest threat every 10sec – 15sec.
Each Cursed rewards the tanks with 500 Damage per tick(every 2sec) and a bonus 10% armor reduction.
Switch the tanks every 2 stacks.

– Genki Dama aka Meteor will be targeted to the Highest Threat and deals 10k.
Gather your people and share the pain, Damage will be shared equally to those who are inside.
Happens before or after phrase 2.

Phrase 2.

– Baphomet will use Goku’s Instant Teleportation to the middle and sleep, uses Kuchiose No Jutsu which summons Red Mino(37k HP) and Blue Mino(37K HP) along with 3 Candles(Horongs/Flames).
Each Mino deals 1k damage to tanks, They can stunned.
Candles will be walking Baphomet to take the Gigai and transform into Infornos which have huge amount of Hp.

– You have 30-45sec before Baphomet returns to phrase 1, Clear all nonsense before he wakes up.

Phrase 3. (around 25% Hp)

– Baphomet is about to give up, He pick up his latest iPhone 5 and calls 2 Kamikaze bombers(9k HP) to destroy everything.
Get Ranges to KILL it within 3sec after the first hit.

– Baphomet realise you look down on him, He calls his gang from the farm in China to destory you.
Summons 4 Scarecrow at 12, 3 ,6 and 9 o clock. Each Scarecrow summons 5-10 Baby Goat.

Gather in the middle and Gang-*oops* Baphomet before the Babygoats eat you live.
Best time to use all your cooldowns to show him who’s boss.

Phrase 4.
– Baphomet realise his mistake, Apologize and give you a weapon with some Goody Bag.

– Take a picture, Post it in this thread.

Overall Strategy

Phrase 1,
Make sure Baphomet is always in the middle of the Battle ground(You need a skillful Tank to do this). Healer in party 1 are to heal members in party 1 only. Healer in party 2 are to heal members in party 2 only. This is because of the range. There is not Enrage Timer so take your time and DPS Baphomet.

Phrase 2,
Melee DPS the Minos, The Range DPS the Candles.

Phrase 3,
Make sure you burn him down before he burn you down.

Phrase 4,
Please leave a comment in our Guild Thread or here and share with us your accomplishment!

Please note that all of the above is base on experience and we have no solid data on what Baphomet actually do.
However, We are able to defeat Baphomet with this Strategy.
This strategy was created by the Guild Leader of Kage and Felyne.

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