PlanetSide 2 Spending 100 Certs Guide

PlanetSide 2 Spending 100 Certs Guide by Blindga

While I’m no expert, nor will I ever be, I think I know a few things about the game now that may be useful to people who are still being thrown off by the learning curve. I feel like I may be ok, but there really isn’t a decent tutorial (and being hot-dropped into the fight on new char creation doesn’t help).

One of the things that really shocked me was that all infantry guns are 1000 certifications. Guns are the most expensive thing in the game. With the rate certs are earned, I can imagine many new players might discouraged that they will need to spend a lot of time to get things done.

But that’s not entirely true. There are many powerful equipment upgrades that can be purchased with only a few certs and a little time.

So, here are some things you can do with only 100 certs. 100 is not anywhere near the 1000 you might need for your shiny new gun, but it is enough to get some fun new toys if you don’t feel like saving up. With 100 certs, you can still have a bit of fun without having to stress over hours of grinding just to get in the game.

So here are some recommendations for things you can do with your first 100 certs.

1) (Cooldown down)
-‘Max/Any Vehicle’: Passive Systems
–Cooldown Timer

With 100 certs, you can drastically reduce the amount of time you need to get back into your max suit or favorite vehicle. This upgrade reduces the amount of time you have to wait after buying any vehicle or the max suit. You can either spend just a few points to shave that time down a little, or you can really invest your 100 certs and cut that timer down by minutes. A really useful upgrade when you like bringing in the big guns.

2) (Self-medicated)
‘Any class but Max’: Universal Ability
-First-Aid Kit
-Restoration Kit

With 100 certs, you can buy powerful medicinal items for you to use. This is a universal item that becomes available to ALL classes once bought, and you can chose who or who not to equip these to, so it’s a lot of bang for your buck. Injured? Pop a first aid kit and your good as new. Or you can pop a restoration kit to keep your health topped off while you continue to fight. While anyone can benefit from this item, it’s especially useful to soaring light infantry or rambo heavy infantry who are often away from medics. Just remember to keep them in stock with those infantry resources, or you’ll run out.

3) (Gun Modding)
‘Any class’:’Any Primary Weapon’
-‘weapon mods’

With 100 certs, you can choose from a variety of scopes, silencers, and attachments for any of your guns. Light infantry and infiltrators can benefit from a silencer, as they are best attacking from unexpected angles. People like medics and heavy infantry can benefit from longer ranged scopes for long range fighting. But you can choose what you think is best, and it can all be achieved quickly too. No need to wait for 1000 certs to get a sweet custom gun.

4) (Flash Calvary)

With 100 certs you can arm your defenseless flash with a machine gun and turn it from useless transport to a high-speed ATV calvary that can zip between enemy lines and dish out heavy gunfire. The machine gun can deal with infantry quickly, and since most don’t expect an enemy flash to be armed, they will often step right into the open or even right in front of you where you can easily mow them down. The Kobalt can also damage lightweight aircraft; so drive yourself onto a hill, look up, and you got yourself a miniature AA battery. This is a good buy for anyone who just absolutely wants a new gun to play with.

5) (Turret Love)
‘Any vehicle’: ‘Any Second/Third Guns’
-Zoom Optics
-Extra Ammo

With 100 certs, you can show your turrets some love and put zooming scopes on them. This is useful for things like liberators, who are often shooting from very high or far away, but the sunderer can also benefit from zoom optics since you want to be landing shots on that enemy vehicle before they do. You can also get extra magazines for your turrets so they have more shots to spare and so you won’t have to listen to your gunners complain about low ammo, all very useful early on.

Sunderer: Utility Slot
-Mobile Spawn Point

With 100 certs, you can turn your sunderer into a mobile spawn point to spawn dead allies closer to a fight, as well as offer a place to resupply. Most people have used this to spawn once already, and know how crucial these close spawn points are to capturing territory. Well with this upgrade, you can earn the love of your team and be the one who spawns them into the fight. Just make sure you are in a good spot, or your team will hate you instead.

While it may be tempting to grind endlessly for those guns first, don’t forget to spend a little every now and then too. These upgrades will inevitably pay themselves off as your abilities and versatility on the battlefield improves. Don’t stress so much about those expensive items and focus on the little things first.

I hope that helps some of you. Feel free to add any suggestions or make any comments on mine. Have fun.

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