PlanetSide 2 In-Game Commands and Tweaks Guide

PlanetSide 2 In-Game Commands and Tweaks Guide by inigma

Just wanted to get the ball rolling. Please add your tweaks and descriptions and links to posts to this thread, and I’ll update this main post and keep it as a master thread for all such related topics.

In-Game Text Commands

/sq – squad chat
/o – outfit chat
/y – yell (can be seen by enemy players)
/l – local area (or just hit enter to bring up the chat window. it’s the default chat) (can be seen my enemy players)
/t – tell (private message another person)
/r – replies to tell (responds to private message just sent to you)
/s – Alternate squad chat.
/region or /re- Speaks to entire Region/Territory you are currently in. (Team-only).

/suicide – Hara kiri at its finest. The only way to recall to sanc or respawn at the moment if you get stuck somewhere. (inigma) You can click “redeploy” in the menu, but it’s currently only a countdown (8 seconds) to /suicide. (TheStigma)

May not work anymore
/fog off – turn off fog (make game look much better) or on (haze).
/flora –
/zrange –

Graphics Tweaks

1. currently fog shadows are causing issues with jitter. Recommendation is to turn off fog shadows until resolved.

2. useroptions.ini is explained by Planetside 2 Client Tweaks (Including HQ Performance Shadows) below

3. More importantly, how do we disable FXAA? Answer: It’s hardcoded in pipeline_1.xml and materials_3.xml as “Fake Antialias” you will have to disable it manually as there is no toggle for it right now. (Credit LemonKing)

4. Disabling EdgeAA shader:
Find the “materials_3.xml” file in the graphics folder. Open it with notepad, and then search for the line that says

“<Object Name=”EdgeAA” Type=”EdgeAA”>
<Array Name=”DrawStyles”>
<Object Name=”Normal” Effect=”Shaders\dirblur.fxo”

And delete the Shaders\dirblur.fxo bit then save.

So it will look like this….

Class=”MaterialDefinition” Name=”EdgeAA” Type=”EdgeAA”>
<Array Name=”DrawStyles”>
<Object Name=”Normal” Effect=””

You must do this AFTER you have loaded the launchpad program. Because it will re-download the file back and set it back to default every time the launcher is started. Make sure to change “materials_3.xml” every time, if you want FXAA to be off the next time you play. The easiest way to do this is to keep a copy of the modified xml file and just overwrite it each time.


Flight Control

1. Suggest binding your Vehicle interaction key to something other than E, such as ~.

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