PlanetSide 2 Tank Mine FAQ

PlanetSide 2 Tank Mine FAQ 

1. Do tank mines have an expiration date? (ie; after 5 mins tank mine is removed)

2. Are the mines removed upon engineers death?

3. Are the mines removed upon switching classes via terminal?

4. Are the mines removed upon switching classes after death?

5. If I put mines on the vehicle spawn point, (The area that vehicle spawns on before it auto rolls forward) does it explode and destroy the vehicle or does it just explode and vehicle still alive due to some sort of invulnerability?
I’ve seen newly spawn vehicles roll directly over mines I’ve planted with no results.

6. If i put mines on the “Auto Path” (The ramp down that you have no control over before you gain control) and an enemy spawned vehicle rolls over it, does it explode and destroy vehicle?
See above answer

7. If I put down 2 mines, then I go back to resupply and put down another 2 mines. Do I have 4 mines on the field and not just 2 mines. (ie; first 2 mines put down removed and last 2 mines from resupply are the active ones)
The original 2 will despawn and be completely wasted. You can only have 2 down at once.

8. What is the max number of mines I can have on the field?
2 with the first cert, 3 with the second

9. Do mines affect air vehicles? (ie; I put a mine on the “resupply landing pad” for air vehicles and a plane lands to resupply on it. Does it trigger the mine?)
They do effect them. I’ve thrown a pair under a gal. They went boom but didnt kill the gal… Wasnt surprised but had to try.

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