Pockie Pirates Earning Silver Guide

Pockie Pirates Earning Silver Guide by neptaliflores

First of all, silver is the main currency of the game which can use as a payment to enhance once equipment, as a payment to recruit a crew, to enhance character stats, to train your character,and to upgrade your ship.

There are plenty of ways to acquire some silver and here are they;

New Server Launch

Usually, new server launch cater many ways of earning silver. Such information regarding server launch event are available the activities section of the page.

They comprises from the topping certain amount of gold to your account with equivalent extra rewards, theres also ingame related events for new server launch upon which completing specific requirements to gain rewards.

Completing of Quest

Upon completing one quest, one player will received some silvers and possibly some nifty items.

Battle Process Reward

Players can obtain a Progress Treasure chest at 40% and 100% upon certain campaign or areas which you battle certain pirates or the marines. Upon which you will have to open certain card upon which it can possibly contains certain nifty items and one of them is silver. Beside from it theres a Perfect Progress Treasure chest upon completing certain required stars

SELLING Unused item/s

One also can gain some amount of silver by selling those unwanted/excess item in there inventory.

Daily TASK

By upgrading the GRADE of the task, one can earn some amount of silvers. The higher, the better

Undersea Treasure

One of the main features of the game which allows player to earn some amount of silvers and some nifty items in handy. Upon player salvage certain underwater treasure section for a chance to get a reward.


Belongs to harbour system which can be located at lower-right part of the screen upon which player can start fishing to earn nifty amount of silvers but fishing system is limited for a number a tries daily.


Capture a player and let it work for you to earn some silvers at hand.


Pockie Pirates offers some online event upon player can gain some amount of silvers in return. Some of which are;

One Piece Competition

Player will match against other player upon which the TOP 32 players have an assurance of some amount of silvers. In addition to it all those participate in the preliminary round  will win some silvers.

Here are set of Rewards

All players who participate in the preliminary round will win: 50000 silver.
Top 32 players will win: 80,000 silver, Training Potion*10
Top 16 players will win: 80,000 silver, Training Potion*20
Top 8 players will win: 100,000 silver, Advanced Call-up*5
Top 4 players will win: 200,000 silver, Warship Upgrade Card*5
The second place will win: 300,000 silver,  Lv.3 Shell Chest*3
The first place will win: 1,000,000 silver, Lv.3 Shell Chest*5, 10,000 Bounty, Warship Upgrade Card*10, Advanced Call-up*10m  Training Potion*20


An auto-based attack upon which eastern versus western sea area battle each other the TOP 16 will earn some nifty rewards.


A sort of server cooperation battle against whitebeard upon which player will earn silver at the end of the round. The TOP 10 players who dealt most damage will earn bonus rewards and the player who deliver the last blow will earn himself some 1 million silver.

InGameName: Ztan
Server Name: Orange Town

Trick to Earn Silver Guide by cosmic222

By a simple Trick you can earn more silvers.

1. Capture Labor

– all workers you’ve captured will have a 5/5  ( 5 times working capacity ) with a 20 mins interval between each work and each worker gives you certain amount of SILVERS and 1 TRAINING POTION per work.
– silvers earned per labor depends on the level of the labor (the higher level, the more you earn)
– you only have 10 capture tries per day and this includes both successful and unsuccessful attempts count

NOTE: every worker you’ve captured can give you 5 TRAINING POTIONS after they finish 12 hours of working

– now from here, its up to you if you want to wait 12 hours for those 5 training potions or proceed to the next step
– lets say you’ll get 30k silver per work so 30k * 5 = 150k silver per Captured Labor

2. Abandon the Captured worker when work limit reaches 0/5

NOTE: every worker you’ve captured can give you 5 TRAINING POTIONS after they finish 12 hours of working

– this one does not requires gold or silver or prestige to do, so…..

3. Capture another LAbor to work for you
– you’ll get another worker with 5/5 work capacity

4. then back to number “2”

5. repeat these steps
– as long as your Capture Labor Tries runs “0”

Note and Suggestion:
– this is a good way for players with VIP 1 – 4 to earn more training potions and silver in an amount of time
– if you are VIP 5 or higher it is suggested that you wait for the Worker to end its 12 hours time so that you earn silvers + training potion + bonus training potion when 12 hours labor ends.

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