PlanetSide 2 Infiltrator Build Guide

PlanetSide 2 Infiltrator Build Guide by BrB Stove Exploded

Faction: NC

Primary: Shadow
Attachments: Silencer, Laser Sight
Scrop: x2 reflex


The shadow unlike the stalker dishes out a ton of damage. If you have used the stalker you will know the damage can be very lacking and in CQB you still get out gunned. The shadow is the best short/medium weapon SEMI-AUTO in the game. To give some idea, the Battle Rifle takes 5 hits to the chest to kill, the Shadow only 3. So you can see this thing packs a real punch. The x2 reflex gives it the right amount of zoom and view, and its the ONLY gun in the game id ever put the silencer on. Most guns the silencer makes useless because of the drop, but on this gun it feels just right, especially with the x2 scope. Now the Shadow already has a nice tight hip fire spread, but the laser makes it absolutely ridiculous. With this you can beat most HA at close quarters even if they pop their shield.

Secondary: Rebel
Attachments: Laser, Silencer


The rebel is a side grade. The difference being this one does more dmg per shot than the default mag. But as a Infiltrator this is an upgrade for you. You want more dmg per shot anyway. You will only pull your pistol when you want to knife/pistol, or you run out of primary ammo. This pistol fills those jobs 100%. Not only that but this baby can and will hold its own in a 1v1 confrontation. This pistol will out gun most carbines. The laser makes the tight spread that much tighter, and the silencer is a must as it does not really effect the bullet drop, and is just an all around upgrade for the pistol.

So now your a silent ninja ready to be dropped into enemy territory to kill, hack, and cause terror to your foes, but before you do that lets talk Utility:

Suit slot:

If your a true sniper you always want the shield regen for infiltrator, as it will win you long range gun fights. No brainer right? But when your infiltrating the shield regen is really kind of meh. I have tried nano, and flak and I must say your better off with the grenade pouch. It will give you 2 grenades which is more useful than being able to take 1 more bullet with max nano. This will give you the extra longevity behind enemy lines. You dont know how valuable that second grenade is until you have it.

Utility Slot:

Med kit or Bouncing betties. Id suggest BB’s for infiltration. These well placed in small funneled areas can be deadly. But most importantly, when you get behind enemy lines and start capping those points, you will want to secure the room your capping with BB’s. Secure the entrances and the stairs. These will save your life and alert you to enemies. You only get 1 the first cert upgrade, so its pretty expensive cert wise to get 2, but when you have 2 BB’s, and 2 grenades you feel like you are ready for anything. A 1 man army that has the potential to kill an entire squad/platoon before he goes down.

The Recon Dart Gun:

So no one uses this and it pisses me off. Do you guys even know you have this? Have you hit the number 3 recently? Use this. Its amazing. When Im moving in a high pop enemy base alone, i shoot this in the direction im moving first. I shoot this when im trying to cap a point in the area enemies come from. This is your first alert system. If you use this correctly, you will ALWAYS SEE THE ENEMY BEFORE THEY SEE YOU. Not only that but it also helps people in large fights. A lot of times the zerg being pretty mindless will do stupid things. See that cluster of enemies over by that rock that the zerg clearly does not? Fire a dart into their position and watch how things change. The zerg may be mindless, but it knows what the **** a red dot on the mini map means…FREE CERTS! So use this to guide people to enemies. You are recon after all….

As for upgrading the gun, i strongly suggest you upgrade it to at least the 100 cert mark. It gives nice range and 1 extra dart.

Alternate Grenades:

EMP: These are kind of cool, but will leave you wondering why…? In beta they prevented guns from working/shooting as well as dropped shields. Now I hear you can still shoot, but the shields drop still. So this is kind of meh right now. Basically you throw this and you do half damage to enemy when you could throw a real one and do full damage? I know makes no sense to me either. Hopefully they bring back it from preventing guns from fireing. Then it will have a purpose again.

Decoy: At first glance these seem useless. Might as well use the EMP before this right? Actually these are pretty fun, and can cause a lot of confusion among the enemy when your trolling a base. It makes it seem like there is a squad firing where ever you throw it and it lights up the mini map to compliment this. You use them as the name suggests. When im locked down in a knock down drag out fight with 2-3+ infantry or a max, these come into play pretty nice. Its the sound that gets people.

You can also use these to lure enemies out of hiding. Why wont that 1 guy come out of spawn…throw a decoy grenade near it and watch him run to the fight that is not there.

Alternate grenades as a whole would be 1000x more useful if you could actually pick and choose which grenades you want when you get a grenade pouch. I would totally take 1 regular, 1 decoy with me at all times. Sadly until this is an option i recommend the standard grenades.

Hacking: This should be the last thing you cert into, but go ahead and upgrade it to the 30 cert mark. It speeds things up, but if your pro you can hack at any speed . Hacking is underestimated by a lot of infiltrators. It annoys the enemy, prevents them from spawning precious tanks/sundies, but MOST of all it allows you to full fill the true infiltrators roll which is get behind lines and cause havoc.

The infiltrator class is awesome, but sometimes you just need that extra pazaazz, that extra kick to really make the enemy wonder: “*** IS THIS GUYS PROBLEM ANYWAY!?” What Im getting to is, when you hack an infantry terminal, change classes to engineer, plant land mines, change back to infi, plant BB’s. See what im doing here? Change as a HA shoot some rockets. Change back to what ever to get what ever i need done. Hacking lets you be what ever you want, and do what ever you want.

Which brings me to my next point. A true infiltrator will have certain things from the other classes Certed. This way when he hacks he will have way more tools to play with. Things i suggest you cert:

Engineer: Anti tank mines, Sticky nades (OMG THESE ARE SO GOOD. They have secret powers )
Medic: C4
LA: C4
HA: Rocket upgrades, anti air and ground, Anti-Vehicle Grenades.
Max: Anti vehicle upgrades, anti infantry upgrades, Bursters. Sometimes you just need to really **** everyone off by turning into a max in the enemy base. Do this for max rage.

You will also want a good gun for those classes while you use them. I strongly recommend you get a shotgun and use that for all those builds unless you have training with carbines/Assault rifles. This will keep things standardized and you will always have the same gun and familiarity to what ever class you switch too. Piston/Sweeper/Mauler are all good and for infiltrating will really get the job done. Sweeper with extra mag is probably my favorite. 12 rounds of furry.

Hot tip: Engineer bouncing betties only cost them 100 certs. So you could hack a terminal, change to engi, drop a betty, change back to infi, but I rather prefer dropping anti tank mines around the base im camping. Enemies naturally go to the tank to flush out an infiltrator, but with this trick up your sleeve you will be ready for them. Always stay 1 step ahead through hacking.

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