Pirate101 Tactics Tips and Tricks

Pirate101 Tactics Tips and Tricks by Shiningfantasia

As we all know, tactical battles are by nature a tad bit more difficult and complex than regular one on one turn based battles. Especially since there are multiple units involved at a time.

Even if most of you fellow pirates know this, I am putting this out there for our younger ones, or those that are new to tactic fights.

1. The absolute most important thing you can do is to wait until you can approach the enemy with multiple units. Do not let the enemy get the first hit, or surround you. Knock out enemies one at a time, to ensure that it is knocked out as fast as possible.

Unless you are 100% sure that a single unit can finish off a mob, always hit a mob with more than enough units so it will be knocked out. A single mob can contribute a lot of damage which can be avoided.

2. Place your units around obstacles or bridges (ship to ship battles) to where enemies “funnel” in towards you. It can become very devastating if your enemy is able to surround your characters. In tactical fights, positioning units is so important, it can make an easy difference between victory and defeat.

Of course, this plays an even less role with ranged units, in which case the surround and destroy still applies.

If an enemy unit has the “Border control” talent, don’t move around your enemies. Instead keep it simple, surround the nearest unit, and simply knock it out. Keep in mind though, wait until the enemy gets close enough, do not leave yourself open to damage unless you can seriously damage or knock out enemy units.

Witchdoctors and Musketeers, especially them Witchdoctors, have an edge when it comes to positioning… Witchdoctors can use a LOT of powers from accross the field without any worry about getting close to enemies. Musketeers can stay behind their line of companions, safe from any immediate threat.

3. Companions. Leading to how you spend your training points, it is perhaps wise to keep them all at an equal level. This strategy (credit for that goes to Darthjt) ensures that you never get a underleveled companion in a fight. Wait until each training point levels up your companion at least 1 or 2 levels. And if you are able to farm for lots of gold, make use of the training point vendor in Skull Island if one of your companions has fallen behind.

The rest does not play such a huge role in a fight. Equipment plays only a marginal role for Musketeers and Witchdoctors (when compared to strategy in battles), while good equipment can give you a good edge with the other classes. Now, I am NOT saying Witchdoctors and Musketeers should not worry about equipment!

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